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Screen printing vs. heat press – who is the winner?   

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

In the past, people would use time-consuming techniques in order to print books and newspapers. However, the techniques have changed to the point that the newer methods are not only faster, but also more efficient. With the development of new technologies, people have found out that garments can be printed with success. If you are in the business of printing and graphic arts, then you can make substantial profits as long as you have the right equipment. Besides screen printing Mississauga, some people use the heat presser instead. There are both pros and cons to both of techniques and the decision between either of them depends on your preference.

The basics of screen printing and heat pressing

Screen-printing (silk screening) is similar to lithography and you need three components to create the print: the screen, which is actually a copy of the image, ink and squeegee. While the screen is placed on the item, the squeegee is used to cover the surface with ink. The ink passes through the screen and it thus forms the image. On the other hand, heat press makes use of heat to transfer the ink to the surface. The transfer is similar to using the iron. Commercial pressers are very efficient and they the image that they produce last for a long time.

Screen-printing pros and cons

The advantages of this technique is the versatility. It is the easiest way of creating original prints that is made accessible to the average person. The materials are not hard to find and the ink can be applied to various items such as jerseys, shirts and other garments, as well as hats and bottles. Taking into consideration that the equipment is not expensive, it can be the best solution if you are at the beginning of the business. Nevertheless, screen-printing is a difficult task because the preparation of a t-shirt implies many stages. You have to prepare the screen, burn films, apply the ink and even perform a test before the actual application. Besides the setup time that takes very long, the imprint takes just as longer.

Heat pressing pros and cons

Heat pressers are good for making investments because the ink does not fall out of place, which is especially important if you are handling invitations or canvas bags. Generally, graphic printing businesses can purchase the necessary equipment at bargain prices and the investment can rapidly turn into profit. The reason is that printed items are highly demanded on the market and the machinery is capable of handling large volumes very quickly. Another advantage of heat pressers is that they are easy to manipulate, so that you do not have to have any prior experience. The heat press can be used for various materials such as satin and cotton without fearing that they will get destroyed in the process.

To conclude, the main difference between silk screening and heat pressing is the quality. While the first allows you to realize bolder designs, the second offers the possibility to produce more detailed graphics. The choice is up to you and while there is no clear winner, either one of them is suitable for opening a profitable business.




Reasons to invest in a color wheel for Photoshop

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Any digital creation relies on the choice of colors in order to send the intended message to the one seeing it. Even though Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular tools when creating colorful images, the fact that it does not have a color wheel integrated in it often drives users away towards other software. Learning Photoshop does take a significant amount of time and if you are not eager to switch to something else and start the entire learning process from the beginning, a color wheel plugin such as the one from http://anastasiy.com/panels, might be just what you needed. This is why you should invest in this type of plugin:

Better color control

Needless to say that a professional color wheel will offer you a better color control and thus you will be able to obtain the result you wanted. You will have full control over the brightness or the amount of darkness that you use in the picture you are working at. You will be able to use the various features available to obtain exactly what you wanted in a very effective time frame.


Freedom to alter color temperatures

When using a color wheel plugin, altering the color temperature is as simple as turning the wheel around. You can get the colors from dark to light within the warm or cool gamma without any problems. You will have so many options to choose from, that you will always manage to obtain exactly the result you had in mind and avoid disappointments successfully. You can limit your color selection to only warm or cool tones, depending on the project you are working on and there are features that even allow you to locate corresponding colors without losing brightness.


You will not have to learn to use different software

The reason why so many digital artists prefer to use Photoshop is because it offers them all the tools they need to obtain incredible results. However, learning to use it perfectly takes a lot of work and it would be a shame to waste all that time because you did not use a proper color wheel. There are free and paid plugins, you could choose whatever you want, but experts advise users to invest in a paid version, as it will have many more features and it will be easier to use.



Contrary to popular belief, a color wheel plugin is not very expensive and it will make a significant change in your overall user experience. You will be able to make color adjustments easier and better. This type of plugin will change the way you use Photoshop and will enable you to obtain better projects.


