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Making the best of a LOL account

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

These days, everyone loves a good computer game. No wonder this should happen considering just how impressive the number of such games really is. Probably one that has managed to gain an incredible popularity level is without a shred of doubt the well-known League of Legends. There is no denying that the number of enthusiasts clearly goes beyond the number anyone would have ever expected. Indeed, much can be said regarding this game. It may be violent, it may be much too competitive, but no one could ever say that it forgotten or less popular than others of its kind. You might be wondering where one could come up with such assumptions. Well, to be completely honest, you don’t have to be an expert in computer games to figure it out. It is very simple to tell that a large number of consumers have demonstrated a great interest towards computer games.

First of all, one can easily perceive that gamers are still LOL passionate, because the number of online platforms selling LOL skins and accounts has not only maintained at a particular level, but they have actually increased in number. Secondly, another great way of understanding just how surprising this phenomenon really is, is by looking at the articles that discuss the many methods of earning points and winning championships. Pieces of advice that refer to League of Legends referral come to demonstrate exactly this, individuals are drawn to the game League of Legends and they are constantly interested in discovering new way of making points and defeating opponents. Of course, considering that most of the companies that may provide enthusiasts with possibilities of this kind operate on the online market. As long as the game is played on the computer, you can easily imagine the reasons for which the traditional market has lost much of its role. Even though online platforms appear to bring forward plenty of benefits for users, as opposed to traditional companies, there is still a risk that should be properly considered.


In order to benefit from LOL referrals, you will need a proper account. It is a must and no one can go around this idea. Therefore, your first biggest concern before actually thinking which skin to purchase should be locating a trustworthy online platform that can help you set up a proper account. The virtual world is full of so called professional providers, which in fact are looking to fool clients. Thus, if possible, when choosing that platform you will be using, you should pay attention to several aspects like reputation, pieces of advice presented by other LOL enthusiasts, the nature of services and most importantly, payment methods. Be very careful about this last aspect, because you wouldn’t want to be double crossed by untrustworthy providers. You can make the best of your LOL account and you are actually encouraged to o so. The only problem is to make sure that you are doing it in a proper manner, looking at all relevant facts. This is the only way through which you could diminish risks and future problems.


When games turn into wasted money

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

The world of games today is utterly different than what it was ten, fifteen or twenty years ago and kids, teenagers and even adults are mesmerized by the virtual beauty of online games, whether social platform ones or online battle arenas. It’s not just that people spend way too much time in front of their PCs, laptops or tablets playing these games, but for some time now, more and more individuals have started to spend money on them. Whether it’s purchasing boosters for Candy Crush or looking to buy LoL accounts to advance through the battle fields of League of Legends, gamers of all ages are more than willing to spend real money on virtual games. What’s more, even if that fact wasn’t silly in itself, oftentimes all that money goes to waste, especially when it comes to buying game extras and features from outside platforms and channels.

In-game purchases are, granted, quite safe, but they don’t always provide gamers with everything they need or want, which is why many resort to outside help, such as purchasing boosters and features from other platforms or, for certain games, even from other players. A very popular trend, for instance, is to buy LoL accounts, or better said unranked League of Legends accounts from various providers, for this multiplayer online battle arena game. These other players and some of the platform are not reliable though, and the money gamers pay for these boosters, accounts, extras or whatever they’re called, end up being just wasted money. And the amounts are never insignificant. A League of Legends account, for example, can reach the sum of $1000. To that extent, the pleasure of playing a game, of progressing through its levels and obtain certain benefits actually turns into this crazy quest for the best or most affordable extras or game help.


If you want your game, whatever your preferences may be, not to turn into wasted money and all you need is a little extra help to reach certain levels faster, then the least you could do is make sure the money you are willing to put down will not be thrown in the wind. Do your due diligence and research the market well, before paying God knows how many dollars to buy LoL accounts or other game boosters. From the plethora of platforms and websites that have specialized in this field, having acknowledged the great market demand, you should be able to identify and select the reliable ones, if you take the time to do a proper research. Since these games are so popular, there are plenty of forums and blogs that dedicate a good deal of space to such discussions, so that gamers can have options and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. 


Benefits of working with a professional IT support company

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

In a world in which technology has practically taken over all the fields and domains of interest, it comes as no surprise that entrepreneurs strive to bring their work closer to the public’s expectations. Indeed, these days all operations should be done by means of technology. You might wonder what this actually stands for. In other words, if you were running your own business what would you have to do to be at the same pace as your competition? Well, first of all, you would have to convince yourself that of the fact that the Internet, together with the world of IT are your two best friends in the world. These days, a company’s highest chances of expansion are represented by the virtual world and what it may offer. Mots of your activity and the work realized by your staff will be performed by means of a computer. Making a plan is not that hard, but what matters most is knowing how to protect your work. This is the moment in which a collaboration with an IT support company will become a necessity, even bringing forward certain advantages and benefits.

