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Ways in which salon software will help your business grow

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

If the salon software you are currently using does not have certain key elements, then you will be missing out on important revenue. Priceless business management software should be powerful, intelligent and it should provide you the necessary tools to grow your business. Good software should also make your day a lot easier with features that can do the work for you. In addition to online salon booking, a good hair salon application should help you stay organized, impress clients deliver better service thanks to client history records.

Appointment booking – straightforward and fast

Salon software makes booking appointments quick and easy. If you do not want to lose an appointment yet again due to the fact that you are not able to find the next open availability for a requested time, then you should be using online booking software. The management software can be seamlessly integrated within your business and, what is more, you will be able to schedule appointments with just a couple of clicks. The touch responsive hair salon app allows you to search through your appointments by client name and filter by completed, upcoming or current. With state of the art software, clients do not even have to check their schedule for upcoming appointments since the application automatically sends appointment confirmations and reminders. These reminders will dramatically reduce missed appointments that cost you money

Provide exceptional customer experience

A hairstylist is not only a person who cuts hair. Your role is to make your clients very, very happy. Part of your job is to connect with the client and vive off them. You should act as a “people person” and enjoy chatting with your customers. So what can you discuss? Well, the salon app will help you find topics of discussion. You can make an account about what the client’s interests are, what they enjoy talking about, so the next time these answers will be at your fingertips. Listening is a natural part of the business of a hairdresser and you will eb expected to know things about your clients.

Maintain contact with clients with email marketing

If you want to keep in touch with your clients without having to make a considerable effort, then you will enjoy using software. With the information that you can gather with the salon application, such as mailing, occupation, address, etc., you can deliver personalized communications to your clients throughout the year. You can easily keep your clients engaged by creating email marketing campaigns and thus make sure that they will gladly recommend your business to their friends and acquaintances.

Intelligent inventory management

When you are the owner of a hair salon, you should be able to organize, maintain and analyze your inventory. But would it not be great if you had a business management system that could help you? Fortunately for you, a business app lets you keep track of inventory, namely you can view your stock level and filter by stocked, reorder, low or discontinued. Based on the inventory indicators, you will know what products to order.


Designing better and faster thanks to rapid prototyping

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Tech

The adage “A picture speaks a thousand words” perfectly captures what rapid prototyping is all about. A working model allows you to describe thousands of words worth of design and development specifications that specify how a system should look and ultimately behave. Rapid prototyping can be broadly defined as the process of creating a product and validating it with a broader term of users, investors and designers. This rapid and iterative process generates early feedback and often in the process, so that you will be able to improve the final design and reduce the need for changes during development. If you want to bring your product into the world, you should outsource your prototyping. In this sense, you should visit ontariogasket.com.

The process of rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a complex process that involves multiple stages. The prototype generally starts very small, with a few full-size key areas and it grows in depth over multiple iterations. The user’s description of the solution are transformed into full-size models, engaging user experience standards and best practices. After the working model is shared with the users, the modifications are applied and the working model is evaluated whether it meets their needs and expectations. After the review phase, the prototype is refined based on the areas that need to be brought to perfection. The rapidness of the process is largely determined by the scope of the project.

Scoping the prototype

Prototypes are not necessarily created to evolve into fully-functioning solutions, but rather to help users visualize the product and craft user experience. Keeping this in mind, you should decide before beginning the work what needs to be prototyped. Additionally, you should consider how much you want to prototype, which means that you should focus your attention solely on key functionality. The point of rapid prototyping is to showcase how something will work in later stages which means that you should keep in mind only 20% of the functionality.

Advantages of rapid prototyping

Besides easy visualization, rapid prototyping opens numerous opportunities for innovation. Designers are able to create models incorporating complex shapes and surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to reproduce. By eliminating the time needed to produce molds and patterns, you actually reduce the time between initial design and analysis. The time saving will help your organization bring new products to the market a lot faster, so you can gain massive advantage over the competition.



Reasons you should use a property management software

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet


As a landlord, managing a property can be rather difficult and time-consuming. If you have been looking for ways to simplify your work and add more value to your property, then perhaps you should consider using a property management software, which has become a popular option for many landlords. If you opt for a specialist management software, you will manage to get more work done in a shorter period of time, which can only come as a huge plus. You can easily find the software you require just by searching online on websites such as www.mus.co.uk. Here are a few reasons why you should think about using this type of software.

