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PSD to WordPress software fails at all points!

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

The rise in the popularity of WordPress over the last couple of years is a well known and acclaimed event in the IT world. When it comes to web design and management, this platform has proven to bring invaluable benefits to the table and shortly became one of the leading websites to visit by developers from all over the world. WordPress is easy to use, accessible, efficient, it allows fast management over texts, videos and images, as well as makes the web design process incredibly stress free. This is precisely why the reputation and large fame of this solution was so quick to cover the globe. However, if you already have a website design and want to build a page using it, you must convert that design to WordPress and there are two major ways to accomplish this: by using available software and, most importantly, by searching for a specialized company which offers PSDtoWordPress convertor solutions. Here is a brief debate meant to prove why resorting to software fails at all points and why searching for professional assistance is more recommendable nowadays.

If you want to convert PSD to WordPress theme, you should probably know that even if you have some knowledge in the field, the results will never be as good as when you collaborate with the experts. You simply have much more to benefit this way then if you were to do the task on your own for instance. Why is that? It’s easy! The software used for PSD to WordPress conversions is extremely bad and it is known to fail more than once. Making a great website for clients to see and become attracted by is extremely important for any modern day entrepreneur which is precisely why the number of web developers and specialized companies doing these conversions to WordPress has increased so much in the last couple of years. Seeing that the software and automated systems designed to make these conversions were not rendering a high quality of results, nor were they able to make customizations at every single point and implement complex procedures such as responsive web design or mobile platform adaptability, the duty fell on the shoulders of the dedicated firms in the field to make the transition from a certain web design to a final WP page in a smooth and fast manner.


The fact that PSD to WordPress software fails at all points is no longer a secret nowadays, unfortunately. The need that companies have to create stunning, eye-catching and engaging platforms has grown tremendously given the fact that many of their clients or targeted audience members browse the web first in search for answers and only then turn to the traditional markets and physical vendors. But why does the specialized software fail? Shouldn’t it be perfect for entrepreneurs and marketing teams to bring their desired website concept to life? The answer is no. There are many problems with the use of these software solutions and everyone who has tried it was struck by at least a couple of them in the process. The truth is that you need much more than a vision, creativity or an eye for design in order to make a truly outstanding web platform. As much as these software promise, as little they actually deliver. The main problem with them is functionality and the ability to adapt to today’s myriad of devices and operating systems. The Internet is no longer accessible just from your PC or laptop, with just one or two popular operating systems like in the past. Now, we have mobile browsing, tablets, net-books, notebooks, smart-phones, even smart TVs connected online. There is no need to state that a software does not have the technical capacity nor the finesse to develop a platform so versatile and responsive in design that it suits all of today’s Internet connected gadgets. The human specialists, on the other hand, bring an extensive amount of expertise and knowledge in the field of coding, having worked in HTML, PHP, JavaScript or CSS and being familiar with the obstacles of mobile browsing and responsive design creation.


It is precisely because of these high performances and great results that the developers and their companies have overcome the market, making the conversion software firms a thing of the past. Indeed, investing in a PSD to WP conversion service is the best plan a manager can make in this day and age. After all, how many businessmen and women are familiar with code? And how many of them have enough experience making websites in order to make their very own project the best of their career? The answer is few and this is why entrepreneurs are better off outsourcing this task rather than trying senselessly to tackle it on their own.



Reasons to choose CCNP online training

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

The IT field is currently the most prosperous field as far as job opportunities and employment is concerned, offering the most appealing options and the best median salaries on the market. To that extent, more and more students and individuals are focusing their attention towards the information technology field and share a vested interest in getting the accreditations and certifications they need or desire, such as Cisco certifications. There are several types and levels of Cisco certifications and they are all quite valuable for those wanting to boost their career, reason for which they look for CCNP online training courses or classes. Due to the high market demand, there are numerous and various providers that offer Cisco training classes, some even at local schools and learning centers, but the truth is that online training makes everything a lot easier for those wishing to get the certification.

First of all, if you are planning to become a Cisco certified network professional, then you should definitely consider CCNP online training not just because it makes thing easier, but because it speeds up the process. For those who don’t know this yet, in order to obtain a CCNP certification, you first need to earn a CCNA certificate and then there is a series of three exams that you need to take for the CCNP designation. This may take a lot longer if you need to spread out your schedule and learning plan in accordance to the schedule of the learning center’s classes. Some people have the ability to assimilate information and learn quicker and the online training courses allow them to do just that. At the opposite end, if a certain rhythm is too fast for you, the online training classes allow you to slow it down or virtually learn at whatever pace suits you best. This might not seem like much, but when the pressure of the exams starts showing its teeth, learning strategy and individual rhythm will matter a lot.


