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Why travel on 2 wheel scooters?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets


Lately a new form of entertainment has started to gain quite the level of popularity in a rather short amount of time. Apparently, people are more intrigued about the ways they can have fun that do not involve the computer or TV. However, you might not want to be hasty and think that in this day and age, entertainment without technology has vanished completely, far from it. The only difference is that technology has managed to gain a completely new appearance that helps its followers on multiple levels. The best example of a combination of both these fields is the 2 wheel scooter. Surely you have noticed that more and more people are buying these scooters. Manufacturers are enjoying quite the level of popularity, as clients in a large number are absolutely thrilled about these devices. If you have not had the pleasure of using such a scooter, here are three reasons for which you should definitely give it a try.

Having fun with friends


As you must have noticed the 2 wheel scoter has turned into a real phenomenon, being highly appreciated by a large number of clients, of practically all ages and occupations. Indeed, this has turned into a substitute for the ultra popular skateboard, replacing it in quite a few, numerous occasions. If people used to have fun coming together and riding their skateboards, then today they do the same only they use these types of scooters. Being widely known around the world you shouldn’t find it difficult at all to locate a few friends that own such pieces of equipment of their own. So, as some might say, let the fun begin!


Getting around in traffic


Although you might find this rather hard to believe, there are full-grown people that have said yes to the scooter as opposed to the bike when it comes to getting from A to point B. Surely you have noticed that more and more people have started to say no to the vehicle, due to environmental concerns mostly and have turned to the bike. Now, they oriented themselves towards the two wheel scooter. This device can take you wherever you need to go and you can easily avoid traffic jams, as you can use them on the sidewalk. Also, these do not harm the environment is any way, so you can use them without worries.


A healthy activity


You might be surprised to hear this, but this scooter brings forward a few health benefits, which could explain the level of popularity it has earned so easily. When on your scooter, it will be like going to a cardio session. The movements involved in making this device function require body strength and concentration, helping you gain a fit look.


The scooter is the future, so why not embrace it? If health benefits or environmental concerns won’t convince you to give it a try, then a ride on one of these devices surely will, as you are in for a real treat, of that you may rest assured.



The need for rapid prototyping

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Once you have a good idea, you have to show it off and test it. This practice is by no way new to the world of manufacturing and many designers see working models as key elements of design. In the age of development, being able to build a prototype fast and present it the users is of paramount importance. Compared to sketches and computer generated designs, prototypes make a better impression in a meeting. The truth is that rapid prototyping remains the most important element of innovation.

Creating an idea

The first reason why prototyping is necessary is that testing a product will only make the manufacturing process faster. In today’s highly competitive market it is extremely important to move quickly from idea to design. Therefore, even before thinking about buying materials, setting up the production line and preparing for product release, any company requires some feedback on the product. Above all, prototyping means asking questions and making decisions. The model is the physical embodiment of the idea of the designer. Either for in-house use or the consume market, it is essential that the product reaches the end users as to be able to collect feedback.

Avoiding failures

The truth is that some failures are unavoidable and it is better to visualize the problematic areas instead of theorising the issues that can occur. The purpose of creating a working model is to gather information on how people are using the product and what new features are required. By creating a working model you can evaluate the problematic areas and avoid future failures which will cost you more than making some adjustments in the beginning. Critiquing a product means that you ensure there are no issues that stop the product from performing as it should.

Don’t confuse the prototype with the product

Effective prototyping allows the designer to keep concepts alive. In other words, instead of relying on the feeling that the approach will meet success, the designer is able to test several ideas before actually picking a direction. When this happens, the decision will be based on hard evidence and not on speculation. Even though the model is not the basis for the finished product and it can be easily be discarded, it provides essential information so that you will be able to provide the customer with what he needs. In the end, creating a model as soon as possible is a key element to the success of any product.



Types of sewing machines

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Clothing is both a necessity and a fashion statement, so people that sew will always be valued in our societies. The evolution of the sewing machine will not change this fact. When shopping for a sewing machines, there are plenty of things you need to take into consideration from the type of stiches you prefer to the limit of your budget, but the first consideration is always the type of sewing machine you should buy. The many options and alternatives available on the dedicated market can be overwhelming, but as long as you decide on a type of machine and a brand, the model will be easier to pick. Choosing the perfect machine depends on many factors, but the most important thing is taking into account your specific needs. If you purchase Bernina sewing machines simply because you heard others praising them, you might be disappointed. You should pick the sewing machine that will meet your expectations and requirements, not something that others deem suitable. There are three types of sewing machines, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages: mechanical, computerized and electronic.