These are the main reasons why you should invest in a color wheel plugin for Photoshop. You will be happy for your decision every time you use your software to adjust a photo. When you have on your side a plugin that is easy to use and makes your life easier, using Photoshop will become an even bigger pleasure and your work will be more appreciated by others.



Android Apps you need to try in 2015

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

With the Android’s Play Store constantly getting larger, countless apps get released on the market every day. While not all of them might be worth trying, there are a few that will improve your user experience considerably and make your life easier. These are some of the best apps of the year as the latest tech news 2015 tops show:


This free app is a very versatile offline reading tool. It basically allows you to save all articles that you find on the internet and read them at a later time. This tool definitely offers a lot of perks, as many users simply do not have the time to read everything they find when they have access to a Wi-Fi connection. This app allows you to organize your articles in a virtual library and offers unlimited storage space, so you don’t actually have to delete articles once you have read them



Pushbullet is basically a browser extension that allows its user to share files between their phone and their computer. From notifications to links, you will not have to worry about this issue anymore. This app will show on your PC desktop any missed calls and notifications you have on your phone and you can share notes from your computer directly to your phone by using it.



This organizing app lets you store any type of file into its cloud database. From pictures and documents to PDF files and audio ones, there is nothing that cannot be stored in Evernote. This app will allow you to keep track of everything, be it a project for school, something work related or just your personal notes. It is also worth mentioning that the app is free and can be used by anyone with an Android OS.


Evernote food

This version of Evernote was specially designed for those who are always on the look for new recipes, restaurants and other things that concern food. This app will let you store any food-related information and help you sort everything out much easier. If you already use the first version, you will absolutely love this one.


Last Message

If your phone battery is not exactly very reliable and you have run out of it one too many times, this could be the perfect app for you. This app will text, Facebook message, email or tweet the friends and family members that you have selected when your phone is about to die. This app is very useful when you are travelling and you have nowhere to charge your phone or when you know you are about to have a busy day and many people might call you. It will save you from a lot of missed calls.


These are some of the Android apps that you need to try this year because they will make your life easier. You will certainly appreciate their usefulness and the way they change your overall user experience, as they will enable you to make better use of your device.



The features of a zip file

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

ZIP is a type of file that allows compression, without any loss of relevant data. Whenever you see the extension “.zip” on a document, you should know that it consists in one or more files, which have been compressed before being added to the archive. The archiving process is extremely simple, especially for those who use Windows as their operating system: the files may be zipped individually or simply dragged into a folder, and the transformations are made by themselves. This way, the folder occupies less storage space on the hard drive, streamlining any type of file transfer. Using a zip compressor is something more and more computer users do nowadays, taking into consideration the evolution of internet, which offers them the possibility to send and receive data at any time, the only limitation being represented by file size. In case you think you need such a compressor, here are some of its main features that you can take advantage of.

It offers lossless compression

The most common feature of a zip compressor is that it gives you the possibility to diminish the dimension of your files, without changing their quality. When it comes to compression, the process can be divided in two categories: lossy or lossless. The first one is unreliable, because it often leads to data loss – which means that the resulting files are not similar (in terms of quality) with the original ones. A zip compressor will offer you the second type – lossless: whether you need to shrink pictures, music or videos, these will remain faithful to their initial form. The ability of reducing files’ size is the one most people are aware of, as far as zip archives are concerned, but these also have other advanced features no everybody knows about.


File encryption

This feature is less common and requires the use of an additional piece of software. While for basic operations, Windows has the ability to zip and unzip any file, when it comes to encryption you will have to download another dedicated program. Encryption is extremely useful if you want to protect your files from other users: in case you do not want somebody else to access your files, you can simply add them to an encrypted zip archive. You will have to use a password (and make sure it is a strong one), in order to foster the security of your documents. In addition to this, you can even encrypt the name of your files, so that no one can see what type of documents you keep in that archive.


