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What is a parts washer device

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In the competitive field of automotive industry, each detail is extremely important and no error is accepted. Especially for those who work in a just in time manufacturing company, having everything done at the right time is crucial, and any delay could mean losing important clients. The JIT system represents a production strategy which allows a company to create the exact number of products demanded, in order to increase profits and diminish as much as possible the waste of resources and funds. For this reason, the industry has perfected its methods, starting from the details: small parts washer machines have an important role and use complex processes and compounded agents, but the results are fast and efficient. The various equipment from a car manufacturing company consists for sure in a parts washer, a device used to eliminate contaminants which can appear during the creation process, such as dirt, grime, carbon, oils, cutting fluids, ink, paint or corrosion resulting after the manufacturing process.

Initially, parts washers were tanks where water and detergents were mixed, and parts were sunken, so that the oils and stains would be moist, to ease the manual removal of dirt. In time, due to the evolution of technology, the equipment has improved and become automated, using complex devices and sophisticated solvents. In the automotive industry, parts washers have always been used in new manufacturing and remanufacturing processes, having the main purpose of cleaning, degreasing and dry parts regardless their size or volume. These parts are this prepared for the following steps of vehicle creation: inspection, surface treating, assembly, packing and eventually, distribution. The parts washers use various cleaning systems, and the most basic one uses the simple “sink-on-a-drunk” process, extremely similar to the ancient method: small pieces are simply sunk in a container, and the dirt is removed due to the chemical reaction between the solvents used and the oils. This technique is commonly used in small auto repair shops. On the other hand, there are also parts washers using extremely complex technologies and elaborated solutions: these have many cleaning stages and the parts must also go through handling systems. No matter the technique they use, these cleaning machines play an important role not only in manufacturing, but also in maintenance, repair and remanufacturing operations, because they are able to clean from the smallest items (such as screws or nuts) to larger ones: engines, wind turbine and so on.

Modern parts washers use high temperature and pressure systems to make the process as efficient and fast as possible, but they require performing component to support these procedures. According to the industry, many parts can be mixed (if they have the same material and features), in order to obtain the desired outcome. The washing process involves a sequence of steps (loading, washing, rinsing, drying and then unloading), and performing washers can support all these, through a computerized program which allows manufacturers to save not only time and money, but also man-power – a valuable resource in any manufacturing company.


What you should know before buying a used car

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The process of buying a used car does not have to be full or trials and errors and filled with regrets. As long as you know exactly what you are looking for when inspecting the car, you can easily find a good used car that will fit all your needs and meet all your expectations. There are many people that simply go to a local dealership without making any type of research beforehand, purchase a car that the dealer recommended only to complain later that the car they have found falls short on expectations. There are even more people that prefer to purchase used cars directly from the previous owner thinking that they can get them more cheaply. If you want to buy good used cars in Ottawa, you should resort to the services of a reliable dealership and make your research. There is a higher risk of getting tricked by a car owner than a dealer, because you will never again meet that person in your life, while complaining about a dealership will ruin their reputation, so it is in their best interest to sell you something good. Another thing you should keep in mind when buying a used car is the fact that you should always make an inspection to ensure it was kept in a good condition.

You can easily tell when someone takes great care of their car by checking those materials that are more prone to wear and tear. If the interior is spotless, you should know that people recondition their car interior to increase their value, so you should not get fooled by that. Check out the condition of the key, the ignition and the plastic areas. If they present serious scratches, you can suspect the previous owner of not being careful with his possessions, so you can bet that his driving habits are also less than prudent. Another trick is checking the side of the front fender. If the car was involved in an accident, the fender will tell. Frame damage can be spotted, if you know what to look for. Offset doors and fenders or even some uneven and unnatural lines are signs of frame damage and you want to stay away from that car. You might not be a mechanic, but you can also tell when the engine was roughed. Always take a look at the engine of a used car and look for signs of recent welding. If the places where the joints should be straight show sports and metal struts, you can assume that the engine was broken and repaired recently.


