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Is Modularity the Strongest Selling Point of Node.js?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

Legions of Node.js developers around the world swear by their JavaScript framework of choice citing things such as scalability, ease of use, agility, and performance as very good reasons for choosing it over any other alternatives. Curiously enough, it’s hard to get developers to commit to what the framework’s strongest selling point might be. Perhaps it is modularity.


If you are familiar with the world of Node.js development, you are probably familiar with the fact that PayPal dove into the world of Node.js in 2013 when it completely rewrote its account overview application using the open source framework. Prior to the rewrite, the application ran on Java.


Since PayPal’s glowing review of the rewrite, there has been plenty of criticism regarding their performance benchmarks. That debate remains up in the air. What cannot be denied is that two Node.js developers completed the rewrite in two months while a competing Java team of 20 were still not done in eight months. Switching to Node.js most definitely increased efficiency while saving both time and money.

Modular Design More Efficient


A great post from Venture Beat explains how the modular design of Node.js helped PayPal completely rewrite its most used application at breakneck speed without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. It starts with the knowledge that there is no place in Node.js development for older, monolithic code. The developers of two decades ago may have thought that monolithic applications were the best way to build for stability and performance, but that is no longer the case.


Software development today is about service-oriented architectures that can deal with complex structures and operations more efficiently and with more shared code. Therefore, the Node.js developer builds large and complex projects by focusing on creating one module at a time. Each module serves a particular function within the greater framework as it contributes to the whole. But more importantly, individual modules can be shared among multiple applications being worked on by multiple teams – even across several platforms.


One can easily see the benefit of this modular structure by stepping back and taking inventory of all of the web applications that make up the PayPal site. Rather than each development team having to build a monolithic application from the ground up, they can start by assessing existing modules that might be shareable. Where there is nothing available, a new module can be created to fill the gap. That new module can be added to the inventory and possibly shared later on.


A Friendlier Ecosystem


After discussing the modular design of Node.js, the Venture Beat piece goes on to briefly address the ecosystem created by Node.js development. That ecosystem is one that is somewhat open-ended across all levels of software development. In other words, the Node.js developer does not exist in a cocoon where his/her work is isolated from what’s being done at other levels.


The Node.js ecosystem is one in which developers at various levels and layers collaborate in open space. This promotes faster and more robust development that benefits everyone within a given ecosystem. The result is a self-propagating ecosystem that grows and expands naturally, making the entire thing stronger with every new contribution.


One might be able to argue that Node.js does not offer performance improvements over Java significant enough to do a complete rewrite of complicated web applications. But it cannot be denied that the framework’s modular design is more efficient and creates a better ecosystem for future development. For the typical Node.js developer, choosing a framework for new projects is a no-brainer.



5 things people hate encountering on a website

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

All these technological advances have had major impacts on people’s lives and have changed them a lot. Ever since the internet was released, information became a lot more accessible, so whenever one wanted to find more details about a specific thing, all one had to do was some research and some clicks online. Businesspersons saw a great opportunity in this and they started promoting their companies via the internet. If you are looking for someone who provides web design Scotland services, the best place to look for a specialist is the internet. Here are five important things people hate when accessing a website that should be avoided when designing it.

Loading time takes too long

One of the most frustrating things when accessing a website is waiting for an age for it to load. You know the site you have found contains the right information you need to know at that point, but the moment you access it.  The best method to avoid this from happening is to test the website for bugs even before releasing it.

Not suitable for mobile or tablet

It is a fact that people do not use only computers in order to access the internet, but also their smartphones or tablets. It is the era of rush, so they cannot afford spending too much time in front of the computer, but rather want to learn what they are interested in while they are on their way to work for instance. Making websites optimized for mobiles and tablets is highly important, because forcing mobile users to scroll from one side to another in order to read something might be quite frustrating. They deserve some improvements on their web browsing experiences.

Excessive pop-ups

Everyone agrees that excessive pop-ups are quite annoying. Accessing a website and having to close several pop-ups in order to be able to read copy on that site not only makes the loading time take longer, but it can also make the visitor renounce accessing that site and moving on to another one that is better established. It is recommended for web designers to use the smart CTAs when it comes to displaying a pop-up on a web page.

