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Can you make the difference between switches, firewalls and routers?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Those who are not familiar with the computer field usually confuse some of the parts and the most common confusion appears when it comes to switches, firewalls and routers. It is worth mentioning that each type of device comes with its own upsides and downsides, yet before you resort to a professional company in order to buy some Cisco Catalyst 3750G Series Switches, it is best you know the differences between these three devices.

First, there are routers

Routers are also known as Gateways and they are the first and probably most important element of a network, because they are the ones that provide you with Internet connection. They are usually placed somewhere between the Internet Service Provider (IPS) and have the purpose to determine the amount of traffic to remain in your network and the amount of traffic to pass through to the IPS. Experts refer to them as the backbone of the Internet, because they are essential for browsing the web and communicating without them. Depending on the area you want the router to cover, they differ in terms of size.

Then, there are switches

In most cases, switches do not come with routing capabilities, as they are supposed to be sued inside the network. They are mostly used to facilitate communication between computers and the rest of network devices. It is important to note that devices that are located inside the same network are considered to be on the same “subnet”, which means that the IP address they are connected to shares the first three octets. This is the reason why they do not necessarily have to use a router in order to “route” traffic from one device to another. The range of switches available on the market is quite high and they come with a variety of features meant to make communication between devices a lot easier. In order to ensure you are buying the right type of switch, it is best you do detailed research on the Internet first and learn more about the products available for sale.

Finally, firewalls

Firewalls differ from switches and routers in the sense that they are considered network security appliances. Know that there are two different kinds of hardware firewalls – perimeter and internal. When it comes to the majority of smaller networks, the most common type of firewall used is the perimeter one, which it usually comes with routing capabilities. It controls access and ensures local networks are secured from the outside world. Compared to routers, firewalls can also monitor the traffic between two networks and can block any unauthorized traffic that comes from the outside. You should know that there are some programs that act as software firewalls and that can be installed onto computers or servers and some very good examples are those anti-virus products.

All things considered, these are the main aspects that make the difference between firewalls, routers and switches. It is essential you know these things before you make a purchase because it helps you spend money on things you actually need.


Main features of Toughbooks – what makes them special?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

For those who are not quite familiar with the term, it is important to know that toughbooks are quite different from regular laptops. The moment you decide to buy a toughbook is also the moment you have to start looking for the best provider on the internet. However, one of the most important decisions you have to make in this case is to decide whether you should buy toughbooks that were refurbished or look for brand new devices. Here is a list of the main features of toughbooks to help you get a clearer idea on why you should consider buying one.

They have magnesium casings

One of the greatest features that these toughbooks come with is their magnesium casings, which is 10 or even 20 times tougher, compared to ABS plastic, the material from which most laptops are made. Having such a tougher casing is a great advantage in the case of these devices, because it offers them higher protection against accidental drops that could cause some serious damage.

 They have hardened glass

Compared to regular laptops, toughbooks come with display screens that are made out of hardened glass in order to offer significant protection as well. Although this material is not totally unbreakable, it is much more difficult to scratch and shatter than the regular glass that can be found in commercial laptops and computers.

Their display screens are outdoor-viewable

It is commonly known that in the case of most commercial laptops, it is quite difficult to use them in outdoor settings, since the display screens are not bright enough in order to be able to be seen in such conditions. However, manufacturers of these rugged computers have taken care of this aspect and have updated these computers with readable display screens that provide the option of anti-glare sunlight, which is a great advantage for those who need to use these devices in harsh conditions.

Their hard disk drives are shock-mounted

Well, manufacturers of toughbooks have thought of everything, didn’t they? Another great feature that you can find in these ruggedized computers is that their disk drives are mounted on springs, on a gel-like substance or on rubber, which gives you the impression that the disk “floats”, protecting the device from any strong shocks.

Extra padding and cushioning

Besides those shock-mounted hard disk drives, manufacturers have ensured that they add extra cushioning and padding inside the computer as well in order to protect some of the most essential components from vibration or drops for instance. Some examples of cushioning materials that are mostly used in such situations are foam rubber and Styrofoam, although there are many more as well.

As it can be seen, these are only some of the most important features that toughbooks come with that makes them so special and different from the commercial computers. In case you are interested in buying such a device, be it a new or a refurbished one, it is highly recommended to look for the best provider on the internet that can offer you high quality products only.