Easy to use

If you make your choice wisely, you will discover that using this type of software is extremely easy and efficient. By using a management software, you will be able to run your business properly, without any stress or inconveniences. Avoid using a complex program, and opt for a software that is easy to use.

Organisation is key

When it comes to property management, you will need to be properly organized and always keep everything under control. As a manager, you need to take care of many details, including rent reviews, notices or repairs, which in time can become overwhelming. With the help for the right software, you will be able to organise your leases, plans or licenses fast and efficient. You will gain more control over your routines, you will have the transaction history always updated and you will ensure yourself of the best practice.


The main reason why so many landlords choose to use a property management software is lack of time. With so many spreadsheets, arrears collections and rent demands to take care of, it can be rather difficult to optimise your time efficiently. If you have faced problems with time management, then perhaps it is time to use a software that can allow you to get more work done in a professional manner. Your every day job will be automated, and you will save a lot of time, which can only be an advantage for your business.

Cost savings

Because managing the property can be done more efficiently and time-effective through a property management software, you will have the opportunity to save money and improve business. You will give more value to your property and if you will not need hire a specialized manager to help you out. Overall, there are only pros to using a software that is designed to simplify your job. From rent demands to letters to tenants, a software can take care of every detail necessary for the smooth-going of your business.

As you can see, using a property management software can prove to be extremely useful and time-effective. If you have faced difficulties with managing your property, then opt for this great solution and you can significantly increase the productivity of your work. Start looking online and see which your options are. Choose wisely and the benefits will soon follow.


Which is the best Bounty Hunter metal detector?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

A metal detector is an electronic device that is used for identifying the presence of underground objects. Not only does such a device provide visual cues to alert you that there are objects buried nearby, but also audible ones. You can find various things with this electronic instrument, such as coins, rings, and even gold objects. This device is essential for any treasure hunting hobby. When it comes to instruments that detect the presence of objects, the most highly rated brand out there is Bounty Hunter. This brand has been in business for a long time and the products address mainly those who have just started out. Despite the fact that the price of a metal detector Bounty Hunter is low, the quality of the product is undeniable. What is more, you can choose from several models. But which one is the right for you? Here are three models that you should definitely consider when making a purchase.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

According to popular rating sites, the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV metal detector is one of the friendliness devices on the market. If you are interested in searching for coins on varying ground conditions, then this electronic instrument is a great choice. All you have to do is turn it on and start searching for hidden treasures. The coil and stem of the unit are waterproof, so that you can even submerge the instrument into damp and wet areas. If a type of ferrous material is detected, you will be notified immediately. The discrimination mode that it features will allow you to eliminate false signals, but you should set the discrimination as low as possible and turn the sensitivity to half way. Otherwise, it will also discriminate signals coming from gold or silver as well. Although this model does not have impressive features, the design is certainly remarkable. It is all black and you can adjust the height.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

The Gold Digger is actually a bestselling product in stores and for good reasons. The device is suitable for children, people who have just taken up the hobby of metal detecting and those who take the hobby more seriously. This lightweight unit is able to detect object that are 6 inches deep and thanks to the automatic tuning and ground balance you do not have to change the settings depending on the field. What is worth mentioning is the Trash Eliminator that prevents it from finding useless items like nails and cans. Since the electronic instrument operates on two 9 Volt batteries, it will last a good time. You also have headphones for further privacy.

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector is also suitable for beginners. This model introduces a new feature: he handy pin point. This toll in incredibly useful for finding the exact location of objects that are located underground. Even though the instrument is light, it is powerful enough to find valuable jewelry. The preset ground balance neutralizes the response to the mineral content in the ground and when the device identifies something, you will be notified through a three-tone audio feedback. The accuracy and the easy identification of buried objects make this detector a top choice.


Technology and the Forex market: two pees in a pot

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Android & Apple Aps

Technology has advanced greatly in the last few years and has managed to enter each and every market. There are all sorts of applications and software designed to ease up your work and help you complete tasks that would otherwise take a long time and of course lots of effort. The world of Forex is certainly known to most users, being regarded as a source of profit. When trading correctly, Forex will turn out to a stable source of income. Forex brokers are highly sought after and now that technology has stepped in, these have gained an even greater popularity. One of the demonstrations that technology has blended it rather nicely in this trading world is the Forex matching engine. Here are a few aspects worth knowing about this tool, one that has helped brokers a great deal.