As mentioned, through the service provided by an IT support team, entrepreneurs are offered protection. Of course this is the biggest, most important advantage of all. Considering the fast rhythm in which the world of business is developing, protecting your work as best as possible is or should be a priority. An IT support company will know exactly how to face up to challenges in an appropriate manner and in case an unfortunate situation may appear, IT specialists will know exactly what needs to be done. Furthermore, there is the aspect of change. Since you might have to make the change from the traditional manner in which business was made and the new, modern one that includes the use of computers, it is imperative to mention that an IT support company will make the transition as natural as possible. This is another benefit that follows the collaboration with a dedicated, professional IT support company. Entrepreneurs have now the chance of purchasing programs that can help them perform all kinds of operations in a simple, appropriate manner, leaving no room to misunderstandings or problems.


Last but not least is the issue of services. A professional IT company will bring forward an impressive number of services, among which one can mention cloud computing and IT security. Through cloud computing, all your work is adequately saved, easy to access and most importantly, protected. Not only will you able to perform your activities in an appropriate manner, but your storage costs are significantly lowered. IT security usually means a better website traffic, a secure email environment, a complete perspective of what your target public may expect from you and the list can go on. Looking at all the facts stated above, it does seem that collaborating with such a company can bring a number of benefits. Of course the results depend on the professionalism and experience owned by the company in question. Still, if you take your time and research the dedicated market for a specialized firm, you should be able to obtain the expected results.



Investing in a Magento guest to customer converter

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

In a world where more and more people choose to purchase the things they need online, online store owners need to be one step ahead of their competition and offer their potential customers the best possible services. This includes the possibility of converting guest checkouts to customers with one simple click. Everyone who has bought something online knows how uncomfortable it can be to have to make an account every time you want to buy something from a website, especially because you do not know if you will purchase again from there. However, after you have received your products and are satisfied with their quality, you may want to return to that store and then have to spend the same time to introduce your details all over again. To this extent, online stores that allow guest checkouts to be transformed into accounts offer people a much better user experience. Considering that Magento is one of the largest eCommerce platforms on the internet at this moment, more online store owners should consider the possibility of investing into the Magento guest to customer converter.

This upgrading to their store offers the possibility to select guest user orders and convert them to registered customers. The password will be generated by the program and emailed to the user automatically. This option can make the shopping experience of your customers much more pleasant and determine them to return to your store in the future. The Magento guest to customer converter is a very useful tool for all those who want to improve their online stores and make sure their customers have the possibility of transforming their guest checkout into an account with a simple click. If you combine this service with great web design, then you chances of leading a successful business will be critically increased and give you an advantage over many competitors. Another tip we have is that when searching for web site design Los Angeles is one of the best places to look in, because the industry is highly developed there and you’ll benefit from the latest techniques and trends.

Of course, online store owners do not necessarily have to allow their customers to choose whether or not they want to make an account. This tool allows them to make every guest checkout a member automatically and has other features that will help store owners manage their client data base in a more efficient manner. As a store manager you will have many more options when it comes to the overall management of your store.

This tool will offer you and your customers more flexibility and enable you to potentially retain the loyalty of your customers. There are many online stores on the market, so you should make sure that yours offers people the customer care they expect. Considering that most people begin their search online when they need to buy something, you should make sure that if they choose your store, they will be satisfied with your services and return to it the next time they need something that you offer. This converter is the perfect example of details that make all the difference in a person’s shopping experience. There are many online providers where store owners can purchase this upgrade at highly affordable rates. They do not have to worry about making large investments because these tools are affordable and will offer their stores the optimization they need to function properly and allow customers to have a pleasant user experience.



Candy Crush for beginners

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Android & Apple Aps

  • What is Candy Crush?

Nowadays, hearing this question would turn heads everywhere, because Candy Crush Saga has a stunning popularity, so it is nearly impossible to have never heard of it. Your kids play it, your colleagues play it, even your mom plays it although it’s driving you crazy. Look at the bright side though, if you are ever in doubt about a gift idea for your mom, you can always get her extra moves or combinations in Candy Crush. With more than 100 million people playing this game every day, one can describe Candy Crush Saga as an addictive puzzle game developed by King.com, which can be played online on Facebook, but it’s also available for Android and iOS smartphone users.