Pros and cons of cross-platform applications

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Technology has become so diverse that no one uses strictly one platform anymore. A long time ago, people only used laptops and desktop computers, but now, the average person relies on a myriad of devices: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, even eBook readers and smartwatches. Needless to say, they want their apps to be available on all their devices, which triggered the demand for cross-platform apps. On the one hand, they create numerous opportunities for businesses and developers, because they can have a wider market reach. On the other hand, requirements are higher and some feature limitations may occur. Like everything else in tech, they have pros and cons that are briefly explained below. To understand the complete process of cross-platform application development, don’t hesitate to check out this link, http://magora-systems.com/bespoke-software-development-uk/, and talk to a team of experts about your requirements.

Pro: cross-platform apps take less to develop

The main advantage that cross-platform apps have over native apps is that they can be developed faster, because you have one code base which you then adapt for multiple platforms. This is much more effective than developing code based for each and every platform, so if you want your project to be finished fast, this is the solution.

Con: user experience can be challenging

Every platform has its own user experience, design, layout and features and building a single app to match them all can be very challenging. What look great on Android might not look so great on iOS and the other way around. In order for the app to function properly on all platforms and provide a seamless user experience, a complex UX strategy needs to be found. Sometimes, striking that perfect middle ground can be difficult, which is why businesses decide to go with native apps instead.

Pro: cross-platform apps have better coverage

The purpose of every app is to cover as much of the market as possible, so by limiting yourself to only one platform, you also limit your target audience. The more connected you are to your audience, the better, and by being present on desktops, Android and Apple devices, the likelier you are to make an impact and stand out from your competitors.

Con: feature limitations

When working with a cross-platform framework, your freedom to implement whatever features you want is limited. For this reason, before starting the cross-platform development process, you should create a rundown of your features in order of importance and talk to your developer about their feasibility. If one of the most crucial features is impossible to include using a cross-platform framework, you should consider switching to a native app instead.

Pro: reduced costs

Last, but not least, there is the matter of budget, one that many businesses consider carefully before choosing their development framework. In terms of costs, producing a cross-platform app is much more affordable that producing a native one, because developers use one code base and then only customise it depending on each platform. Moreover, they can also integrate plug-ins to add more features, at a fraction of the cost.


Tips to select a reliable website for buying FIFA coins

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Lately both women and men are playing FIFA, because they find it an interesting way of spending their free time, and they have the possibility to play either together with their friends, or by their own. In present times, not only men are obsessed with football, women also find it an interesting sport, and they choose to play it both in the field and in the privacy of their houses. And, what could be more amazing than having the possibility to play with the greatest football players from all the times, like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, or at least imagining that you are in their team. Moreover, for improving your game, all you have to do is to create a great team and buy cheap fifa coins. When you want to buy FIFA coins your major concern would be to find a reliable website, because you have to be sure that you will receive them, and you will be able to use them for improving your game.

Avoid websites, which send you spams

You might receive frequent spams from different websites, which state that they provide you great deals when it comes to buying FIFA coins, buy you should not let yourself impressed by their great offers, because these coins might be cheap, but you just cannot receive them free. When a website has to send a large number of spams for reaching to clients, it is a sign that people do not find it reliable, and they avoid using it.

Look for ranked websites

You are not the only person who heard that you have the possibility to buy FIFA coins, others have chosen this option too. Because there are so many websites, which have them on sale, other online platforms were created to review them, analyze the services they provide and rank them according to specific criteria. Some websites review the best ranked online stores, others have tops of the ones which provide both reliable and cheap services, so you have to do some research and see the ones it is advisable to access. Make a list with them, and see which one provides you more benefits. You should know that the websites that are good ranked provide secure, safe and legit services, so you will not experience any issue, when it comes to buying from them.

Read other people’s reviews

When you have a list with some online stores that seem to offer great services, you might have a hard time to try deciding upon one. In this situation, you should access every one of them, and see if they have a section where people could state their opinion and provide feedback. It is important to see what other persons have to say about the online platforms you have in mind, because they might offer you details you do not even taught about. Sometimes a review could provide you more useful details than a ranking website, so you should not skip this step.