Another reason for which you should definitely choose CCNP online training classes is that they provide a wider range of study materials. Books are good, there is no doubt about that, but when you have the entire resources of the world wide web, you will be able to take a more in-depth incursion into the study of Cisco certification materials and knowledge base. Furthermore, by taking online training courses, you get to enjoy the convenience of doing so in your own home or at the office, which gives you flexibility, but also reduces the risk of you skipping or missing classes, which could affect your exam results. The bottom line is that Cisco certifications such as the CCNP are important for anyone who fancies a career in the IT field, which is why it’s important to study right and take the right classes as to guarantee success.


Dos and don’ts in designing your homepage

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Designing a successful website takes a great number of things, all of which are very important. Considering the increasing number of websites that make their way on the online market every day, the competition is the virtual environment has become just as harsh as it is on the traditional market. Det är därför, om du vill ha en hemsida som inte gör dina besökare besvikna från första ögonblicket så bör du köpa en hemsida som når upp till utmaningen. On the one hand, a website in general has to be easy to navigate and the homepage is the first thing that a new customer will see. To this extent, you should make sure all the important information is visible and he will not have any problems in finding what he needs. Even though the minimal design is trending this year, many people make the mistake of making their website a little too minimal. Visitors end up having to solve a small riddle in order to access a menu or find the feature that they need. So keep in mind, that no matter how beautiful a certain background image may be or how much you want to keep up with the latest web design trends, you should always have your basic information displayed.

Structure is everything on a homepage. This is the place where everything begins and where a potential client should find everything. Depending on your products and services, structure them into sections and make sure you include a search bar somewhere on your website, as many people prefer to use that rather than browse through the entire website to find what they need. Of course, while everything should be easily available from the homepage, don’t crowd it with things that are not absolutely necessary. It is important to say a few words about your company and products, but you can go into further details in an About Us page. Another important advice that business owners should keep in mind is to keep advertising to a minimum. Sure, it can be very tempting the idea of making money without doing anything, but your customers visit your page to find out about you, not about products that are not offered by your company.


No matter what web design company you choose, always speak with your web designer and tell him what you expect from your website. This is the only way in which you can obtain the site you want and still have something that respects the latest trends in web design. With a good homepage you are bound to have more success and attract new customers. Considering that any person who buys something from a website returns to the same website the next time he needs something similar, it is very important to be able to persuade new customers to choose you over others in your field and with a good website, you will not have any problems in doing so.


What you should know before buying a used car

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

The process of buying a used car does not have to be full or trials and errors and filled with regrets. As long as you know exactly what you are looking for when inspecting the car, you can easily find a good used car that will fit all your needs and meet all your expectations. There are many people that simply go to a local dealership without making any type of research beforehand, purchase a car that the dealer recommended only to complain later that the car they have found falls short on expectations. There are even more people that prefer to purchase used cars directly from the previous owner thinking that they can get them more cheaply. If you want to buy good used cars in Ottawa, you should resort to the services of a reliable dealership and make your research. There is a higher risk of getting tricked by a car owner than a dealer, because you will never again meet that person in your life, while complaining about a dealership will ruin their reputation, so it is in their best interest to sell you something good. Another thing you should keep in mind when buying a used car is the fact that you should always make an inspection to ensure it was kept in a good condition.

You can easily tell when someone takes great care of their car by checking those materials that are more prone to wear and tear. If the interior is spotless, you should know that people recondition their car interior to increase their value, so you should not get fooled by that. Check out the condition of the key, the ignition and the plastic areas. If they present serious scratches, you can suspect the previous owner of not being careful with his possessions, so you can bet that his driving habits are also less than prudent. Another trick is checking the side of the front fender. If the car was involved in an accident, the fender will tell. Frame damage can be spotted, if you know what to look for. Offset doors and fenders or even some uneven and unnatural lines are signs of frame damage and you want to stay away from that car. You might not be a mechanic, but you can also tell when the engine was roughed. Always take a look at the engine of a used car and look for signs of recent welding. If the places where the joints should be straight show sports and metal struts, you can assume that the engine was broken and repaired recently.


Another thing you can do by yourself in order to ensure that the price of a car fits its condition is checking underneath it for signs of rust. Never purchase a car that has rust, this is something any mechanic will tell you, because rust can split the steel and cause serious damage. Another trick that can allow you to buy used cars in Ottawa is to rely on dealership that has a vast experience in this domain and cannot afford to sell a less than good car for its price.


