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Ecommerce design and development trends you should follow

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

Customers are more open than ever towards online shopping thanks its speed and convenience, which implies, on the one hand, more opportunities and exposure for your businesses, but, on the other hand, increased competition and the need to stand out. In the same way that a land-based store needs to have an attractive décor, an online store needs to offer a pleasant user experience and an eye-catchy, intuitive design. To achieve these, you need state of the art ecommerce development services and a willingness to innovate. Today, simply having an online store is no longer impressive. To attract as many clients as possible, you have to pay attention to ecommerce design and development trends and keep up with the standards.

Large, animated backgrounds as a form of storytelling

People love storytelling and, in e-commerce, it’s an excellent way of showcasing your products and brand vision in a different, more relatable way. Old computers didn’t allow much animation, but today, when most people access online stores from high-end devices, you can incorporate large, animated backgrounds in your site as a creative form of presentation. Apart from the fact that animations look great and catchy, they have a stronger emotional impact on the user.

Material design with hidden menus

Material design took smartphones by storm in 2014 and it’s slowly building its way towards desktop computers. If you have an online store, changing its design to a material one will make it look more elegant and modern, while at the same time streamlining the user experience. Material design is clean, simple, intuitive – exactly what users need when shopping. To avoid clutter and better showcase product, switch to hidden menus (especially on mobile, where the display is smaller).

Dynamic product search

Dynamic product search isn’t necessary if you only have a couple of products in your online store, but if you have a large inventory with plenty of categories and subcategories, introducing it will help clients search for their desired products in an easier way. Unlike traditional product search, dynamic search loads products on the page as the user types the search keywords, so they don’t have to hit enter and wait for the page to load after each individual search.

Motion animation for products

Motion animation can be used to display products from various angles, so that the buyer can have a 360 view. This feature is particularly useful in stores that sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys and furniture, because it shows clients exactly what they are buying and reduces the incidence of returns.

Responsive design

Last, but not least, responsive design is a trend that you should follow without question. As smartphones are getting bigger, more and more people prefer shopping on the go and place orders on their mobiles. Having a responsive design allows them to browse through your products easily, without having to zoom in, and makes the overall shopping experience more enjoyable.

To make sure all the above design and development trends are incorporated seamlessly into your online store, get in touch with a professional company that specializes in e-commerce.