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EPDM rubber uses and benefits

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

EPDM rubber is a material used a lot in the construction and manufacturing industry, because there are plenty of objects and accessories made out of it. For instance, tires are normally made of this material-about 70 per cent of the world’s natural rubber is used in the automotive industry. Besides tires, other common products made of rubber are disposable gloves, balloons and even some construction materials. EPDM, for instance, is a popular synthetic type of rubber, extremely resistant and isolating. The membrane is derived from oil and natural gas, combined with diene (a type of alkaline that has two carbon-to-carbon double bonds). From car radiator hoses to home insulation, rubber is the first choice, since it provides plenty of benefits.

Which are the properties of EPDM rubber?

In 1980, house builders have started to use rubber for RV roofing or fountains and pods construction. Ever since, the material is still a great option, because it is not only affordable but also efficient. High flexibility and resistance to low and high temperatures are some of the features that have made EPDM rubber Ottawa so popular. The material can take a heat of up to 300 degrees F and resists temperatures below -40 degrees F, thus being the perfect barrier against UV and ozone rays. In addition to this, it can maintain its colour although it is exposed to such difficult weather conditions. The material comes both in solid (as sheets) or liquid form, which is why it can be used for multiple operations.


What is EPDM rubber used for?

Solid rubber is used for a wide selection of products, from sheets that can cover house roofs (to isolate them from excessive heat or precipitations), to gaskets and car parts. Liquid EPDM is the perfect option for those who need to recoat their existing roofs, because it can simply be poured on the damaged areas. Since it is quite resistant, it is likely to last many years without getting degraded – this way, you get the quality of a new roof by paying a smaller amount of money. Taking into consideration how affordable rubber is and how easy it can be applied, this material is the most efficient choice for house owners all over the world. Manufacturers use the material to design smaller parts such as gaskets, because it is flexible and extremely durable, thus ensuring the reliability of the parts.