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Cleaning and janitorial services – mandatory for any business

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

In the business environment, the need of maintaining a space clean is extremely important. As a business owner, your company represents your image in the exterior. If one of your partners visits your office, you will want it to look neat and clean, because this way you will seem a true professional, who takes care of their working space. As for as your employees are concerned, it is important to offer them a clean establishment, not only from health and security measures, but also because this will help them deliver better results and be more efficient. It has been proven that a good working environment can boost productivity and help people bond, which is definitely something you will end up taking advantage of. For this reason, you will have to invest in some cleaning and janitorial services Mississauga from time to time. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies offering such services, and you will be very happy with the results.

How are commercial and home cleaning different?

The main differences between commercial and residential cleaning are related to the surfaces that need cleaning, the time when the operations are performed, as well as the products used. Normally a company’s establishment is much larger than a family house, which means that the operations will take more time. Furthermore, while for residential cleaning, the process takes place during daytime, if you are planning to use professional janitorial services for your business, you need to know that the workers will come to the location during the night. This is mostly due to the fact that by day, the office is occupied by the employees, and the cleaners cannot do their job properly. As a consequence, they arrive as soon as everybody else takes off, leaving behind nothing but a sanitary space.


Which are the techniques and pieces of equipment used?

There are many methods used by dedicated cleaning and janitorial companies, and choosing the best one depends on the type of services required by the clients. The purpose of the cleaning may include floors, windows, tiles, ceilings, walls (both internal and external), pieces of furniture and many other facilities (kitchens, bathrooms etc). Moreover, there are also a lot of chemical products and pieces of equipment needed, and only authorized personnel can use these. Each surface responds to certain solutions, which is why a professional company needs to own all sorts of agents. In addition to this, special tools like steam vacuums or hot water extraction machines are sometimes used.


Are the workers any different from others?

Yes, people who are in change of cleaning commercial spaces have a different experience than those who clean residences. Normally, the staff is additionally trained, in order to be able to deliver faster results on greater surfaces, while focusing less on the details. Furthermore, the workers need to understand the importance of choosing the right agents, especially since these often consist in chemicals that can become harmful if they are not used correctly.