Mechanical sewing machines – simple and useful

Mechanical sewing machines are the simplest and the most popular at the moment. They run on electricity, but they require manual adjustments by the user. A mechanized  foot pedal is used to control the speed of the stitching, so a lot of trial and error comes into play. Of course, there are people that prefer this type of mechanical control, especially professional tailors that know exactly what they are doing and can use it to their own advantage. Beginners take more time adjusting to a mechanical machine, because they need to master the controls. Less pressure on the foot pedal will slow down the stitching speed and more pressure will speed things up. Mechanical sewing machines are also more time-consuming, but you should definitely buy one, if you are into antiques and you like to have complete control over your sewing.

Electronic sewing machines – efficient and accurate

Electronic machines on the other hand are fast, efficient and less prone to trial and error. In fact, the main feature of an electronic machine is its automatized processes. It can cut the thread, adjust tension and stich length automatically, which is a big help when working under pressure because of a time limit. Even more enticing is the fact that an electronic sewing machine will sew buttonholes automatically in the shape and size you want and inputted.

Computerized sewing machines – professional and complex

Computerized sewing machines take sewing to a whole new level. They also have numerous automatic features, but more than that, they can also create beautiful embellishments and monograms. You can basically program a computerized machine to complete your project without you lifting a finger. Computerized sewing machines are highly advanced and users can also download patterns and create beautiful apparel in the fastest time possible.


GPS vs. Laser: What rangefinder is better for you?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

When it comes to gold rangefinders, players have always asked themselves which one is better: a GPS device or a laser one? Both options include sophisticated technology when you think about it. The GPS uses a network of satellite to pinpoint the location, speed and direction while the laser devices use a beam of light that is reflected off the target to determine the distance. Both devices are incredible pieces of technology, but you need to figure out which one is more suitable for your needs. On dedicated websites you will find reviews of many Bushnell rangefinder golf products, but first you need to decide which one of these two options is better for your needs.



Both laser and GPS rangefinders are convenient, but this convenience is subjective and depends from one person to another. For some people, the fact that the GPS offers them continuous data and as they approach the ball they can just glance at the device and see where they are is convenient. However, GPS users need to download the coordinate file for the course they are about to play on before every game, so this might not be so convenient for everyone. Laser rangefinders do not need any prior downloads, but you will have to measure the distance every time you want to get an update.



If you ever find yourself at a professional golf tournament, take a moment to notice what the candidates use to determine their yardage. Some of them prefer to pace everything out, a few have GPS devices, but most of them use laser to determine the distance. Lasers can determine any distance and, provided that you are confident that you will hit the right target, you can rest assured that you will get an accurate reading. As far as accuracy goes, laser devices are known to be slightly more accurate than their GPS counterparts.


Shaky hands vs. drift

On the one hand, the GPS provides a constant feed of information, but it can sometimes offer it with a delay, meaning that the read you get is where you were a few seconds ago. Even though usually this is not necessarily a problem, the value can sometimes change just when you are about to take your shot. It does not happen too often, but when it does it can be upsetting. On the other hand, lasers can prove just as problematic if you know you don’t exactly have the steadiest hands. If you are unable to hit the target or hit the correct one for that matter, you will not get a satisfactory result.



Both types of devices have their pros and cons. As far as price is concerned GPS tend to be more affordable and while it is a little less accurate than the laser rangefinder, for someone who does not play gold professionally, it will not make that much of a difference. However, if you want to enjoy accurate reading all the time and not have to download various maps, investing in a laser product is the best decision for you.



Introducing autotrading – Algobit trade alerts

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Autotrading refers to a trading strategy that focuses on placing buy and sell orders automatically with the help of a system like Algobit. Whenever certain conditions set by the trader are met, the system will place the buy or sell order. This type of software allows traders to execute orders in the market automatically and this type of trading is especially efficient with binary options mainly because of the simplicity of the system that allows only two possible outcomes. Mainly active traders use the Algobit strategy to exit and enter positions at high rates and require looking after multiple transactions at the same time. There are numerous autotrading systems available and they differ from each other on the criteria they use when generating signals.