Auto-playing multimedia content

There is nothing more frustrating than entering a site that contains some videos and that start playing all of a sudden. If you are in a conference room or in the waiting room at your doctor’s office, this can even turn into an embarrassing situation, not to mention that the first thing you will do is find the “stop” button and hit it as fast as possible. Multimedia content that auto-plays should definitely be avoided in web design.

Unintelligibly written “About Us” page

When one wants to find more about a company, the first instinct is to look for the “About Us” page on the company’s website. If this page is not well written and it uses sophisticated words, the visitor might end up being more confused than they were in the beginning. Using a friendly writing style is the key to success in this case.


Pros and cons of cross-platform applications

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Technology has become so diverse that no one uses strictly one platform anymore. A long time ago, people only used laptops and desktop computers, but now, the average person relies on a myriad of devices: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, even eBook readers and smartwatches. Needless to say, they want their apps to be available on all their devices, which triggered the demand for cross-platform apps. On the one hand, they create numerous opportunities for businesses and developers, because they can have a wider market reach. On the other hand, requirements are higher and some feature limitations may occur. Like everything else in tech, they have pros and cons that are briefly explained below. To understand the complete process of cross-platform application development, don’t hesitate to check out this link, http://magora-systems.com/bespoke-software-development-uk/, and talk to a team of experts about your requirements.

Pro: cross-platform apps take less to develop

The main advantage that cross-platform apps have over native apps is that they can be developed faster, because you have one code base which you then adapt for multiple platforms. This is much more effective than developing code based for each and every platform, so if you want your project to be finished fast, this is the solution.

Con: user experience can be challenging

Every platform has its own user experience, design, layout and features and building a single app to match them all can be very challenging. What look great on Android might not look so great on iOS and the other way around. In order for the app to function properly on all platforms and provide a seamless user experience, a complex UX strategy needs to be found. Sometimes, striking that perfect middle ground can be difficult, which is why businesses decide to go with native apps instead.

Pro: cross-platform apps have better coverage

The purpose of every app is to cover as much of the market as possible, so by limiting yourself to only one platform, you also limit your target audience. The more connected you are to your audience, the better, and by being present on desktops, Android and Apple devices, the likelier you are to make an impact and stand out from your competitors.

Con: feature limitations

When working with a cross-platform framework, your freedom to implement whatever features you want is limited. For this reason, before starting the cross-platform development process, you should create a rundown of your features in order of importance and talk to your developer about their feasibility. If one of the most crucial features is impossible to include using a cross-platform framework, you should consider switching to a native app instead.

Pro: reduced costs

Last, but not least, there is the matter of budget, one that many businesses consider carefully before choosing their development framework. In terms of costs, producing a cross-platform app is much more affordable that producing a native one, because developers use one code base and then only customise it depending on each platform. Moreover, they can also integrate plug-ins to add more features, at a fraction of the cost.


Tips to select a reliable website for buying FIFA coins

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Lately both women and men are playing FIFA, because they find it an interesting way of spending their free time, and they have the possibility to play either together with their friends, or by their own. In present times, not only men are obsessed with football, women also find it an interesting sport, and they choose to play it both in the field and in the privacy of their houses. And, what could be more amazing than having the possibility to play with the greatest football players from all the times, like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, or at least imagining that you are in their team. Moreover, for improving your game, all you have to do is to create a great team and buy cheap fifa coins. When you want to buy FIFA coins your major concern would be to find a reliable website, because you have to be sure that you will receive them, and you will be able to use them for improving your game.

Avoid websites, which send you spams

You might receive frequent spams from different websites, which state that they provide you great deals when it comes to buying FIFA coins, buy you should not let yourself impressed by their great offers, because these coins might be cheap, but you just cannot receive them free. When a website has to send a large number of spams for reaching to clients, it is a sign that people do not find it reliable, and they avoid using it.

Look for ranked websites

You are not the only person who heard that you have the possibility to buy FIFA coins, others have chosen this option too. Because there are so many websites, which have them on sale, other online platforms were created to review them, analyze the services they provide and rank them according to specific criteria. Some websites review the best ranked online stores, others have tops of the ones which provide both reliable and cheap services, so you have to do some research and see the ones it is advisable to access. Make a list with them, and see which one provides you more benefits. You should know that the websites that are good ranked provide secure, safe and legit services, so you will not experience any issue, when it comes to buying from them.

