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Expert tips on Pay Per Click fraud prevention

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet


Imagine the following scenario: you have worked hard on planning a Pay Per Click campaign that you decided to spend no more than $400 on it, but in return, you get a $90,000 bill from Google AdWords. What went wrong, you may wonder. The answer is quite simple – you have fallen victim of click fraudsters.  Specialists in online marketing, as it is the case of https://websitepromoter.co.uk/ have understood how important it is for their clients to invest in a security system that prevents click frauds. Below in this article you will find a few pro tips on preventing click fraud.

Opt for different bid prices

It’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of being a click fraud victim, but there are some techniques that will help you diminish these risks and one of them implies to set various bid prices for the content-targeted websites. You can limit the amount you initially intended to pay per click in order to reduce financial risks by limiting the exposure and placement of ads on “all” websites that seem relevant to your chosen keywords.

Closely watch your competitors

Another method implies monitoring the companies that compete with your selected keywords in the search engines. Believe it or not, your competitors can actually be the potential source of your click frauds. Invest in a system that provides click tracking reports in order to know the exact number of clicks on your promoted ads that appear to be coming from your competitors, as well as from other popular sources of fraud.

Track your own advertising campaigns

You can’t control your own PPC advertising campaigns if you don’t know what’s happening with them and don’t monitor them. Know that there are two useful tools available on AdWords – Account Performance and Campaign Performance. These ones will help you keep an eye on the percentage and number of clicks that Google has initially categorized as being invalid.

Choose the countries you want to advertise in

You should know that in some countries people are employed simply to click on advertisements on the Internet. It is essential you do detailed research and be aware of which countries have such practices in order to avoid running ads there, because there are high chances you are sabotaged this way.

Choose high value sites for running your ads

It is best that you avoid those sites that are of lower quality, because according to experts, those sites are nothing but hotbeds of click frauds. You can set up to run your ads only on sites that you specify, so make sure you take advantage of this option with your PPC campaigns.

There are software programs that keep you safe and secure

Last but not least, another great method to prevent click fraud is to invest in a security program that fights against fraudsters. These systems provide you with click reports on a regular basis and help you monitor your campaigns accordingly. Make sure you select the best one on the market to obtain the desired results and to keep your PPC advertising campaigns away from fraud.