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Dos and don’ts in designing your homepage

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Designing a successful website takes a great number of things, all of which are very important. Considering the increasing number of websites that make their way on the online market every day, the competition is the virtual environment has become just as harsh as it is on the traditional market. Det är därför, om du vill ha en hemsida som inte gör dina besökare besvikna från första ögonblicket så bör du köpa en hemsida som når upp till utmaningen. On the one hand, a website in general has to be easy to navigate and the homepage is the first thing that a new customer will see. To this extent, you should make sure all the important information is visible and he will not have any problems in finding what he needs. Even though the minimal design is trending this year, many people make the mistake of making their website a little too minimal. Visitors end up having to solve a small riddle in order to access a menu or find the feature that they need. So keep in mind, that no matter how beautiful a certain background image may be or how much you want to keep up with the latest web design trends, you should always have your basic information displayed.

Structure is everything on a homepage. This is the place where everything begins and where a potential client should find everything. Depending on your products and services, structure them into sections and make sure you include a search bar somewhere on your website, as many people prefer to use that rather than browse through the entire website to find what they need. Of course, while everything should be easily available from the homepage, don’t crowd it with things that are not absolutely necessary. It is important to say a few words about your company and products, but you can go into further details in an About Us page. Another important advice that business owners should keep in mind is to keep advertising to a minimum. Sure, it can be very tempting the idea of making money without doing anything, but your customers visit your page to find out about you, not about products that are not offered by your company.


No matter what web design company you choose, always speak with your web designer and tell him what you expect from your website. This is the only way in which you can obtain the site you want and still have something that respects the latest trends in web design. With a good homepage you are bound to have more success and attract new customers. Considering that any person who buys something from a website returns to the same website the next time he needs something similar, it is very important to be able to persuade new customers to choose you over others in your field and with a good website, you will not have any problems in doing so.