Must have iPhone accessories

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

When Apple designed the iPhone, they went for a totally different experience than what other manufacturers could offer at the time and the tendency to give a unique twist to their smartphones is still active today. While part of this unique user experience is due to the way hardware and software interact, a considerable addition is also brought by the way accessories, be them third party of original, complement the phone. Whether you’ve upgraded to Apple’s latest flagship or you’re still using older generation iPhones, you’ve probably noticed that accessories can make a huge difference and extend your phone’s functionality. As for the reason why users usually invest in accessories, there are two types of people: the practical ones who buy iPhone tilbehør because they make the phone faster and easier to uses and the ones who want to have fun and customize their phones. In addition to this, the accessories can make the ideal present for someone dear to you, such as your father. You can visit great-fathers-day-gifts.com for other suggestions, or order mobile phone accessories, which will be very useful and stylish. While some people are interested in the aesthetical aspect, others are simply looking for comfort, purchasing some accessories has become something everybody does. Of course, some accessories offer the best of both worlds. If you’ve just bought an iPhone and you’re wondering how you can make it even better, here are the top accessories you need in your life. Of course, some accessories offer the best of both worlds. If you’ve just bought an iPhone and you’re wondering how you can make it even better, here are the top accessories you need in your life.

First of all, safety matters, especially for a highly delicate phone that scratches easily, which is why a solid case should be the first accessory on your list. The iPhone case market is huge and it’s impossible not to find something for your needs. If you don’t like the original Apple covers, you can always head online to specialized websites and look for a case that both protects and customizes your smartphone. Hard cases are the most popular, but you can also buy leather cases or cases that double as a card holder. Unless you want to buy a designer case, you won’t pay a lot of money, so you can replace it as you wish. When you buy the case, don’t forget to add a quality screen guard to your basket, because iPhones don’t come with one of those by default. Secondly, if you’re using your iPhone has a music player, you probably want the highest quality sound available. The Apple EarPods are a popular option thanks to the ergonomic design, but if you don’t have the iPhone 5S or 6 and don’t to spend a lot of money, you can still find excellent quality headphones on the market. Also, if you’re not happy with the iPhone speakers and want to use the phone to play music at parties, you have to buy a docking station. Thirdly, if you’re the practical type and you’re worried about the iPhone’s short battery life, you should invest either in a car charger or a portable charger such as a juice cube. These are very affordable and you won’t risk running out of battery when you need it the most.


Last, but not least, many iPhone users buy cables and chargers, because although they are good quality, they’re very easily to lose or misplace. Online phone accessories sell them at affordable prices, so you don’t have to panic if you leave them behind at the hotel or at the office.


Hair salon software – art and technology combined

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Hair salons everywhere are greatly expanding due to the fact that more and more people are now willing to invest in professional care of their hair, either women or men. As a result, the hair styling industry has experienced a significant upsurge and salons have become increasingly sought after and busy. It’s been often said that hair styling is a form of art and stylists need vision and creativity to be good, to be more than ordinary, but they also need technology in order to keep up with the expansion of their salon in an efficient manner. When art and technology come together, the result is an application that helps hair stylists or hair salon managers handle their business more effectively. Hair salon software represents a great innovation in the field, but its simplicity and ease of use make it such a valuable tool.

Indeed, not many hair stylists, in their search for artistic inspiration and for creating novelty styles, are very good at technology, with all of its gadgets and apps and most of the salon managers everywhere are in fact hair stylists who opened their own shop. To that effect, hair salon software comes to help them manage their salon more easily, thus allowing them to focus on what they do best: cut and arrange hair. The software provides a series of useful features that enable stylists not only to more easily handle appointments, but also organize daily activities and track inventory.  Basically, the app addresses the three major areas that any salon manager has to deal with regularly, that being appointment scheduling, client management and inventory tracking. The difference between using this type of application and using the traditional appointment book is that it streamlines all processes. Therefore, it saves time, but it also makes sure that nothing gets mixed up, so that clients always receive the best and prompt service. It is also possible to configure automatic appointment confirmations and reminders, maximizing the work time and making sure that all clients show up.