Read other people’s reviews

When you have a list with some online stores that seem to offer great services, you might have a hard time to try deciding upon one. In this situation, you should access every one of them, and see if they have a section where people could state their opinion and provide feedback. It is important to see what other persons have to say about the online platforms you have in mind, because they might offer you details you do not even taught about. Sometimes a review could provide you more useful details than a ranking website, so you should not skip this step.



Why you should consider online back up solutions

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

The world has certainly changed a lot from what most of you thought of it. Today, there are all kinds of solutions and services that aim at making things easier, faster and more secure for you. Even though you might find it difficult to get accustomed with the change, once you find the courage to follow the steps and embrace the future, you will see that advantages come and they do so in a large number. Take online back up solutions for instance. These are incredibly helpful both for the regular individual but for companies and corporations as well. If you are thinking of taking your database online, then perhaps a few reasons to say yes to this service might make the decision simpler. So, here are three reasons for which you should definitely embrace the solution.

Security comes first

Lately, there have been plenty of discussions with regards to information security. Most companies worry that their database could be a target to several individuals, who would make all efforts to get inside it and steal or erase relevant pieces of information. It is not just a fear, but a real possibility, as it has happened to some important participants in the market, proving that it can be done, that it is possible. Saving your information, all your files online, using top software, you could have a greater control over them and your database would remain intact. Online back up services offer you security and if you are worried about information thefts then you should definitely invest in a solution of this kind, a trustworthy and professional one.

Being prepared

It is not just risks associated to less honest people that worry entrepreneurs, but natural disasters as well. The weather has changed considerably and disastrous phenomena like floods or tornadoes seem to happen more and more often. In case your city should be the next target, you need stay prepared. Having online back up your files will keep your company’s database intact in case of a natural disaster and you could pick up everything just from where you left off.

Easy to use

Solutions of this kind might seem to belong to the future, but they could not be simpler to use. Because entrepreneurs might worry that their staff could misplace some of the files, it is important to set them at ease. With a strong online and trustworthy solution everything is simple. The program is easy to use and you needn’t worry about anything. No files will be misplaced, as these solutions have automatic back up and will do the work for you.

As good as everything might sound, online back up solutions should be chosen appropriately. You need to go through all options, compare them, looking at all details and only after, decide. As long as you are collaborating with a trustworthy and dedicated partner, you should be able to enjoy a great deal of advantage and understand exactly why people in such a large number choose this solution and integrate it in their companies.



Selecting the right levitating bluetooth speaker provider – things to consider

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Levitating speakers have become such a popular choice nowadays that basically any aficionado for technology wants to have one on their desk at home. There are numerous reasons why investing in such a speaker is a good idea: for the amazing design, for the 360-degree sound projection, for having bluetooth connection, or for its floating effect. However, when searching for the right levitating bluetooth speaker provider, there are some important aspects you have to take into account.

Learn more about the product

The first thing you have to do if you want to purchase a floating speaker is to do some research on the internet and learn more about the product you are about to buy. Learn about its main features in order to make a clearer idea why it is such an appreciated device. For instance, the levitating effect is caused by two built-in magnets that reject each other the moment the speaker is turned on.  The 360-degree sound projection refers to the fact that the speaker projects the sound equally in the room, since it has no “back” and so the sound is not altered in any way. Find out even more information about other features of this device.

Find the right provider

After learning more about the levitating speakers, it is important to do some research and look for a provider as well. Make sure the one you select is a professional and reliable provider who is willing to offer you only high quality products. You would not want to choose a provider that offers you a low- quality product that works only the first time you turn it on. Make sure you buy levitating speakers from reliable providers only in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening.

Price and design – two important aspects

When choosing the right levitating bluetooth speaker, you have to take into account some key factors and probably one of the most important of them is the price of the product. You should know that the price range for these speakers is somewhere around $100, less or more. However, price might vary depending on the provider from whom you buy the device and on the design of the device. It is worth mentioning that there are numerous designs for these floating speakers available on the market. For instance, if you are a fan of the popular film series Star Wars, you should know that there is actually a floating speaker with this theme. You can have your own “spaceship” on your desk at home. In case you want something more elegant, you should opt for an all-black speaker. There are other colours and designs available on the market from which you can select the one you like the most.