  • How to play Candy Crush

The game involves clearing out a saga map of candies by moving and matching candies by colors. Each time you make a column or row of at least three candies of the same color, you will clear them out and you will receive a special candy. Stone squares increase the difficulty of the level, because they do not have candies to crush and must be opened first in order to be used. Each level will have a target players need to reach in order to achieve candy crush and to go to the next level. If you spend all your lives, you must wait a while until you are able to play again. Beginners can also use Candy Crush cheats and tips in order to play without stop or gain boosters. At this point special candies will get activated and further increase your score. Candy Crash limits the number of moves you can make, but you can take your time thinking about your moves, because the time is unlimited except for some special levels. While the first Jelly Level is simple to pass, the game will slowly become challenging as you advance.

  • Clearing the Jelly levels

When playing the Jelly levels, your goal is to clear out all the jellies from the map. In order to remove a jelly, you need to create a match over the square of that jelly. Transparent squares are cleared with one match, while the others need two candy matches to be removed. After level six, you will receive free boosters: three lollipop hammers, which you can also purchase by using your Facebook credits. In Jelly levels, there are two types of jellies you need to watch out for, those at the very top of the map and the jelly squares placed in off corners, because it is difficult to make a match in those areas.

  • Ingredient levels and Timed levels

The goal of the Ingredients levels is to move the ingredients from the top to the bottom of the map, goal you can achieve only by eliminating the candies placed underneath them. The strategy you need to adopt at these levels is slightly different, because you need to focus on bringing the ingredients down and not necessarily on making matches. The timed levels require a straight-forward strategy, because you must gather a certain score within a limited amount of time. Overthinking will make you lose your life at this point, but you can still use

The idea behind Candy Crash is not revolutionary, but the game itself is revolutionizing the game industry. While it combines elements of Bejewelled and Tetris, both popular games, the difference is in details. The marketing strategy and the ability to add something new and exciting to each level has helped King.com crush the competition and become one of the most lucrative games.


Installing Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Android & Apple Aps

Temple Run is already a very popular game, but when it was first launched, it almost revolutionized the world of mobile games. Having been initially developed for iOS devices, variants for Android and Windows Phone 8 had to follow as the popularity was spinning out of control. The second version of the game is currently available on Android free of charge and it has taken a leading position on the market as a consequence. Part of the game’s appeal is the fact that it is practically endless, so you can play for as long as you want; this implies a sort of repetition which some gamers don’t like, but for others, it is just what they needed while waiting for the bus, sitting in lines, or just having a few minutes to kill.

Taking all that into consideration, it’s no wonder they offer the option of playing the Temple Run game on all available smartphone operating systems, including the Windows Phone OC. In fact, Windows Phone users have long waited for this moment to come and freely play their favorite game on their favorite operating system, instead of installing it on the PC.

This sprightly little game was created by Imangi Studios from Raleigh in 2011; more accurately, it was created as a whole by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, husband and wife. Other developers launched similar games on the market, but they still didn’t have the success of Temple Run; it’s no wonder then that in January 2013, a sequel was launched as well, much to the delight of fans. Moving on to our actual subject, more and more games for Android are being transferred and adjusted to Windows Phone. Temple Run 2 is also available for Windows Phone and users can download it from the official store and specialized websites with the mention that the source reliability should be verified beforehand. While the Windows Store is still developing and growing at the moment, only the most popular applications and games are available for Windows Phone users. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone appeared on the market. While people were skeptic with regards to the growing popularity of this game, Temple Run 2 has hit a great number of downloads ever since its launching.

As some of you might already know, the story in Temple Run is that you’ve stolen an artifact, and now you’re being followed by evil monkeys who want to kill you. In order to play Temple Run for Windows Phone, you have to go to their official website or search in the Store and find the version of the game compatible with your phone. When you find the game, click and download it, then the installation process will run automatically on your phone. Now, all you have to do is enjoy the game and try to get the best scores!

Find out how to install Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone, so you can enjoy this sprightly game as well.


HTC One Max Review

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

HTC countered Samsung’s booming Galaxy Note line with the launch of the new One Max. The device has HTC One’s good looks and a 5.9″ display, so its body is pretty heavy. It is possible that the company designed the phone out of race because of this, but it’s been on the market for only one month, so we can’t tell for sure. You can check various mobile reviews sites and make an idea about this phone but here are some general features.