One of the biggest advantages of working with a matching engine is that you are provided with speed. As long as the tool is adequately built, the broker is provided with a fast method to identify algorithms and to conduct transactions. For instance, a trustworthy matching engine will be able to conduct up to 50,000 transactions per second. It is simple to assume that once a greater speed is involved, a greater amount of transactions will be completed, which actually means that you will be awarded with a list of happy clients, in this case brokers.




The world of Forex, although known to the large public, is frequented by skeptical traders that do not fully understand its workings. For this reason, whatever the activity might be, it must be transparent, leaving no room to interpretations. Otherwise things could easily complicated themselves and brokers might end up losing much of their credibility. This is why all tools used should offer exact data. This is the case of a professionally made matching engine. When built and used correctly, this tool offers transparency.


Lowering costs


Brokers are faced with certain expanses and they often search for all kinds of solutions that could lower their costs. For this reason, the use of a matching engine is only a logical step, as this will allow them to minimize STP costs. At the same time, this tool will limit their trading loses as well. Brokers have their loses to face up to, so a tool that could diminish them is wisely regarded as beneficial. Correctly implemented, this tool could offer brokers the possibility to gain a large profit amount and get their business running.


Technology and Forex mix rather well, with one condition. If a brokerage firm is indeed set to use tools and software in order to ease their work and maximize profit, then its main preoccupation should be locating a trustworthy provider that can offer you professionalism.  Since the dedicated market is rich in options, offering a diverse range of options, you might have to conduct a proper search considering certain aspects, thus making sure that you have indeed found what you were looking for.



Levitating speaker – a gadget that will take you aback

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Since the Bluetooth speaker marketplace is becoming more and more crowded, designers are thinking about new ways in which they can gain advantage over the competition. It seems that they have found a design to attract millions of customers: levitating Bluetooth speakers. A Bluetooth levitating audio system is an ingenious invention that lets you enjoy audio in a cool manner. It is not difficult to see that that the floating Bluetooth speaker is incredibly versatile. The goal of this article is to highlight the main features of the floating sound system.

It defies gravity

While everyone has a Bluetooth speaker hanging around, it is a guarantee that not everyone will have such an impressive one. The levitating audio ball is basically suspended above an electromagnetic base. The gadget is similar to the Maglev train in the sense that uses magnetic levitation in order to create lift. The device actually has an independent levitator component that controls the process. Once the ball is placed in the middle of the base it will, rotate and even spin. However, you should make sure not to push the audio device horizontally because it will inevitably crash.

It is portable

The great thing about the Bluetooth levitating speaker is that you can take it wherever you want to since it is portable. The gadget is lightweight and it operates on batteries, which means that if you are going with your friends to a place where there is no electricity, the device will come in handy. The fact is that the floating audio system was especially designed to allow music to be enjoyed by everyone. So, why not make use of this system when you are trying to impress your guests or that someone special with a romantic date?

True stereo sound effect

A floating Bluetooth speaker will deliver you a true stereo sound experience under your roof. Taking into consideration that a regular model uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you will be able to pair it with your smart phone or computer and listen to your favorite songs for hours at an end. The fact that the audio device ball levitates increases the sound quality because there are no nearby objects to emit the sounds that it absorbs. Equally important is that the audio performance is not decreased by the battery life.

Microphone incorporated

One interesting features of this innovative device is the built-in microphone. Basically the microphone can serve as a speaker phone, so that you will be able to conduct conversations. Therefore, you should think about buying one for your work office as well. Another option that you have is to use the microphone for a party. After all, a MC will be expected to be creative.

The bottom line is that a levitating sound system is a breakthrough technology. The fully functional levitating device produces sound that is not similar to other audio systems. On the contrary, it is better and this is why this speaker should be at the top of any must-have list.



