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Apple Granted Patent for 3D Goggles

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Apple has been a leading brand in the gadget industry for a few years now. According to the latest gadget news, the beloved brand is planning to deliver a lot of innovative products in the years to come. USPTO granted Apple patent for a head-mounted display on December 10. The new 3D glasses will allow users to watch videos and other personal media anywhere and anytime. Even if the Oculus Rift has become very popular among gamers because of its amazing 3D tech, it seems like Apple has been thinking about a similar product since 2008.

The new wearable 3D display will be perfect for gaming, due to the fact that each screen can be lined up with the eye and even adjusted for corrected vision. This head mounted display will make it possible to view media and play games on a bigger screen than the one on mobile devices. The goggles are also designed for those who want find portable devices limiting, as they cannot replicate the viewing experience on a monitor or TV. This way they will be able to offer a similar viewing experience on a portable device, and have the advantage of privacy.

According to the patent, the goggle system may include a lens, a mid-frame, an outer cover and optical components for generating the media display. The system may resemble motorcycle or ski goggles, and to enhance comfort, Apple may include breathable components, including foam. The goggles may also have data processing circuitry operative that adjust left and right images. Users will be able to connect them to an iPod via cable or Wi-Fi and the goggle system would be able to identify its owner by tracking voice, fingerprints and eyeballs. Eyesight corrections will be done manually or the system will automatically detect the correction and adjust accordingly.

This isn’t the brand’s first wearable related patent. Only last year, Apple won a patent for a head-mounted display that users can wear without getting motion sick. Even if the patents are filed a few years back, the company states that they have recently started to get interested in wearable displays. Some rumors point more towards an Apple watch. Nevertheless, the evidence points out that Apple has been fascinated with the wearable devices for quite a few years. With so much fuss about the Oculus Rift and Google Glass, we are curious to see how the company will enter the market.

Weather Apple aims to compete with Google or Oculus Rift remains to be seen. However, the company now has intellectual property clearance to launch such products. If they do, the Apple goggles must deliver something more than its competitors. The latest gadget news show that both both Oculus Rift and Google Glass were very well received by the customers. In order to enter the market of wearable gadgets, Apple must bring some highly innovative technology to the table. For example, the Oculus Rift 3D headset is known for both gaming applications and NASA’s interest in using it. We are looking forward to see the company’s new technology.

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