When buying a new gadget you must find a good tech news website which offers concise reviews. A mobile’s hardware can be very hard to understand unless you have some basic hardware knowledge. On http://www.sifrutech.com we found a lot of useful information on this matter and we were able to analyze this mobile’s hardware in comparison with similar products. The new HTC One Max has a premium feel because of its aluminum exterior design. HTC is one of the best brands out there, so they have proven the world that they can make desirable smartphones. The One Max has a massive 5.9″ 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, a large 3,300mAh battery, a slot for MicroSD cards, Bluetooth 4.0., a 2.1MP wide-angle front-facing camera, BoomSound speakers and NFC. Its performance is remarkable and it is as snappy as the Galaxy S4, although the LG G2 might be better.

The 5.9″ LCD 1080p display is beautiful, offering vide angles and vivid colors. The whites don’t seem discolored and the reds and blues are rich, making viewing photos and videos quite enjoyable. However, having such a big display can be a joy and a torment. Even if editing photos, viewing YouTube videos and playing mobile games is fun, users might have a hard time fitting the One Max in their pockets.

The HTC One Max features a 3,300mAh battery that holds up great. After we played Candy Crush, Assassin’s Creed Pirates and Netflix for hours there was still enough power to perform more tasks. This is surprising, considering the large display. When watching videos over 4G LTE the battery life is a little less impressive, but it is still excellent for a large device.

The HTC One Max features BoomSound speakers, and even without the addition of Beats Audio the sound quality is very good. While previous models were too loud, the Max is perfect, with the right level off bass and treble. If there is one thing we could take from the HTC One and One Max is the incredible BoomSound. Walking around with music playing is a blast, so congratulations HTC! Of course, if you want to listen to music even louder, the HTC One Max connects to any levitating Bluetooth speaker perfectly, so you can take your music listening experience to the next level! You will surely enjoy this phone if you are passionate about music and you want to listen to your favorite songs with no interruptions. Levitating speakers will actually allow you to accept phone calls as well, so you don’t have to disconnect and reconnect the device every time someone calls you!

When it comes to comparing mobile phone cameras most people focus solely on the pixels. However, after some extensive research on we discovered that there is a lot more to a mobile’s camera than just pixels. Furthermore, in order to see if a tech investment is worth its money, you must also compare it with similar products. Technically the One Max features only a 4MP sensor, but the combination of the UltraPixel camera and HTC’s Sense software makes the photo taking experience great. Galaxy Note 3′s and LG G2’s optics are better, but the HTC still captures some decent photos. The shutter button responds quickly, so you don’t have to worry about missing any moments. The focusing software is similar to what we saw on the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.
Priced at $599.99 off contract, the phone seems to add some extra value along with the XXL display and large battery. Even if HTC missed out some important points, the One Max is a device that you’ll enjoy using.


Apple Granted Patent for 3D Goggles

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Apple has been a leading brand in the gadget industry for a few years now. According to the latest gadget news, the beloved brand is planning to deliver a lot of innovative products in the years to come. USPTO granted Apple patent for a head-mounted display on December 10. The new 3D glasses will allow users to watch videos and other personal media anywhere and anytime. Even if the Oculus Rift has become very popular among gamers because of its amazing 3D tech, it seems like Apple has been thinking about a similar product since 2008.

The new wearable 3D display will be perfect for gaming, due to the fact that each screen can be lined up with the eye and even adjusted for corrected vision. This head mounted display will make it possible to view media and play games on a bigger screen than the one on mobile devices. The goggles are also designed for those who want find portable devices limiting, as they cannot replicate the viewing experience on a monitor or TV. This way they will be able to offer a similar viewing experience on a portable device, and have the advantage of privacy.

According to the patent, the goggle system may include a lens, a mid-frame, an outer cover and optical components for generating the media display. The system may resemble motorcycle or ski goggles, and to enhance comfort, Apple may include breathable components, including foam. The goggles may also have data processing circuitry operative that adjust left and right images. Users will be able to connect them to an iPod via cable or Wi-Fi and the goggle system would be able to identify its owner by tracking voice, fingerprints and eyeballs. Eyesight corrections will be done manually or the system will automatically detect the correction and adjust accordingly.

This isn’t the brand’s first wearable related patent. Only last year, Apple won a patent for a head-mounted display that users can wear without getting motion sick. Even if the patents are filed a few years back, the company states that they have recently started to get interested in wearable displays. Some rumors point more towards an Apple watch. Nevertheless, the evidence points out that Apple has been fascinated with the wearable devices for quite a few years. With so much fuss about the Oculus Rift and Google Glass, we are curious to see how the company will enter the market.