Now you have property management software to stay organised

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Property management can be defined as a tricky business. You have to be knowledgeable about property laws and you have to make sure that you select the right tenants. Even if you are familiar with what it means to own one or more properties, handling all the functions that are required to rent out your property out effectively requires having the right tool. The fact is that you need help on your side with the day-to-day management and operations if you want to be successful. The fees that come with an application are well worth it if it can save you from all the possible headaches that can incur along the way. To get the right software program to help you, you should visit www.mus.co.uk.

What is property management software?

Property management system is a well-organised system that manages operating activities in the residential property. In addition to this, it has a systematised mechanism that oversees and coordinates the relationship with the customer and the services. In this highly competitive market, where customers are constantly demanding and there are types of accommodation, it is essential to create an atmosphere which can attract customers. The success of the residential property is defined by occupancy. Taking into consideration this aspect, it becomes clear that there is a need to device a system that can help you manage your possessions.

Advantages of property management software

A property management system (PMS) offers valuable benefits to the property in maintaining your services of high quality standards, unmatched by the competition. First of all, a property management system makes your activities efficient and effective. In a rental business property matters a lot. Software is basically tool that helps on the management of several properties efficiently and effectively for a long period of time. The integration of the software into the estate management system does not cost very much and it can be used comfortably. An estate management system features an automated management of front desk so that you will be able to stay on top of check-ins and checkouts. You will make overall time savings that can be significant in the reduction of operational spending.

How to choose property management software

When choosing property management software, people generally make two big mistakes: either they buy software that is overkill for their needs or they choose the cheapest alternative. You have to carefully consider if you need software to manage your properties and your office. If you need a program for accounting and payroll, then you should know that there are plenty of options that are good for handling large and small businesses alike. On the other hand, if you are looking for assistance with exporting your bank deposits and checks to office management, you may want rental property software. While some things are not critical in property management, others are. In terms of features, it is great to have a reminder system, the ability to transfer your tenant information to an in active file and automatic update of rent amounts.


Printer accessories you can change yourself

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Printers have become one of the most popular computer accessories, especially for those who work in an office or a photography company. Whether you use it on a daily basis or just from time to time, you will need to maintain it by changing several components. So here are the most common printer parts that you can replace yourself:

Toner and Ink cartridges

The ink cartridge is probably the most important component of a printer, since it basically consists in the raw material used for printing: ink (hence the name). Once you press the button and the printer starts working, the ink begins its circuit inside the device, from the moment it is released, until the moment it is projected on paper and gets dry. The toner consists in multiple reservoirs, where the liquid is stored, and has a special design that allows the fluid to somehow communicate with the printer. Generally, the cartridge has a standard collection of colors, also known to specialists as the CMYK color model. Some modern models have a special container with black ink, especially dedicated to printing texts. Needless to say, these reserves will eventually end or get dry (if you use the printer remotely) and you may have to replace it. The good news is that toner can be changed very easy, so you can probably do it yourself.


Print heads

Although a lot of people neglect this, printer heads are quite important for the proper functionality of the device. The technology of ink printing is strongly connected to this accessory: the ink is heated and once it reaches a certain temperature, it is poured through some tiny needles and projected on the material printed. These nozzles are so thin that they are actually thinner than human hairs. As a general rule, the smaller the nozzles the more accurate the printed image or text.  This was the initial system used and even if manufacturers have been constantly striving to improve this technology, the system has mainly remained the same. For this reason, print heads are still an important element for qualitative prints. This is why you need to purchase a performing part, such as Konica KM512 LN 42PL.  Fortunately, if you need to replace this accessory, you can order it online in exchange for a fair price and you can also replace it yourself.

Batteries for portable devices

Taking into consideration that technology evolved a lot and there are plenty of gadgets that can display a document (such as phones or tablets), there has also been an increasing need for portable printers. For this reason, nowadays, there is a number of such devices available on the market. These can handle varied input, being even able to receive content via Bluetooth. However, there is an important accessory you need if you want these gadgets to work properly, and that is batteries. These are used especially for high-duty applications, extending the life of the printer and also improving its performance. Most of the times, the printer comes with a monitor system, so that you can know when the batteries needs to be changes. You will also have clear indications, in order to understand how the replacement needs to be done.