What is Algobit


Algobit is a signal system and trading platform provided by OptionBit. Traders are required to open an account at OptionBit before signing up for Algobit signals. This binary options brokers offers access to its autotrading program free of charge, so anyone is eligible to make use of the signals. However, trading requires depositing a minimum sum into your account. The minimum deposit of $200 is tradable, so users do not have to worry about losing their money. Nevertheless, trading with binary options will require a larger initial investment. The efficiency of the Algobit strategy has already been proven, but results may vary depending on the market conditions. Signals generally have more than sixty percent efficiency for short-term trades, but it can drop to fifty percent when the market becomes especially volatile.



The trading modes


Algobit offers four trading modes for the convenience of its users.


  1. Short-term trading: Algobit will offer signals to execute buy and sell orders with very short expiry periods starting with sixty seconds and up to five minutes. The system analyzes the market and sends signal when it matches with the parameters of a short-term trend.
  2. Long-term trading: Algobit analyzes the market based on long-term trends parameters and the expiry period of the trade starts with fifteen minutes and up to the end of the day.
  3. Signal trading: Traders choose to execute orders based solely on the signals sent by the system. The signal trading mode also allows users to trade against the trend. Algobit provides traders the opportunity to choose their preferred expiry time in this mode.
  4. Manual trading: traders can switch to the manual trading mode whenever they wish to trade without the assistance of the Algobit system. This mode makes a great difference for traders, because they are not forced to log out from the trading management system to trade manually, saving time and effort. In this mode, users are also allowed to make instant deposits.


The trading modes provided by Algobit offer traders the opportunity to trade more efficiently, not to mention that the manual mode, which transforms the autotrading system into a trading platform shortly, provides an important benefit.


How wobble broaching works

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Rotary broaching or wobble broaching is different from the conventional broaching methods. While other types of broaching machines will push a sequence of polygon through a hole until it reaches the required size and form, rotary broaches complete the operation in one go without requiring any other secondary process. Wobble broaching is popular because if its ability to cut the desired form piece by piece at a very fast rate. It is a precise way of creating internal forms at an amazing rate, but it can also handle external machining very well. On high quality production runs, it is important to work with efficient and cost effective machines that will not only save time and money, but will also ensure the high quality of the workpieces. Rotary broaching has an exceptional accuracy of 0.0005″.

The components of a rotary broach


To achieve the wobble broaching process, you only require two components: the tool holder and the broach. The cutting tool or the broach is held at an angle to the axis of the work piece that will get cut. This small difference in angle causes the cutting tool to shear into the surface of the piece like a chisel until the desired shape and form is achieved. The tool holder will keep the broach in place, while the workpiece is rotating and the contact between the two results in a precise and clean cut. Unlike other broaching technologies, the rotary solution does not require an expensive machine to operate. You can use it on a milling machine or lathes with the same effect.


What forms can wobble broaching create?


This technology is not only popular because of its ability to create work pieces at a very fast rate with an incredible accuracy, but also because of the great number of forms it can create. The principle behind this type of broaching is simple, but highly efficient and practical, thus it has numerous applications. You can create hexagons, serration, keyways, involute, numbers, letters and squares. You can say that this precision machining can create any polygon forms without compromising the quality of the workpiece. You can broach any form in materials such as aluminum, plastic, brass and steel. Although these are the most popular materials, you can also use titanium, stainless steel and other similar materials as long as they have the appropriate size and depth. It is of course challenging to cut stainless steel with an ordinary broach, but it is manageable.


How to operate rotary broaches


Broaches are made of durable high speed steel to ensure they can handle any material. However, you need to operate your tool carefully to ensure it will last longer especially when using it on a high quality production run. You should always minimize the broaching depth and try to lessen the strain on the broach. Cut a little at a time and the broach will do its work. You should also align the broach tool with the work piece perfectly to ensure both your tool and the piece will not get damaged.