Aspects to consider when buying a self balancing scooter

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Self balancing scooters have significantly increased in customer popularity, being one of the most purchased item of the year. From celebrities to high-school teenagers, everybody wants to ride them. With their innovative design and advanced features, these gadgets are certainly fun to ride. Because they have become such a major trend, more and more models and brands have appeared on the market. If you are planning to purchase one yourself in the near future, there are several details to consider before deciding on a model or another. You can either opt for a 1 wheel self balancing scooter or a 2 wheel one, which type you think you will enjoy best, but make sure your money will be well spent.


The most important detail to keep in mind is safety. Even though, it is your responsibility to take all safety precautions, make sure you opt for a self balancing scooter that has some safety features built in. Some scooter have a system incorporated that prevents the rate of speed to increase, when rolling downhill. Make sure you can control the scooter’s speed properly through a pedal-tilt-back movement. Is the gadget sustainable and resistant enough? Check every detail necessary, to be certain you are riding on a safe electric scooter. It is recommended to use a helmet at first, at least until you learn how to maintain your balance, this way you will avoid any unpleasant accidents. It might be a little difficult to learn how to ride a self balancing scooter, but with a little bit of practice you can get the hang of it in no time.


The maximum speed can vary from one electric scooter to another depending on brand and model. Take IPS 122 one wheel electric scooter as an example, which can reach up to 19.9 km/h. It is impressive how these gadgets can have such a powerful system. At first, you should maintain a moderate speed to enjoy a comfortable cruising experience.


When you are on the point of buying a self balancing scooter, every feature is important. From endurance to maximum load and motor power, check out all of these details before placing your order. Battery capacity is one of the most important features, because you probably want to ride your electric scooter for as long as possible, without facing the need of recharging it so often. You can easily find a one wheel electric scooter that will require only two or three hours to be charged. An example of proper battery capacity would be 260WH/340WH. The fastest way to come across the ideal self balancing scooter is to read as many reviews as you can. Just by searching online, you will be able to come across some accurate reviews that will help you make a choice. It is important to research the topic before deciding to make a purchase. Only after you know enough information about the particular electric scooter, you can feel safe to make a purchase. Avoid overspending, and look for a scooter that is worth the investment.


What does science bring new?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets


By now, given the high number of science related conferences and events, you are used to enjoying a new and fun gadgets and smart systems all the time. More and more often these days you hear of software that have managed to revolutionise the world and make things simpler and faster. The same thing can be said about the diction software, a tool that has been recognised as highly beneficial for doctors in all parts of the world.  Indeed, there are plenty of advantages one could gain as a result of using this tool.


More time for communication


One of the biggest issues in the medical world is the fact that doctors are always busy. They are always supposed to be running from one patient to another, do an incredible amount of paperwork, so their time connecting with the actual patient is limited. This could constitute a problem, not to mention that it puts a great deal of pressure on the specialist. In the end, the connection with the patient is what determines the correct identification of the diagnosis. However, by using the dictation software, the paperwork could be taken completely out of the equation. This way, the specialist will gain a larger amount of time that could be spent connecting with the patient and truly identifying those alarming symptoms that could eventually help you place the correct diagnosis.

Speed is of the essence


It is very important to mention that once the software is used, everything will develop faster. All the data introduced by means of this tool will be immediately transcribed, so you won’t have to wait a long time before you can actually take a closer look at the details collected throughout the session. Considering that speed is of the essence these days and that everyone enjoys a good tool that can help them actually fulfill a mission that would otherwise take hours to complete, it certainly seems that the software mentioned above is one worth remembering.


A cheaper solution to your problem


It is really difficult not to notice the similarities between the modern times, simply ruled by technology and the industrial revolution. The future seems to be taken over by software applications or gadgets, all designed to lower your expenses. If you have a secretary that does your paperwork, with the dictation software her services are no longer required, at least not as far as this problem is concerned. You invest in the software, in its installation one time and then you enjoy its benefits instead of haying a secretary a monthly salary to type your sessions with patients. Everything is simpler and on the long term, it is certainly less expensive.


This is really how the future looks, as far as business related software are concerned. It is quite refreshing to see that technology can be used in a completely different manner than by coming up with new and more attractive smartphones or gadgets designed to entertain the user. A program of this kind could even save a life if you think that due to a hectic schedule and fatigue, a doctor could give the wrong diagnosis. Organise things, use the time you have in an intelligent manner and your interaction with patient could be seriously improved.