Hair salon software is basically an online app, so it works from whatever device you want and from wherever you are. You don’t have to worry about syncing or about system compatibility or any of that stuff. It was designed and developed precisely with hair stylists in mind, so the app is incredibly easy to use and it works on any OS. In a world where technology gains more and more ground every day, merging into our lives faster and faster, it would have been hard to believe that it won’t infiltrate even everyday areas such as hair styling and hair salons. While stylists do their magic and create their art, an online app takes care of all their appointments, manages all of their clients, which enables them to provide personalized services and attention even when they have dozens of clients or more, and keeps track of their inventory.


What can I do if my notebook screen is broken?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Do you know that dreadful moment when you drop something to the floor or see one of your devices hit the ground in full force? Have you ever experienced a time when you’re breath seems to stop and you can almost see that beloved gadget fall down in slow motion, that’s how focused you are on the drop? Nobody wishes for these small technological accidents, but they are bound to happen at one point or another in time and when they occur we must be prepared. If you were previously put in the unfortunate situation of breaking some piece of technology in your home or seeing some break a device that you like, then you know which are the most important steps to follow in order to make things right. And if you never had to feel the sorrow of having a broken laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone or any other form of modern day gadgetry, then keep reading this article as we are account to explain to you exactly what needs to be done.

The first step towards having a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing device again is to assess whether you wish to purchase a completely new gadget or repair and fix the one you currently own. This is often an easy task as most persons cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on buying new tech gear all the time and since accidents can happen as often as every couple of months, it would also be not wise to resort to this option unless an item is impossible to fix. And if you were wondering whether it is worth it to install a new keyboard or pantalla para notebook, for instance, then you should know that if you find a professional and dedicated company focused on creating solutions in the field of portable technologies, then you can consider yourself lucky as they will probably offer you incredible prices and qualitative goods.


This brings us to the second step on the journey to fixing a slight error in the functioning of a device: finding the right provider of spare parts and components to        purchase a new screen or keyboard from. Make sure you contact a professional and highly trustworthy company and the best way to do so and discover a wide variety of items for sale is to look at the various amazing websites offering components for netbooks, notebooks and other similar technologies online. The best reason to resort to online vendors in comparison to regular shops is the fact that the Internet based shops have a far more extensive array of items for sale, ensuing that the odds of you finding what you needed are extremely big. The last step is check for the quality guarantees, price range and time of processing the order so as to determine whether the web provider you are considering to order from is in fact as excellent as you were hoping. When you discover a website with years of experience in the field, you can be sure to receive the best possible spare parts for your laptop or device and then fixing it will cost a fraction of the price.




The importance of collaborating with a SEO company

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

It is true that the world of business has changed greatly. Some see these changes in the impressive evolution of the online market, others in the instruments and strategies most business owners use to help their companies grow and flourish. Either way, it is a general accepted truth that doing business has certainly changed a great deal and it continues to do so. In this regard, people should carefully look at all the instruments that the modern society has brought forward. One of the methods that have been heavily used by entrepreneurs, activating in various fields is definitely SEO strategy. Surely, this is not the first time you’ve heard of this concept. In all fairness, few are the individuals who are not familiar with SEO services and most likely, it is because they are not particularly involved in the business world. However, even though you may know what these strategies consists of, perhaps you might be wondering what makes entrepreneurs use them. What is the explanation for the high level of popularity SEO currently enjoys?

Undoubtedly, you have noticed that there is quite a large number of SEO companies offering their services to all interested clients. Probably, the most important reason of all and the one that could easily explain the impressive popularity level such companies enjoy has to be the power SEO has upon possible clients on the online market. By means of professional SEO services, your company could be much better represented on the online field, making it simple to notice by interested clients. Imagine that instead of being placed on page 7, you could be rank on second position in any Google search. No wonder so many business men seem to consider SEO services as real, significant investments in the future of their companies. Another reason for which entrepreneurs collaborate with SEO companies is because of the many marketing benefits involved. A well adapted SEO strategy that involves branding and social media can increase the popularity of the company. Making their name known on the dedicated market is a very big issue for all company owners. This kind of SEO strategies fit perfectly to the modern business field. The firm in question could have a faster expansion on the market.


The cost is yet another aspect that seems to have already convinced entrepreneurs of the necessity of SEO in the creation of a company. Although there are other ways to achieve a high popularity level, these are rather expensive. As far as SEO services are regarded, you should know that the costs related can be rather affordable. Of course in order for you or any other client to understand the true importance of services of this kind you will have to collaborate with a trustworthy and professional company. If you are currently residing in Ottawa, then you are in luck, because in this location, the dedicated market is rich is professional options. Thus find the time and conduct a thorough research. It is only in this manner you will be able to locate a top Ottawa SEO company to collaborate with and later on, experience the benefits of your decision.