The link between parts washing equipment and solvents

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

More and more people have discovered that parts washing equipment is essential on fields like the automative one or in plenty industrial markets. Therefore, the demands for parts washing equipment have increased significantly and providers, as well as manufacturers are enjoying this period to the fullest. There are all sorts of pieces of information, circulating the online market, discussing topics like how to choose or where to find. If you have any misunderstandings, you could simple search the Internet because you would certainly find an answer to your problem.  Following this example, here are a few details about the existing link between this type of equipment and the solvent you are using. Many people might wonder why exactly pieces of information of this kind are important to buyers. Well, before revealing a few details that indicate that there is a relation between the two, you should know that that by choosing the right solvent, you could prolong the life of the device. In other words, it could help you avoid technical problems that could turn out to be rather expensive.

It is true that the solvent is designed to adequately clean everything it is expected, including some of the dirtiest items. Still, apart from a great effectiveness, a solvent should protect the pieces of equipment in question. Otherwise, if the parts washing machine breaks down completely, you could lose your investment for good. When designing a solvent, the manufacturer has plenty of aspects to consider. The team of engineers has to properly regard the role of the cleaning product, the effects it might have on the surrounding environment and the parts of the equipment. All these have to be properly combined, creating a product that is safe for the environment, as well as for the parts washing machine and effective, fulfilling its cleaning purpose. If you are familiar with this field, with the products that are available to interested clients, then you know that there are several organic solvents that you can buy. Although these protect the environment and perform their cleaning duties adequately, such solvents are not the best choices for your equipment. Unfortunately, it has been reported that there is a high fire risk when using these cleaners.


On the other hand, the Aqueous solvent, which is suitable for all parts washer pieces of equipment, is not appreciated by those who protect the environment. Unfortunately, this puts entrepreneurs in a rather complicated situation. Engineers, experienced in this field, have come up with quite a few alternatives that seem to have surprising results in terms of cleaning dirty parts and protecting the equipment. When having to make decisions of this kind, you need to regard the matter from all points of view. You have to think of your investment, but respect certain requests.  If you want a suggestion regarding future investments of this kind, try to collaborate with a manufacturer that offers you parts washers as well as solvents. You may rest assured that the expert in question has considered this issue and will bring forward balanced products. Try to look at the big picture and consider the link that exists between the parts washing machine and the solvent.


Appointment scheduling software- benefits and accessibility

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

As technology is evolving, constant innovation has become a part of our lives at least in the IT field where changes and improvements occur at an extraordinary pace. This continuous strive to discover the best technologies and create the most impressive tools which aid us and ease our journey through life has led to the development of hair salon software, an interestingly efficient form of appointment scheduling software which focuses on the beauty industry in particular and has proven to render outstanding results so far. But what is appointment scheduling or booking software and how can it improve our lives? Keep reading this article as you are about to get an insight view into the world of hair salon management and the changes that automated tools and technological breakthroughs such as this have made to the way that salons are being organized.

Innovative and highly functional, the dedicated hair salon software is an amazing discovery and its implementation on the market has generated incredible profit for businesses in this field, not to mention a higher customer satisfaction and an easier workload on the current employees. This is all possible as a result of the variety of functions that this tool comprises. It replaces the traditional appointment books with an easier, quicker to modify online version making life much easier for the personnel operating at the beauty salons and their managers supervising the entire activity. It increases the retention of clients and expands the odds of getting positive referrals, mainly because stylists are able to make notes and adjustments to each booking writing down what the client has received, what he or she likes and what will be desired on the next visit.


In terms of web technology and development, the software is not easy to make on your own and getting it from a reputable provider is crucial to being able to enjoy its benefits at the maximum because only the truly professional websites will provide you with the best software, including the most easy to use interface and diversified functions. Not only are the best providers on the market the only ones you should contact from a managerial point of view, but their offers and prices are generally unbelievably small. Some even offer their software for free to lucky first customers, while the majority has monthly fees which need to be paid according to how many stylist accounts the program needs to have.


In terms of accessibility, the scheduling software would be useless if the only devices you could use it on were the computer or PC. This is why mobile versions of this tool have been created and the very fact that it is a web based app means that you can access it from any device you choose. Browse through appointments on your iPhone, check out the preferences of your next client on your tablet or use any Windows and Mac laptop to edit and change whatever you wish. Compatible with Android gadgets and iOS devices alike, this beauty of a system is easier to use as you could have ever hoped for!