Reasons companies use web scraping software

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

Business managers are always looking for a way to grow their companies, and because today everyone is turning online, the majority of them are trying web scraping. If they create a database for their firm, they will have the opportunity to manage it more easily, and have access to the information they need in a faster way. The only thing they have to do is to hire a company to help them design the suitable web scraping software, because every type of business needs to use a customized product.

What companies can use web scraping

Web scraping is used in a variety of domains, but some of them have more benefits than others. For example, companies that practice online shipping use it very often, because they have to provide their customers information about their services, products and terms of service. Other type of companies that use this type of software are the stores that offer their products online, they have to be able to provide details about their branches, products and procedure, and their clients have to know how they can reach them.

What the process of web scrapping involves

There are many procedures that can be used during the process of web scrapping, but some companies use a common one. The first step involved in this procedure is that the client offers the scrapping company the information that has to be scrapped. The following one implies the seeking for the web pages that contain the needed information, and the service provider focuses on selecting a suitable software that will extract the information asked by the client. After doing this the information is extracted from many sites which contain it, and the collected data is gathered and arranged in a systematic way.

Reasons to use web scraping

Many successful companies use web scraping, because it is an important aspect in the development of their business. One of the main reason this procedure is used, is that it helps the client to save its time. An experienced company does the whole work, and the client only benefits from the results. In addition, he can be sure that the information he receives is a reliable one, and it is also comprehensive, because it is collected from multiple websites. The harvesting service provider customizes this procedure for every company; to be sure, that the information it delivers will help the client achieve his goals. The companies that use a web scrapping software will benefit from a greater coverage because the information will reach more possible clients, from many regions. The main result of investing in such a software is that the sales of the company will definitely grow. The software designed for a certain company will extract exactly the data it is programmed to do. The client will find easy to use it because the provider will offer its client a version that is user friendly. But the biggest advantage of this software is that it eliminates the hassle of extracting manual the required data from web pages, and this allows employees to focus on their work.


Printer accessories you can change yourself

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Printers have become one of the most popular computer accessories, especially for those who work in an office or a photography company. Whether you use it on a daily basis or just from time to time, you will need to maintain it by changing several components. So here are the most common printer parts that you can replace yourself:

Toner and Ink cartridges

The ink cartridge is probably the most important component of a printer, since it basically consists in the raw material used for printing: ink (hence the name). Once you press the button and the printer starts working, the ink begins its circuit inside the device, from the moment it is released, until the moment it is projected on paper and gets dry. The toner consists in multiple reservoirs, where the liquid is stored, and has a special design that allows the fluid to somehow communicate with the printer. Generally, the cartridge has a standard collection of colors, also known to specialists as the CMYK color model. Some modern models have a special container with black ink, especially dedicated to printing texts. Needless to say, these reserves will eventually end or get dry (if you use the printer remotely) and you may have to replace it. The good news is that toner can be changed very easy, so you can probably do it yourself.


Print heads

Although a lot of people neglect this, printer heads are quite important for the proper functionality of the device. The technology of ink printing is strongly connected to this accessory: the ink is heated and once it reaches a certain temperature, it is poured through some tiny needles and projected on the material printed. These nozzles are so thin that they are actually thinner than human hairs. As a general rule, the smaller the nozzles the more accurate the printed image or text.  This was the initial system used and even if manufacturers have been constantly striving to improve this technology, the system has mainly remained the same. For this reason, print heads are still an important element for qualitative prints. This is why you need to purchase a performing part, such as Konica KM512 LN 42PL.  Fortunately, if you need to replace this accessory, you can order it online in exchange for a fair price and you can also replace it yourself.

Batteries for portable devices

Taking into consideration that technology evolved a lot and there are plenty of gadgets that can display a document (such as phones or tablets), there has also been an increasing need for portable printers. For this reason, nowadays, there is a number of such devices available on the market. These can handle varied input, being even able to receive content via Bluetooth. However, there is an important accessory you need if you want these gadgets to work properly, and that is batteries. These are used especially for high-duty applications, extending the life of the printer and also improving its performance. Most of the times, the printer comes with a monitor system, so that you can know when the batteries needs to be changes. You will also have clear indications, in order to understand how the replacement needs to be done.