As you can see, there are many factors you have to take into consideration the moment you start searching for the right floating speaker provider. In order to make the process a lot easier, you can make a list of the providers you find online, ask for your friends or other people’s opinion on various blogs, and choose the right one based on their opinions.


SEO trends for 2016

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

SEO is a field that is constantly evolving and those who want to have successful websites should always stay ahead of the trends and try to create user and Google-friendly websites. When you take your time to research the latest SEO trends, you can always expect to enjoy excellent results and have your website ranked on the first Google results page in no time! These are the main trends that most marketing consultants have noticed for 2016:

Social media content – more important than ever

According to the latest studies, people have actually started to use their social media account when looking for services and products and this is why all businesses that still not have a prominent presence on the most popular platforms should take action right away. In addition, by uploading regular posts that include links to their website, they can actually increase the number of daily visitors, which would in turn increase their ranking.

Mobile optimisation is crucial

These days mobile optimisation is just as important as having a well-designed website. Since users can connect through their phones to any website and access a lot of information from their phones, having an app or a responsive website is more important than ever. The last thing you want is losing visitors because your website did not load properly on their phone. You can even invest in an app, if you have the type of business where it would be suitable. Unlike websites that are primarily designed for computers, an app will be created from the very beginning by having the mobile experience in mind and thus making everything easier for users.

Local SEO is not something to overlook

While investing in local SEO is something that many specialists have known to be beneficial for a long time, this year local SEO is a must, as this is how an excellent client base can be created. This is why you should discuss with your marketing consultants and ask them to introduce location specific keywords into your content, because they are more important than ever.

Videos are still a great way to engage your audience

There is nothing like a small video to engage your users and it is certainly preferable than to ask them to read 500 words of content. Everyone prefers to watch a 3 minute video rather than going through some text that they will not remember anyway. Videos are particularly useful for mobile apps, because writing can be more difficult to read on a smartphone, not to mention that most users have their headphones with them anyway, so watching a video will really not be a problem.


All in all, these are the main trends that you should know about SEO and you should keep in mind. When you collaborate with a team of marketing consultants, they should be able to offer you the advice you need and optimise your website and mobile app perfectly. There are many SEO experts available out there, so be sure to do your research properly.


Online recruitment agencies – finding job opportunities for you

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Tech

Sometimes graduating a care assistant school is not enough to get a job and you just could not understand why some of your colleagues are already employed and you are not even called for an interview. You should know that nowadays many of the applicants are using the help of a recruitment agency when they apply for one of the care assistant jobs, because it is an effective way of finding an open position. You might think that you do not need the help of a recruiting agency because you can look for jobs by your own, and you can apply for the positions you want. But you should know that a recruiting agency does not offer you only these services, you will also benefit from consultation and useful advices. Here are the main reasons why you should consider collaborating with this type of company.

They know who and when hires

You might think that all the employers will list their open positions online and in newspapers. Well, the fact is that the majority of them prefer to hire a recruitment company to handle the process for them. Therefore, recruiting agencies have access to a larger number of open positions than you do, because they are collaborating with exclusive companies and individuals. Hospitals prefer to hire with the help of this type of companies because they save time and money in this way. They will not have to interview all the applicants for an open position, so they can focus on their work. When the recruitment agency considers that it found suitable candidates, it will inform the hospital, and the HR will talk only with these ones.

Recruitment agencies know what you should answer

In case this is your first job, then you might not know what an interview implies and even if you would be a great doctor, you might not get the job because you do not know how to act during an interview. A recruitment agency, usually collaborated with the company you apply for in the past, and knows what they are looking for, and how the interview will look like, so they will offers you recommendations on what you should focus on. It is very important to know what to wait for, because every company has a different interview style and format.

They offer you updates

When trying to get a job the most stressful part is waiting for an answer from the company you applied for. Sometimes candidates have the impression that the interview went so good they refuse other job offers in the hope that they will get a certain one. But when collaborating with a company you will be informed every step of the process and you will not have to experience this type of situations. In this way you will know exactly what the situation is with a certain position you have applied for, because agencies have the opportunity to follow up the state of your interview and inform you in time.