You can create self-extracting archives

The self-extracting document is similar to a normal zip document, except for the fact that is has the “.exe” extension. This special type of zip archive is even easier to unzip: all you have to do is try to open it, and the consisting files will be automatically extracted. Of course, the opinions regarding this feature are spread, but you can always try it if you consider it more efficient.




Advantages and disadvantages of binary options robots

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Binary options robots are certainly an option beginner traders should consider, because they will offer them the chance to make a profit and understand how the market works. However, as with all things, there are both advantages and disadvantages that you should take into consideration before deciding to install a robot on your computer. You can learn more about robots on dedicated websites and find out all the details about how they work there.



Easy to install

If you take your time to find a professional robot, you should not encounter any problems when installing it, especially if the software was designed for beginners. In addition, in the era of technology that we live in, you should be able to find various tutorials on how to use it, but generally everything is quite intuitive to allow users to do everything very fast. Robots were designed to offer investors more time to research the market, or at least to allow them to do something else in the process as well.


It does not use too many computer resources

At first people believed that by installing such a robot, they would not be able to use their computers, but they soon discovered that a good robot will not use as many resources as they initially thought. The robot runs in the background and you can use your computer without any problems.


Configure the trades and systems as you wish

Most robots allow their users to configure the trading system as they wish. Usually they can choose between the Classic, the Martingale and the Fibonacci systems, whichever one they consider works best for them. Each one of these systems works in a different way and they can always count on the fact that the robot will respect their wishes.




It is only based on technical indicators

While these predictions are usually accurate, sometimes other factors on the market might create a certain instability that robots will not be able to detect. The robot will not take into account major news releases or market reversals, so sometimes the success rate might go down more than you expected. While most robots advertise an over 80% success rate, you should not expect a win rate higher than 75%. In some cases this win rate can drop considerably if the market is unstable or something else interferes and experience has shown that medium term trades are more successful, so you should stick to the over 15 minute trades if you have this option.


It works with a limited number of brokers

Depending on the broker you want to work with, you might not always have such an easy time finding a suitable robot. Most robots only work with 3 or 4 brokers, so the first thing you should do is to decide on the broker and only afterwards start looking for a robot. You will save yourself a lot of stress, because the broker is the one that offers the interesting features and ultimately, the money.



Withdrawing money from binary options brokers

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

If you have recently started to trade binary options and you have accumulated an amount you wish to withdraw, there are a few steps you need to follow in order to complete this procedure successfully. No matter what broker you have chosen, if you read a professional review from a provider such as Is Scam, you probably chose a legit broker who will not pose any problems in the withdrawal process. Still, the procedure can get a little complicated, even with legit brokers, so here is what you should know about it:


Basic information about withdrawals

Since binary options trading is done on an international level, brokers need to transfer money to traders from all over the world, so it is understandable why this process might take a few days. While you might think that since everything is computerized it should not take more than a few hours, you need to understand that just like banks, brokers are not always capable of paying all their clients at the same time. Some brokers may have maximum withdrawal amount for their clients, so if you are planning to make big investments, you should check out this aspect before you open an account.


Documents needed to withdraw money

Most brokers request a copy of your official ID, a proof of address and a copy of your credit card on both side, with the front and back copies only showing the last 4 digits. This is only necessary if you used that card to deposit your funds. Even though most traders get scared into thinking that this is a scam when they see the necessary documents, the fact is that this is something completely legal and necessary for brokers to do, in order to avoid cases of money laundering and other legal problems. Do not get scared and just submit this paperwork. It will be approved fast and you will be able to receive your payment in the fastest time possible.


Understanding withdrawal waiting times

In an effort to avoid scams, payments are hardly ever computerized. They are manually checked and approved by broker representatives and since countless requests are submitted every day, it is understandable why a 4 to 7 days delay is present. Once the paperwork if verified, the next step the broker representative will do is to check the legitimacy of your earnings. Unfortunately, there are many people who try to hack the system by using software and brokers want to make sure this is not the case of their clients in order to protect everyone else.