How to balance freelancing with a traditional job

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Freelancing has become a popular tendency on the job market, since technology and media enable more and more people to work remotely. In case you have been thinking about testing this alternative to see what it is about, then maybe you should give it a try. Whether you need some extra money because your stable job does not offer you a stable financial situation, or you are willing to explore your talent (such as writing or web design), then becoming a freelancer seems to be the right option. The dedicated market is very resourceful, so regardless the domain where you want to work, you are likely to find something suitable for you. However, if you are still not sure about this and you want to keep your traditional job as well, at least in the beginning, then you may find it difficult to keep up with all the work load. Being a freelancer in your spare time can be a real success if you keep in mind the following simple tricks:

Be honest

If you decide to get a micro job, besides your traditional one, then you will have to be honest not only with others, but also with yourself. You will have less spare time, so you will have to give up certain leisure activities such as going out with friends. For this reason, the best thing you need to do is let them know about the novelty in your professional life – they will definitely understand. Besides this, you should also be honest to yourself: admit that you need to work more, that you have to adjust your program and change your habits, and also admit when you feel overwhelmed. Having two jobs may be something new to you, so make sure you know your limits. When it comes to your current job, you will need to check your contract before telling around that you also work as a freelancer in your spare time.


Do not neglect your current job

If you choose to work as a freelancer in a domain you love, while your traditional job is not as satisfactory as you whished, then chances are you start to put more efforts to perform your freelancer tasks. Of course, it is known that doing what you love is way more fulfilling, but try not to neglect your job tasks, unless you want to get in trouble. If you really decide to do both things at the same time, keep in mind that you need to be equally committed.


Be disciplined

If you work as a freelancer, you are your own boss. Of course, there are certain tracking tools and software, but most of the times, you will work when, where and as much as you want. As long as you complete the tasks in a timely manner, there will be no problem. However, a lot of people tend to forget about deadlines, since there is no pressure and no one to remind them to do their job. You may be tempted to find reasons to postpone what you have to do, but remember that you have to be disciplined and diligent with your work.



Getting your dream job with an online recruitment platform

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Finding the ideal job position can be rather difficult without resorting to the right help. Job hunting can turn out to be a tiring and time-consuming process and most of the time it does not bring the positive results you desire. By finding a Toronto professional staffing firm, the chances of coming across great career opportunities will be much higher. When working with an online recruitment platform you will benefit from many advantages and the entire process of finding a job will be simplified for you.

Getting in contact with the right recruiters

If you have just finished your studies and are new to the job hunting world, then it can seem almost impossible to have the chance of working in highly reputable companies. Without having too much experience, a suitable job position depends on your job hunting methods. Finding reliable and trust-worthy recruiters is a difficult task, and obtaining the job position you desire depends on this aspect. A recruitment platform will analyze your needs and skills and create the job seeking – job offering relationship you need. By being a member of a serious recruitment platform, you will only have to deal with professionals that are interested in your capabilities and skills. Applying to several jobs on your own can turn out to be a waste of your time. Going to one interview after another without positive results will discourage you and make you accept a job offer that is under your level. A reliable recruitment platform takes your performance and training very serious and creates a professional connection between a possible employer and yourself. Regardless of what domain you are handling, either engineering or financing, meeting the right recruiter is the key to landing your dream job.

Coming across a variety of job opportunities

Regardless of how many hours you spend looking for a job offer, coming across a suitable opportunity can take you longer than you have expected. By working with an only recruitment platform, you will be able to discover job offers that you normally would not have found on your own. You have the chance to subscribe to a newsletter, and receive updates on a regular basis. This way you will always stay informed regarding new job possibilities, and finding a job that meet your requirements will be a fast process. You can broaden your horizons and fill in a position that is adequate for your training and brings you professional and financial advantages. Managing to develop a fulfilling career requires meeting the right people at the right time, and being new to the whole job seeking process, you might stumble across a few bumps on your way to success. There are several factors that may help you evolve on the professional level. Instead of wasting your time looking for your dream job, you can easily let a recruitment company simplify the process for you. All you need to do is look for a reliable website and wait for amazing opportunities to come to you.


