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Candy Crush for beginners

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Android & Apple Aps

  • What is Candy Crush?

Nowadays, hearing this question would turn heads everywhere, because Candy Crush Saga has a stunning popularity, so it is nearly impossible to have never heard of it. Your kids play it, your colleagues play it, even your mom plays it although it’s driving you crazy. Look at the bright side though, if you are ever in doubt about a gift idea for your mom, you can always get her extra moves or combinations in Candy Crush. With more than 100 million people playing this game every day, one can describe Candy Crush Saga as an addictive puzzle game developed by King.com, which can be played online on Facebook, but it’s also available for Android and iOS smartphone users.

  • How to play Candy Crush

The game involves clearing out a saga map of candies by moving and matching candies by colors. Each time you make a column or row of at least three candies of the same color, you will clear them out and you will receive a special candy. Stone squares increase the difficulty of the level, because they do not have candies to crush and must be opened first in order to be used. Each level will have a target players need to reach in order to achieve candy crush and to go to the next level. If you spend all your lives, you must wait a while until you are able to play again. Beginners can also use Candy Crush cheats and tips in order to play without stop or gain boosters. At this point special candies will get activated and further increase your score. Candy Crash limits the number of moves you can make, but you can take your time thinking about your moves, because the time is unlimited except for some special levels. While the first Jelly Level is simple to pass, the game will slowly become challenging as you advance.

  • Clearing the Jelly levels

When playing the Jelly levels, your goal is to clear out all the jellies from the map. In order to remove a jelly, you need to create a match over the square of that jelly. Transparent squares are cleared with one match, while the others need two candy matches to be removed. After level six, you will receive free boosters: three lollipop hammers, which you can also purchase by using your Facebook credits. In Jelly levels, there are two types of jellies you need to watch out for, those at the very top of the map and the jelly squares placed in off corners, because it is difficult to make a match in those areas.

  • Ingredient levels and Timed levels

The goal of the Ingredients levels is to move the ingredients from the top to the bottom of the map, goal you can achieve only by eliminating the candies placed underneath them. The strategy you need to adopt at these levels is slightly different, because you need to focus on bringing the ingredients down and not necessarily on making matches. The timed levels require a straight-forward strategy, because you must gather a certain score within a limited amount of time. Overthinking will make you lose your life at this point, but you can still use

The idea behind Candy Crash is not revolutionary, but the game itself is revolutionizing the game industry. While it combines elements of Bejewelled and Tetris, both popular games, the difference is in details. The marketing strategy and the ability to add something new and exciting to each level has helped King.com crush the competition and become one of the most lucrative games.