Most brokers offer a free withdrawal for all their clients, but after that you will be charged a percentage of your withdrawal amount every time. This percentage can vary from one broker to another and from one payment type to another. Usually wiring is the cheapest method, but many people prefer the same method they used to make a deposit, even if the commissions will be slightly higher.



A complete guide to file compression tools

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Individuals, part of various environments, choose to compress various files in order to pass the information along, whether the information is found in text files, images or videos. The solution is the same. In order to send any file, you first need to invest in a professional compression tool. However given the diversity on the dedicated market, it would be advisable to conduct a proper search. Perhaps reading a few features that any zip file opener should own could help you complete this search faster and simpler, allowing you to actually enjoy the advantages of using a truly professional tool.

Unique developing technology

The technology used in the actual making of the tool is highly important when deciding on whether or not to invest in it. This will allow the instrument to move faster and to offer users strong compressed files. At the same time, technology is responsible for the variety in types of files that can be adequately compressed. Indeed, a professional tool should be able to complete all tasks involving media, raw data, text files. As for reading and extracting files, it is important to choose a well-developed technology that supports IMG, KGB, GZIP, ZIP, ISO, ZPAQ and several others.


Diversity in features

This is one aspect that ought to be correctly considered by all interested clients. It is essential to use an instrument that can provide you with multiple helpful features. User friendly appearance, suitable for all clients, irrespective of their knowledge in the domain, the drag and drop technology, content coming in various languages, these are just a few example of helpful features. A professional tool could also provide you with the option to slice the archived information, a feature that might prove to be rather helpful in certain media related purposes. The self-extraction feature is suitable for users that do not have compression solution.


Getting the appropriate assistance

This is definitely an aspect that should be looked over by any user. It is important to collaborate with a provider that can offer you support and assistance in case of any issues or problems. It is good to have a team of experts on your side to help you whatever the problem might be.


Compression tools are highly sought after for these days and it is only natural to be so. Make sure you consider the previously mentioned aspects and conduct an adequate search of the market.


How to sell your iPhone fast

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

If you have decided that it is time to make a change in the phone department and you are prepared to buy something new, you probably want to find a buyer for your old phone as well. Nobody likes having around a bunch of old phones in a desk drawer and the need to sell your previous phone becomes even bigger, especially since you could use that money to cover some of the expenses of your new phone. For instance, if you want to sell iPhone 5 16 GB online, you can receive a fair price in exchange, provided that you sell it to the right buyer. This is how you can sell a phone fast and still obtain a good price for it:

Choose a recycling company

These phone recycling companies will buy virtually any type of phone and pair a fair price in exchange. If you do not want to wait for someone to call you, scan through different calls and meet with various strangers, this is certainly the fastest way you can sell your iPhone 5 online. These companies will take your phone and deliver you a check as soon as they have finished assessing it. Of course, before sending your phone to them, you can request a quote and only complete the transaction if you are happy with the price they are willing to offer you.


Make a catchy add

In case you have decided to stick with the traditional method and just post a classified ad online, you should make sure your article is catchy. Be sure to include the state of your phone and other details specifications that you might consider necessary, but if you want to sell your phone fast, you will need to stand out from the crowd and the only way to do so is though a catchy ad. Look for examples online and you can even draw inspiration from ads of other products and simple the text to your own needs.


Be honest with your description

Whether you place an ad or you choose a recycling company, if you make your phone sound better than it actually is, you will only waste time because nobody will buy it after being disappointed. Even though it may have a few flaws that will make its price go down a bit, if you cannot afford to wait to find a buyer, honesty is always the best recipe for success.