MusicPromoToday on Fan Engagement the Right Way: Taylor Swift V. Justin Bieber

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

These days, the most successful businesses are the ones based on movements rather than companies, because movements are the ones that inspire and engage the public. Being in the music industry is very much like running your own business and the way you engage your fans will ultimately make the difference in your music video marketing campaign. MusicPromoToday presents two completely different fan engagement approaches from Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber:

Taylor Swift treats her fans as more than just demographics while Justin Bieber imposes photo rules

On the one hand, Taylor Swift has realized that the way she treats her fans will influence her future success. By now, everybody knows about the ‘Swiftmas’ campaign that she organized last year, where she and her team took their time to get to know 32 lucky fans and she personally purchased and delivered them Christmas gifts. This is the type of thing that shows how committed she is to knowing her fans on a personal level and thanking them for their support. These details are often seen in the way she personally responds to many of the messages left by her fans on social media, from the handwritten notes that she often leaves to her fans and other personal and emotional details that show she sees her fans as more than just consumers.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber has just offered his fans some guidelines for taking pictures with him during his concerts. The artist is not always willing to take a picture with his fans and has often stated that the way in which he is approached will influence his decision on whether or not he will accept to have his photo taken. While some may think that certain demands are understandable from a person with such a high level of fame, his fans are still often disappointed and his popularity continues to drop.

Unlike Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift does not restrict access to her brand

Considering that in the past two years, US album sales have plummeted by a staggering 20%, the fact that Taylor’s latest album 1989 continues to be at the top of sales is a sure sign that she is doing something right. She has built her entire career and brand around doing personal things for her fans. Either by engaging with them on various social networks or by offering them the freedom to create their own content about her, all these acts have enabled her to sell out every show within 15 minutes for many years to come and to ensure that she has taken her music video promotion to an entirely new level. She has even admitted to doing various silly things to allow her fans to make funny GIFs on her actions, along with many other similar tactics to make her fan truly love her.

Contrasting with her approach, Justin Bieber’s decision to essentially charge his fans $2000 for a selfie devastated many of his followers who actually used the singer’s own lyrics against him in order to show their disappointment. Of course, the $2000 will buy you more than just a selfie, as it also includes a concert ticket and a backstage tour. Still, many people have questioned his decision and tweeted using the hashtag #justiceforbrokeliebers in the hopes that he will lower his concert prices.

At MusicPromoToday we value innovation in business marketing and fan engagement and we consider Taylor Swift to be a true model in today’s music industry. Her direct involvement in creating a personal connection with her fans and her continuous social media presence make her an incredible business savvy artist who continues to be a leader in the pop market.


Cleaning and janitorial services – mandatory for any business

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

In the business environment, the need of maintaining a space clean is extremely important. As a business owner, your company represents your image in the exterior. If one of your partners visits your office, you will want it to look neat and clean, because this way you will seem a true professional, who takes care of their working space. As for as your employees are concerned, it is important to offer them a clean establishment, not only from health and security measures, but also because this will help them deliver better results and be more efficient. It has been proven that a good working environment can boost productivity and help people bond, which is definitely something you will end up taking advantage of. For this reason, you will have to invest in some cleaning and janitorial services Mississauga from time to time. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies offering such services, and you will be very happy with the results.

How are commercial and home cleaning different?

The main differences between commercial and residential cleaning are related to the surfaces that need cleaning, the time when the operations are performed, as well as the products used. Normally a company’s establishment is much larger than a family house, which means that the operations will take more time. Furthermore, while for residential cleaning, the process takes place during daytime, if you are planning to use professional janitorial services for your business, you need to know that the workers will come to the location during the night. This is mostly due to the fact that by day, the office is occupied by the employees, and the cleaners cannot do their job properly. As a consequence, they arrive as soon as everybody else takes off, leaving behind nothing but a sanitary space.


Which are the techniques and pieces of equipment used?

There are many methods used by dedicated cleaning and janitorial companies, and choosing the best one depends on the type of services required by the clients. The purpose of the cleaning may include floors, windows, tiles, ceilings, walls (both internal and external), pieces of furniture and many other facilities (kitchens, bathrooms etc). Moreover, there are also a lot of chemical products and pieces of equipment needed, and only authorized personnel can use these. Each surface responds to certain solutions, which is why a professional company needs to own all sorts of agents. In addition to this, special tools like steam vacuums or hot water extraction machines are sometimes used.


Are the workers any different from others?

Yes, people who are in change of cleaning commercial spaces have a different experience than those who clean residences. Normally, the staff is additionally trained, in order to be able to deliver faster results on greater surfaces, while focusing less on the details. Furthermore, the workers need to understand the importance of choosing the right agents, especially since these often consist in chemicals that can become harmful if they are not used correctly.