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5 things people hate encountering on a website

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

All these technological advances have had major impacts on people’s lives and have changed them a lot. Ever since the internet was released, information became a lot more accessible, so whenever one wanted to find more details about a specific thing, all one had to do was some research and some clicks online. Businesspersons saw a great opportunity in this and they started promoting their companies via the internet. If you are looking for someone who provides web design Scotland services, the best place to look for a specialist is the internet. Here are five important things people hate when accessing a website that should be avoided when designing it.

Loading time takes too long

One of the most frustrating things when accessing a website is waiting for an age for it to load. You know the site you have found contains the right information you need to know at that point, but the moment you access it.  The best method to avoid this from happening is to test the website for bugs even before releasing it.

Not suitable for mobile or tablet

It is a fact that people do not use only computers in order to access the internet, but also their smartphones or tablets. It is the era of rush, so they cannot afford spending too much time in front of the computer, but rather want to learn what they are interested in while they are on their way to work for instance. Making websites optimized for mobiles and tablets is highly important, because forcing mobile users to scroll from one side to another in order to read something might be quite frustrating. They deserve some improvements on their web browsing experiences.

Excessive pop-ups

Everyone agrees that excessive pop-ups are quite annoying. Accessing a website and having to close several pop-ups in order to be able to read copy on that site not only makes the loading time take longer, but it can also make the visitor renounce accessing that site and moving on to another one that is better established. It is recommended for web designers to use the smart CTAs when it comes to displaying a pop-up on a web page.

Auto-playing multimedia content

There is nothing more frustrating than entering a site that contains some videos and that start playing all of a sudden. If you are in a conference room or in the waiting room at your doctor’s office, this can even turn into an embarrassing situation, not to mention that the first thing you will do is find the “stop” button and hit it as fast as possible. Multimedia content that auto-plays should definitely be avoided in web design.

Unintelligibly written “About Us” page

When one wants to find more about a company, the first instinct is to look for the “About Us” page on the company’s website. If this page is not well written and it uses sophisticated words, the visitor might end up being more confused than they were in the beginning. Using a friendly writing style is the key to success in this case.