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Aspects to consider when buying a self balancing scooter

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Self balancing scooters have significantly increased in customer popularity, being one of the most purchased item of the year. From celebrities to high-school teenagers, everybody wants to ride them. With their innovative design and advanced features, these gadgets are certainly fun to ride. Because they have become such a major trend, more and more models and brands have appeared on the market. If you are planning to purchase one yourself in the near future, there are several details to consider before deciding on a model or another. You can either opt for a 1 wheel self balancing scooter or a 2 wheel one, which type you think you will enjoy best, but make sure your money will be well spent.


The most important detail to keep in mind is safety. Even though, it is your responsibility to take all safety precautions, make sure you opt for a self balancing scooter that has some safety features built in. Some scooter have a system incorporated that prevents the rate of speed to increase, when rolling downhill. Make sure you can control the scooter’s speed properly through a pedal-tilt-back movement. Is the gadget sustainable and resistant enough? Check every detail necessary, to be certain you are riding on a safe electric scooter. It is recommended to use a helmet at first, at least until you learn how to maintain your balance, this way you will avoid any unpleasant accidents. It might be a little difficult to learn how to ride a self balancing scooter, but with a little bit of practice you can get the hang of it in no time.


The maximum speed can vary from one electric scooter to another depending on brand and model. Take IPS 122 one wheel electric scooter as an example, which can reach up to 19.9 km/h. It is impressive how these gadgets can have such a powerful system. At first, you should maintain a moderate speed to enjoy a comfortable cruising experience.


When you are on the point of buying a self balancing scooter, every feature is important. From endurance to maximum load and motor power, check out all of these details before placing your order. Battery capacity is one of the most important features, because you probably want to ride your electric scooter for as long as possible, without facing the need of recharging it so often. You can easily find a one wheel electric scooter that will require only two or three hours to be charged. An example of proper battery capacity would be 260WH/340WH. The fastest way to come across the ideal self balancing scooter is to read as many reviews as you can. Just by searching online, you will be able to come across some accurate reviews that will help you make a choice. It is important to research the topic before deciding to make a purchase. Only after you know enough information about the particular electric scooter, you can feel safe to make a purchase. Avoid overspending, and look for a scooter that is worth the investment.