Reasons to invest in small parts washing technologies

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

We all know that money is scarce in our increasingly budget oriented times, but there are some expenses which simply cannot be avoided. When it comes to buying technology, the fastest way to discover what you need is by looking online on the manufacturers’ websites and carefully reading all of the features or product specifications presented there. In the case of a small parts washer for sale, the most recommended option for you is to purchase machinery which is made by innovative companies. It does not matter if you are planning to open your own auto shop, have a small parts cleaning business or simply need a little bit of help at home with the washing of particular objects because these technologies are perfect for anyone. They cover all the possible needs for parts cleaning that an individual might have, given the fact that they are perfect both for personal and industrial use. As for the price tag, this generally depends on the type of solution you are after and how advanced your requirements are, but one thing is for sure: the better and more professional your provider is, the lower and affordable the prices will become! Stick with us as you find out more reasons to go ahead and purchase one of these sophisticated and modern systems.

Simple in design and ready to be used immediately, these devices are incredibly efficient even without professional assistance which brings us to the next important advantage compelling you to make the purchase: the ease of use. As a matter of fact, the highly advanced parts washers of today are so automated that anyone will love them, from the new guy at work to your old man at home. Auto fill options and similar emptying solutions, as well as low energy consumption and amazing dual flow lines continue to add to the list of reasons to buy these technologies. Moreover, the ease of use is also coupled by the fact that professional servicing is not needed, which is a great piece of news for those who consider making this purchase. The maintenance is low and therefore the costs are low too! What more can you ask for in this day and age?


And there’s more! Have you ever considered opening a local business in your proximity? Are you passionate about devices and the latest systems appearing on the market? Regardless if you are searching for alternative washing machinery for the automotive industry, the marine one, aerospace companies, commercial firms or any form of industrial endeavors, there plenty of opportunities out there but none as good and affordable as this one. In fact, the traditional option of using heated aqueous products and regular solvents is more expensive and not as safe as harnessing the power of newer, more innovative devices which come with their own liquids and brands of solvents to ensure a maximum efficiency. Lastly, the flexible payment which can be divided into monthly portions is the final reason, perfect for anyone reading who was still not convinced.



All you need to know about the Bushnell Scout DX 1000

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Bushnell is known not only for their golf gadgets, but also for other sports optics devices, so if you are interested in nature watching or hunting, you can choose this brand. The Bushnell Scout DX 1000 is an optical device made especially for those who want to hunt and boasts a range of up to 1000 yards. We’ve had a look at this rangefinder and here are our final thoughts about it.

One of the biggest selling points of the product is the design and this is indeed a department where Bushnell made a lot of improvements. Following the trend in optics, their laser devices are getting sleeker and sleeker, to the point where using them requires almost no previous experience at all. This particular product is compact, with a rubber casing that add more durability and gripability for those who go hunting on challenging terrain. Weighing a little over 180 grams, it can easily fit into your pocket or you can just carry it in the case it comes with. As far as the applications are concerned, it was designed especially for bow and rifle activities and some have come as far as saying that it can function for golf as well. Although you can point it at flags on a course, we do not recommend it for this sport, because it’s made for much larger targets. Bushnell makes specialized devices for those uses and recommend that you check them out instead.


The gadget was a straightforward user interface with easy to find controls and clear display, so it can be operated even by people with bad eyesight. Basically, this is one user-friendly device, but how does it perform? The manufacturer says that the Scout X 1000 can be summed up in three words: extreme speed precision. They are definitely right about the speed because in optimum conditions this rangefinder provides very fast readings, which enables you to save time. However, when the conditions are less than perfect, you might experience some issues. If it’s cloudy or foggy, or if there are trees, bushes or obstacles between you and your target, the maximum yard range will be affected. Since this gadget currently only ships in the United States and most people here hunt in plain terrain, most users have reported that the rangefinder in this product doesn’t reach is advertised 1000 yards and stops being accurate at about 300. It’s now exactly a surprise, because accuracy in difficult conditions is a problem with the laser technology.


The optics in the device are excellent quality and even in tricky lighting, such as during dusk or dawn, it will still provide good results. For the price, which is currently around the $400 mark, it is a bit expensive and it’s only worth investing in if you’ve carefully analyzed all its specs and you’re sure it’s right for you. Otherwise, you can look at other cheaper rangefinders made by Bushnell or wait until it’s on sale.