Another thing you can do by yourself in order to ensure that the price of a car fits its condition is checking underneath it for signs of rust. Never purchase a car that has rust, this is something any mechanic will tell you, because rust can split the steel and cause serious damage. Another trick that can allow you to buy used cars in Ottawa is to rely on dealership that has a vast experience in this domain and cannot afford to sell a less than good car for its price.


Must have iPhone accessories

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When Apple designed the iPhone, they went for a totally different experience than what other manufacturers could offer at the time and the tendency to give a unique twist to their smartphones is still active today. While part of this unique user experience is due to the way hardware and software interact, a considerable addition is also brought by the way accessories, be them third party of original, complement the phone. Whether you’ve upgraded to Apple’s latest flagship or you’re still using older generation iPhones, you’ve probably noticed that accessories can make a huge difference and extend your phone’s functionality. As for the reason why users usually invest in accessories, there are two types of people: the practical ones who buy iPhone tilbehør because they make the phone faster and easier to uses and the ones who want to have fun and customize their phones. In addition to this, the accessories can make the ideal present for someone dear to you, such as your father. You can visit great-fathers-day-gifts.com for other suggestions, or order mobile phone accessories, which will be very useful and stylish. While some people are interested in the aesthetical aspect, others are simply looking for comfort, purchasing some accessories has become something everybody does. Of course, some accessories offer the best of both worlds. If you’ve just bought an iPhone and you’re wondering how you can make it even better, here are the top accessories you need in your life. Of course, some accessories offer the best of both worlds. If you’ve just bought an iPhone and you’re wondering how you can make it even better, here are the top accessories you need in your life.

First of all, safety matters, especially for a highly delicate phone that scratches easily, which is why a solid case should be the first accessory on your list. The iPhone case market is huge and it’s impossible not to find something for your needs. If you don’t like the original Apple covers, you can always head online to specialized websites and look for a case that both protects and customizes your smartphone. Hard cases are the most popular, but you can also buy leather cases or cases that double as a card holder. Unless you want to buy a designer case, you won’t pay a lot of money, so you can replace it as you wish. When you buy the case, don’t forget to add a quality screen guard to your basket, because iPhones don’t come with one of those by default. Secondly, if you’re using your iPhone has a music player, you probably want the highest quality sound available. The Apple EarPods are a popular option thanks to the ergonomic design, but if you don’t have the iPhone 5S or 6 and don’t to spend a lot of money, you can still find excellent quality headphones on the market. Also, if you’re not happy with the iPhone speakers and want to use the phone to play music at parties, you have to buy a docking station. Thirdly, if you’re the practical type and you’re worried about the iPhone’s short battery life, you should invest either in a car charger or a portable charger such as a juice cube. These are very affordable and you won’t risk running out of battery when you need it the most.


Last, but not least, many iPhone users buy cables and chargers, because although they are good quality, they’re very easily to lose or misplace. Online phone accessories sell them at affordable prices, so you don’t have to panic if you leave them behind at the hotel or at the office.


Hair salon software – art and technology combined

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Hair salons everywhere are greatly expanding due to the fact that more and more people are now willing to invest in professional care of their hair, either women or men. As a result, the hair styling industry has experienced a significant upsurge and salons have become increasingly sought after and busy. It’s been often said that hair styling is a form of art and stylists need vision and creativity to be good, to be more than ordinary, but they also need technology in order to keep up with the expansion of their salon in an efficient manner. When art and technology come together, the result is an application that helps hair stylists or hair salon managers handle their business more effectively. Hair salon software represents a great innovation in the field, but its simplicity and ease of use make it such a valuable tool.

Indeed, not many hair stylists, in their search for artistic inspiration and for creating novelty styles, are very good at technology, with all of its gadgets and apps and most of the salon managers everywhere are in fact hair stylists who opened their own shop. To that effect, hair salon software comes to help them manage their salon more easily, thus allowing them to focus on what they do best: cut and arrange hair. The software provides a series of useful features that enable stylists not only to more easily handle appointments, but also organize daily activities and track inventory.  Basically, the app addresses the three major areas that any salon manager has to deal with regularly, that being appointment scheduling, client management and inventory tracking. The difference between using this type of application and using the traditional appointment book is that it streamlines all processes. Therefore, it saves time, but it also makes sure that nothing gets mixed up, so that clients always receive the best and prompt service. It is also possible to configure automatic appointment confirmations and reminders, maximizing the work time and making sure that all clients show up.