Where to buy a 3D printer?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Tech

The world is filled with all kinds of devices and gadgets meant to make your life more pleasant and more fun. One of the instruments that are highly popular at the moment is the 3D printer. This can serve several purposes and some of them are actually quite fun. You can decorate various items with them, items that can be offered as gifts or kept for your own personal pleasure. If you have heard and maybe even tested this gadget, then you know just how fun it can be, which is why you will find the following details to be interesting and helpful. Have you ever asked yourself where to buy a 3D printer? If you have, then here are the two options, together with their ups and downs.

The traditional market: old fashioned, but still effective


The traditional market needs no introduction really. Before the explosion of the Internet, the traditional market was really everything you had. Whatever it was that you were looking for could be easily found in specialized, dedicated land based stores. Today, some have disappeared, but you still have a lot to choose from. The 3D printer is definitely on the gadgets you will find on the traditional market with great ease and this is mostly because it is highly popular. Store owners have high hopes that this gadget is an easy sale and investing in a few models is a wise choice of action. Of course they are not entirely right. The investment is undoubtedly wise, the problem is cost. Clients might be scared off by the prices these gadgets are sold at. Of course, entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. They have expenses and they are also looking to make profit. So the high prices are understandable, up to a certain point of course.


The online market: already an old friend


Surely you cannot be told anything new about this market at the moment. You have already been through several online shopping sessions, so you are pretty familiar with the online space. 3D printers are highly appreciated by the public, who is in a constant search for that item that is highly professional and comes at a low price. Anyone will tell you that if you are looking for low prices, then nothing can defeat the online market. When it comes to quality, however, the Internet might not always be your best friend. Still, with a bit of guidance from former clients and proper, thorough research, you might just identify that online platform that is indeed reliable. This way, by choosing the platform adequately, you will find both low prices and high quality. Also, the online world brings forward another great advantage, this time for beginners. You could easily find out what type of 3D printer is suitable for your needs. So if you are thinking that the traditional market has the human factor that can assist you in choosing the right device, know that the online market can provide you with the same service. It is true that help comes in a different form, but it is still help.



Now you have property management software to stay organised

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Property management can be defined as a tricky business. You have to be knowledgeable about property laws and you have to make sure that you select the right tenants. Even if you are familiar with what it means to own one or more properties, handling all the functions that are required to rent out your property out effectively requires having the right tool. The fact is that you need help on your side with the day-to-day management and operations if you want to be successful. The fees that come with an application are well worth it if it can save you from all the possible headaches that can incur along the way. To get the right software program to help you, you should visit www.mus.co.uk.

What is property management software?

Property management system is a well-organised system that manages operating activities in the residential property. In addition to this, it has a systematised mechanism that oversees and coordinates the relationship with the customer and the services. In this highly competitive market, where customers are constantly demanding and there are types of accommodation, it is essential to create an atmosphere which can attract customers. The success of the residential property is defined by occupancy. Taking into consideration this aspect, it becomes clear that there is a need to device a system that can help you manage your possessions.

Advantages of property management software

A property management system (PMS) offers valuable benefits to the property in maintaining your services of high quality standards, unmatched by the competition. First of all, a property management system makes your activities efficient and effective. In a rental business property matters a lot. Software is basically tool that helps on the management of several properties efficiently and effectively for a long period of time. The integration of the software into the estate management system does not cost very much and it can be used comfortably. An estate management system features an automated management of front desk so that you will be able to stay on top of check-ins and checkouts. You will make overall time savings that can be significant in the reduction of operational spending.

How to choose property management software

When choosing property management software, people generally make two big mistakes: either they buy software that is overkill for their needs or they choose the cheapest alternative. You have to carefully consider if you need software to manage your properties and your office. If you need a program for accounting and payroll, then you should know that there are plenty of options that are good for handling large and small businesses alike. On the other hand, if you are looking for assistance with exporting your bank deposits and checks to office management, you may want rental property software. While some things are not critical in property management, others are. In terms of features, it is great to have a reminder system, the ability to transfer your tenant information to an in active file and automatic update of rent amounts.