Can you count on technology for mortgage help?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

In the age of technology, people expect computers to solve any problem – or at least, provide an initial solution. Without a doubt, computers streamline many processes, including highly technical ones, such as mortgage rates. People without advanced computer and finance knowledge can simply turn on their PC (even tablet or smartphone), make a simple online search and use calculators to find the best Ottawa mortgage brokers rates. This saves a lot of time and gives an estimation to homeowners, so that they can know what to expect without leaving their homes and asking around. However, are computers the only tool needed or are there times when you also need additional support from an expert? Here are some practical tips on how you should and shouldn’t use technology for mortgage help.

When you should use the Internet

First thing’s first. The Internet is one huge marketplace and you should take advantage of it when looking for mortgage brokers. Gone are the days when people had to ask around for recommendations and resort to questionable brokers just because they didn’t know where to find someone professional. Now, you can check out forums, broker websites, online communities and find out what brokers can be found in your area. Needless to say, you should use online resources to look for testimonials, check a broker’s credibility and contact him/her. E-mails are great when you want to ask for an initial quote or just enquire about basic mortgage topics. Also, don’t forget that mortgage calculators are very popular and useful these days. You should definitely use technology to get an estimation of your mortgage rates. It helps you save time, money and, with information on your side, you can minimize the risks of entrusting your funds into the hands of the wrong people.

When you shouldn’t use the Internet

As with most things in life, the Internet is not good when used excessively. Yes, you should use e-mail to talk to your broker, but don’t rely on this form of communication. You can meet your broker via his or website, ask for a quote in the same way and establish minor details of your collaboration, but this should not replace face-to-face conversations. Always take major decisions after meeting the broker personally, just to make sure that he or she understands your requirements completely. Another situation when you shouldn’t rely on computers alone is in the case of mortgage rate calculators. Don’t forget that they can only provide an estimation and, for an exact quote, you have to work with a professional mortgage broker in Ottawa.

As a conclusion, the answer is yes, you can count on technology for mortgage help, but you should not use it as your only source of support. The Internet facilitates contact with brokers, offers information and gives you access to practical tools. To get a good mortgage and find professional solutions, you still have to work with a trusted and experienced agent.


Radical innovations in the field of magnetic bearings

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Innovations are present all around us and appear in each an every field or area of activity. They provide the drive force which leads industries forward and allows them to expand their activities, broaden their horizons and set newer, larger goals with every single day that passes. Sometimes these innovations are mere improvements of the current technologies, but every once and a while they are incredibly radical and can totally change all about a particular sector of activity. A perfect example in this situation can be the active magnetic bearing systems with their unique, state of the art magnetic bearing design. There are plenty of advantages which magnetic bearing devices brought to a large number of fields including industrial areas, pumps, motors, generators for all sorts of uses and so on. However, recent times have unveiled a totally new and astounding application of these systems which reaches as far as the medical realm and helps cure thousands of persons every single year. The perks of these systems are many as active bearings have an extremely low level of friction and they never suffer from wear, which is why they are ideal in harsh environments and where special conditions are needed.

Commonly used by power consumption and power measurement companies to determine the home use in terms of watt-hour meters, active magnetic bearings represent far more than that. They can also be great components in high precision tools and equipment pieces as they support instruments in a vacuum. AMB controllers now integrate all the components which are absolutely vital to monitor magnetic bearing systems, thus improving the overall system and enhancing its capabilities. Apart from these, other innovative applications done in the field of magnetic bearing systems have covered the electrical power generation area of activity, the natural gas and petroleum sectors, as well as the machine tool operation industries. But none of these are as important and life-changing as the newly found use in medical areas, such as artificial hearts where magnetic suspension is used and has an important part of the ventricular assistance devices. Without a doubt, these changes and newly found uses are incredible and their applications will continue to stun and amaze us every single time a new development is created and a new branch or sector of activity is altered forever.


To conclude, there are radical innovations all around us but one of the most striking examples of such a unique and groundbreaking development can be seen in the field of active magnetic bearing technologies and controller systems. Generally used in all sorts of field and areas of activity, such as Zippe-type centrifuge technologies, turbo molecular pumps and uranium enrichment, active bearings are as important as they can be for many industries but nowhere is their presence more interesting than in the medical realm, thanks to the latest innovations in artificial heart technologies. To find out more about these systems and understand their full applications, please go to the official websites of providers and manufacturers in the field.