Hair salon software is basically an online app, so it works from whatever device you want and from wherever you are. You don’t have to worry about syncing or about system compatibility or any of that stuff. It was designed and developed precisely with hair stylists in mind, so the app is incredibly easy to use and it works on any OS. In a world where technology gains more and more ground every day, merging into our lives faster and faster, it would have been hard to believe that it won’t infiltrate even everyday areas such as hair styling and hair salons. While stylists do their magic and create their art, an online app takes care of all their appointments, manages all of their clients, which enables them to provide personalized services and attention even when they have dozens of clients or more, and keeps track of their inventory.


Radical innovations in the field of magnetic bearings

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Innovations are present all around us and appear in each an every field or area of activity. They provide the drive force which leads industries forward and allows them to expand their activities, broaden their horizons and set newer, larger goals with every single day that passes. Sometimes these innovations are mere improvements of the current technologies, but every once and a while they are incredibly radical and can totally change all about a particular sector of activity. A perfect example in this situation can be the active magnetic bearing systems with their unique, state of the art magnetic bearing design. There are plenty of advantages which magnetic bearing devices brought to a large number of fields including industrial areas, pumps, motors, generators for all sorts of uses and so on. However, recent times have unveiled a totally new and astounding application of these systems which reaches as far as the medical realm and helps cure thousands of persons every single year. The perks of these systems are many as active bearings have an extremely low level of friction and they never suffer from wear, which is why they are ideal in harsh environments and where special conditions are needed.

Commonly used by power consumption and power measurement companies to determine the home use in terms of watt-hour meters, active magnetic bearings represent far more than that. They can also be great components in high precision tools and equipment pieces as they support instruments in a vacuum. AMB controllers now integrate all the components which are absolutely vital to monitor magnetic bearing systems, thus improving the overall system and enhancing its capabilities. Apart from these, other innovative applications done in the field of magnetic bearing systems have covered the electrical power generation area of activity, the natural gas and petroleum sectors, as well as the machine tool operation industries. But none of these are as important and life-changing as the newly found use in medical areas, such as artificial hearts where magnetic suspension is used and has an important part of the ventricular assistance devices. Without a doubt, these changes and newly found uses are incredible and their applications will continue to stun and amaze us every single time a new development is created and a new branch or sector of activity is altered forever.


To conclude, there are radical innovations all around us but one of the most striking examples of such a unique and groundbreaking development can be seen in the field of active magnetic bearing technologies and controller systems. Generally used in all sorts of field and areas of activity, such as Zippe-type centrifuge technologies, turbo molecular pumps and uranium enrichment, active bearings are as important as they can be for many industries but nowhere is their presence more interesting than in the medical realm, thanks to the latest innovations in artificial heart technologies. To find out more about these systems and understand their full applications, please go to the official websites of providers and manufacturers in the field.



Choosing the right video production company

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Many people these days hire video production companies for various purposes. Usually large corporations need professionally made presentation videos or perhaps advertising videos for certain products and services they might be prepared to launch on the market. However, to make a lasting impression, you need to be sure you are hiring someone who is a true specialist in video production is Berkshire and will be able to offer you exactly what you wanted. But how do you choose such a company? The first thing any person should do is to look over previous projects of that company. This should offer them a pretty good indicator about the quality of their work and what they can generally offer. Of course, those videos were made to answer the requests of certain clients, so they may not exactly be your style, but you should look for quality indicators as well as how clear the message was transmitted. It also depends on whether the video was a presentation or if it was supposed to be more of an advertisement. Are you impressed by what you saw? Did it make an impression over you? If it did not, than perhaps you should look elsewhere.

