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All you need to know about the Bushnell Scout DX 1000

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Bushnell is known not only for their golf gadgets, but also for other sports optics devices, so if you are interested in nature watching or hunting, you can choose this brand. The Bushnell Scout DX 1000 is an optical device made especially for those who want to hunt and boasts a range of up to 1000 yards. We’ve had a look at this rangefinder and here are our final thoughts about it.

One of the biggest selling points of the product is the design and this is indeed a department where Bushnell made a lot of improvements. Following the trend in optics, their laser devices are getting sleeker and sleeker, to the point where using them requires almost no previous experience at all. This particular product is compact, with a rubber casing that add more durability and gripability for those who go hunting on challenging terrain. Weighing a little over 180 grams, it can easily fit into your pocket or you can just carry it in the case it comes with. As far as the applications are concerned, it was designed especially for bow and rifle activities and some have come as far as saying that it can function for golf as well. Although you can point it at flags on a course, we do not recommend it for this sport, because it’s made for much larger targets. Bushnell makes specialized devices for those uses and recommend that you check them out instead.


The gadget was a straightforward user interface with easy to find controls and clear display, so it can be operated even by people with bad eyesight. Basically, this is one user-friendly device, but how does it perform? The manufacturer says that the Scout X 1000 can be summed up in three words: extreme speed precision. They are definitely right about the speed because in optimum conditions this rangefinder provides very fast readings, which enables you to save time. However, when the conditions are less than perfect, you might experience some issues. If it’s cloudy or foggy, or if there are trees, bushes or obstacles between you and your target, the maximum yard range will be affected. Since this gadget currently only ships in the United States and most people here hunt in plain terrain, most users have reported that the rangefinder in this product doesn’t reach is advertised 1000 yards and stops being accurate at about 300. It’s now exactly a surprise, because accuracy in difficult conditions is a problem with the laser technology.


The optics in the device are excellent quality and even in tricky lighting, such as during dusk or dawn, it will still provide good results. For the price, which is currently around the $400 mark, it is a bit expensive and it’s only worth investing in if you’ve carefully analyzed all its specs and you’re sure it’s right for you. Otherwise, you can look at other cheaper rangefinders made by Bushnell or wait until it’s on sale.