The importance of a performing ink jet coder

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

As far as trading is concerned, it is extremely important to know exactly all the particularities of the products you are dealing with. This is useful not only for retailers, who need certain specifications in order to sell and deliver better their merchandise, but also for buyers, who have to be aware of what they are buying. For this reason, special machines, such as the ink jet coder, have been crated. These are used by manufacturers to print different codes on various products, easing the job of all the parties involved in the trading process. Although it may seem a sophisticated device involving a lot on infrastructure, the coder is actually easy to use and facilitates the development of the industry. However, choosing a performing device is very important, which is why in case you are planning to purchase such an item, you have to make sure you collaborate with a team of professional engineers. They have to understand all the details of the coding technology, in order to deliver products that will help you develop your business.


The jet coder ensures safety in the food industry

For food manufacturers and distributors, delivering safe and healthy products is not a matter of choice, it is actually mandatory. For this reason, using a ink jet coder is more than useful, because all the aliments have to be printed at least with the expiration date. This is extremely beneficial for retailers (because it also represents the shelf life of the item) and for clients, who know the deadline of consuming that particular grocery. In addition to this, the codes show the lot to which the product belongs, and other relevant information.


Better organization in stores

Since the products are market with the date when they expire or other recommendations, these will definitely help retailers organize better their shelves. The products that will expire in the shortest time are placed in front, in order to be sold first, and this also happens to those who contain alterable agents – this prevents storing useless products and wasting goods.


The special information is added after packing

This is very useful especially when it comes to foods or medicines, especially from security reasons. Prints consisting in the main substances should exist on these types of products, in order to prevent people from buying them if they are allergic to something, for instance. Other information may include the retail price, batch number or manufacturing date.


Is it actually cheaper to buy online?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

While in the past people used to be a little sceptical when it came to purchasing online, nowadays most of the shopping is done on the Internet due to the fact that online markets provide customers with basically anything they need. Buying online means purchasing anything from cheap basketball jerseys UK to having groceries delivered right to your home. A matter of discussion at present is the issue of whether ordering from virtual stores is more advantageous than dealing face-to-face. Are we really being tricked by online stores?

Set-up costs

The Internet is cheaper than buying from stores due to the fact that it implies a minimum of investment. Many regular stores charge a lot of money on clothes or other items in order to be able to pay the rent. Maintenance costs are also a factor that contributes to the high price in retail stores, not to mention that the staffs has to be paid as well. While many may think that this does not concern them, it is imperative to know that all these expenses are included in the price. Online retailers benefit greatly from the lack of a physical store owing to the fat that they are able to meet the expectations of customers with less operational expenses and as a result the products merchandised are more affordable. Although there are certain costs to setting up an online store, the money that retailers are able to save will have a direct result on the customer.

Relation with distributor and promotions

Online retailers can afford to sell at cheap prices due to the fact that they communicate directly with the distributors that will send the items to your home. Regular shops have work with intermediaries and handle inventories, so it takes some time and effort to bring in merchandise, while online retailers practically skip all these procedures. In addition to this, online stores often liquidate products that usually are expensive. This happens because companies store merchandise in personal warehouses and they do not lose any profit by keeping them unsold. In the end, they will sell them at bargain costs. Not to mention the fact that shipping is generally free of cost. Online outlets constantly offer promotions in the form of discounts and seasonal sales.


Given the fact that the internet is a free market, the competition is struggling to attract customers and as a result they tend to lower the prices. At present, shoppers have the possibility of comparing prices online and getting the best deal. It is not necessary anymore to check every price tag and be ashamed that you cannot afford a particular item. What is more, many sites gather together more than one service or product on a page. Navigation is certainly easier by clicking and viewing dozens of products without having to decide on anything. In order to build strong relationships with customers, many online retailers send weekly newsletters to advertise their products.

In conclusion, it is clear that online retail is the dominating trend of the technological era. Shopping online is definitely cheaper for the customer, not to mention that dealers can make huge profits while at the same time catering to the needs of customers. Even though in the past there was a lot of speculation regarding the legitimacy of online trading, there is no need to worry now. It is highly expected that in the future this trend will continue to dominate the market and that many owners will decide to put their businesses online.