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Android Apps you need to try in 2015

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

With the Android’s Play Store constantly getting larger, countless apps get released on the market every day. While not all of them might be worth trying, there are a few that will improve your user experience considerably and make your life easier. These are some of the best apps of the year as the latest tech news 2015 tops show:


This free app is a very versatile offline reading tool. It basically allows you to save all articles that you find on the internet and read them at a later time. This tool definitely offers a lot of perks, as many users simply do not have the time to read everything they find when they have access to a Wi-Fi connection. This app allows you to organize your articles in a virtual library and offers unlimited storage space, so you don’t actually have to delete articles once you have read them



Pushbullet is basically a browser extension that allows its user to share files between their phone and their computer. From notifications to links, you will not have to worry about this issue anymore. This app will show on your PC desktop any missed calls and notifications you have on your phone and you can share notes from your computer directly to your phone by using it.



This organizing app lets you store any type of file into its cloud database. From pictures and documents to PDF files and audio ones, there is nothing that cannot be stored in Evernote. This app will allow you to keep track of everything, be it a project for school, something work related or just your personal notes. It is also worth mentioning that the app is free and can be used by anyone with an Android OS.


Evernote food

This version of Evernote was specially designed for those who are always on the look for new recipes, restaurants and other things that concern food. This app will let you store any food-related information and help you sort everything out much easier. If you already use the first version, you will absolutely love this one.


Last Message

If your phone battery is not exactly very reliable and you have run out of it one too many times, this could be the perfect app for you. This app will text, Facebook message, email or tweet the friends and family members that you have selected when your phone is about to die. This app is very useful when you are travelling and you have nowhere to charge your phone or when you know you are about to have a busy day and many people might call you. It will save you from a lot of missed calls.


These are some of the Android apps that you need to try this year because they will make your life easier. You will certainly appreciate their usefulness and the way they change your overall user experience, as they will enable you to make better use of your device.