Weather Apple aims to compete with Google or Oculus Rift remains to be seen. However, the company now has intellectual property clearance to launch such products. If they do, the Apple goggles must deliver something more than its competitors. The latest gadget news show that both both Oculus Rift and Google Glass were very well received by the customers. In order to enter the market of wearable gadgets, Apple must bring some highly innovative technology to the table. For example, the Oculus Rift 3D headset is known for both gaming applications and NASA’s interest in using it. We are looking forward to see the company’s new technology.


New Games That Will Rock 2014

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Android & Apple Aps

Even if 2013 was an exciting year for gaming, next year the next generation console will be launched. There is much promise for 2014 when it comes to games also. This preview guide will present the best titles you need to watch. Here are the most anticipated games that will rock 2014:

Next year, Titanfall will not be available only for Xbox One, but for Xbox 360 and PC/Windows. This game is the first from Respawn Entertainment which is formed by ex-Infinity Ward bigwigs. It is a refreshing note after the Call of Duty franchise, and while war is still part of the plot, the online game has a science fiction mold, as it features gun action and giant exoskeleton mechs. Titanfall will be released on 14 March 2014.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is one of the games associated with the new era of gaming. The game will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. After it was delayed, Watch Dogs was announced for spring 2014 because Ubisoft wanted to add some polishing touches. However, it is worth the extra wait as it getting acclamation since its first unveiling. Those who are not familiar with it must know that the character, Aiden Pearce is able to manipulate electronics with his mind. Imagine all the gameplay possibilities.

InFamous: Second Son
InFamous: Second Son was not available for the launch of PS4, but you can get your hands on it in March 2014. The third part in the famous trilogy is also the first on PS4. Hero Cole MacGrath has been replaced by a younger character, Delsin Rowe. Rowe has many new abilities, so the game promises to be a flagship title for the console.

DriveClub is different than other driving games, as it focuses more on the social part. Pocket-lint played a demo race during public showing in June at E3, but from that it seems like it will be more than a simple multiplayer racing. Players were given challenges by real players who scored highly. Moreover, you can see the faces of those driving the cars, so you know who you’re competing against. There are other games of the kind however, so if you want something to play until this one gets released, try http://www.journalofnetworks.org and you’ll find good reviews for games of all types, from computer, to console or mobile.

Starting with September 2014, Destiny will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Even if the game was expected to be released in spring, Bungie announced that instead it will be a massive title for September. A bet version will become available in summer 2014 for those who want to try it out first. The developer plans on adding new worlds and planets. Moreover, you will be able to play as a co-operative space opera with friends. This is one of the most ambitious console game ever made, and we expect it to have jaw-dropping graphics.


The Best Smartphones of 2013

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

The world of smartphones is changing fast, with new improved hardware, refreshed handsets, slashed prices arriving almost every month. If you are looking for the best smartphone you can buy, this list will help you make up your mind. Our top smartphones are ranked according to the latest news and reviews. So take a look at these new tech news and find out what smartphone to buy next.

HTC One is a great device that balances size with practicality: even if you can play, you don’t get the feeling that you are holding something too big. The 4.7-inch display has a Full HD resolution that flatters the Android. This is one of the best visuals you can find on an existing smartphone. Although it may not be the most powerful device, HTC One performs daily tasks with ease. If you are after out-and-out power, it may be best to looks at other models. HTC One was awarded Best Smartphone 2013, so it is worthy of your consideration.

Apple iPhone 5S
Although the design of the iPhone hasn’t changed much over the years, the iPhone 5S compensates in internal modification and a new OS. The 5S is a refined and matured phone, very intuitive and at the same time reliable. Supported by App Store, this phone won’t keep you waiting for software updates. The slick and fast phone has great battery life and a new camera with a better flash unit and a fingerprint scanner. The display is one of the smallest around, but at least the price will be the only thing affecting your pocket.

Motorola Moto G
The Motorola Moto G was unexpected, providing great performance at a reasonable price. The value for money is not the only quality of the Moto. Its design is great, the display is incredible and it doesn’t let down in power. Even if it will be outperformed by many other devices, those will cost you twice as much. If you are looking for an affordable smartphone for daily use, the Motorola Moto G is the best choice.

Although LG hasn’t had the smoothest run in the world of smartphones, the new LG G2 is proof that things are going to change. The 5.2-inch display paired with a compact body and lots of power enhances the Android experience. This enormously powerful phone has an LCD screen with great detail and accurate colors. The audio system will blow your mind with some decent headphones. These new tech news show how improved the smartphone is, and how many more options it come to offer compared to older models. All the features are carefully selected, so the phone provides what competitors are missing.