The next thing you should ask is about the equipment used by those who offer video production in Berkshire. These days everyone expects high definition videos, so if your company cannot offer you that, you are very likely to disappoint your audience. After all, if you will be paying for production services, you need to make sure you will be receiving the high quality that you expect. Another aspect that you should always look for when choosing a video production company is how long it will take for them to make your presentation. Perhaps you may not be in a hurry, but starting a project too early is not necessarily good for your company. On the other hand, if you need your video in a week and the company you hired cannot deliver it on time, you will find yourself in a very difficult situation. Being able to offer their services promptly should be an essential aspect for anyone. No matter how good their equipment might be, if you cannot use the video because you did not receive it in time, everything will have been in vain.


To conclude, even though video production companies are very popular these days, people still have to be careful with the one they choose. The quality of the equipment and videos matters just as much as the punctuality of their services. So, if you want to have a positive experience, definitely look into all these aspects before signing a contract. Fortunately for those who need video production services, there are many professional companies on the market, so they should not have any problems in finding one that answer their needs perfectly. No matter where they are, a good company can offer its services in various locations to meet the needs of as many people as possible.


Unlock Nokia phones – gain real benefits

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More and more people seem to be interested in all that is related to phone unlocking. This topic seems to enjoy a high popularity level and for good reason. Once your phone is unlocked, several benefits can be gained, benefits, which are not to be missed out on. Before disclosing all the advantages you could gain, you should know that there is nothing complicated in unlocking a phone. All you really have to do is locate a dedicated company that can perform this service in a professional manner and in real time. For instance if you wanted to unlock Nokia phones, any kind of model, then you would provide the company in question with the requested information about the device, which would later on be placed within a smart system that would take care of the rest of the process. Once the operation is performed, you will receive an email in which a code will be placed.

This is the code you need to unlock your Nokia. This system is the same for any type of mobile phone, irrespective of its manufacturer. It is all that simple. Really, all you need to do is locate that trustworthy company that can help. Another detail is worth mentioning. The service of unlocking phones is not illegal. This is something that most people wonder about and miss out on plenty of benefits, simply because they were misinformed at one point. Since there have been talks upon the idea of benefits, related to phone unlocking, maybe it is high time you’ve discovered them. Perhaps, once you know them, you will think seriously about this option. First of all, there is such a thing called network freedom. Everyone knows that there is a real competition between networks and that all have the same goal, that of attracting as many clients as possible. One of the ways through which this is possible is through an offer that is hard to refuse. With an unlocked phone you can switch networks at any point, when you found that offer that fits your profile perfectly.


Another benefit you might be interested in knowing is the one regarding additional phone features. Indeed, with an unlocked phone you might just be gaining a few extra phone features, which are always welcomed and which could be of great help. Even if you won’t end up making use of them, it doesn’t hurt to have them, just in case. The list of benefits has not yet reached its end. The following benefit could interest you greatly. As you might have noticed, smartphones appear on a daily basis and you just can decide which one to get. This makes the entire aspect of selling your phone a rather interesting solution that may bring you the necessary budget to purchase a new one. The advantage comes now. An unlocked phone is more valuable that a locked one. So, if you choose to unlock, you might have a bigger budget for a new smartphone. If you are convinced to unlock your Nokia, then do so by collaborating with a trustworthy, professional company.



HTC One Max Review

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HTC countered Samsung’s booming Galaxy Note line with the launch of the new One Max. The device has HTC One’s good looks and a 5.9″ display, so its body is pretty heavy. It is possible that the company designed the phone out of race because of this, but it’s been on the market for only one month, so we can’t tell for sure. You can check various mobile reviews sites and make an idea about this phone but here are some general features.

When buying a new gadget you must find a good tech news website which offers concise reviews. A mobile’s hardware can be very hard to understand unless you have some basic hardware knowledge. On http://www.sifrutech.com we found a lot of useful information on this matter and we were able to analyze this mobile’s hardware in comparison with similar products. The new HTC One Max has a premium feel because of its aluminum exterior design. HTC is one of the best brands out there, so they have proven the world that they can make desirable smartphones. The One Max has a massive 5.9″ 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, a large 3,300mAh battery, a slot for MicroSD cards, Bluetooth 4.0., a 2.1MP wide-angle front-facing camera, BoomSound speakers and NFC. Its performance is remarkable and it is as snappy as the Galaxy S4, although the LG G2 might be better.

The 5.9″ LCD 1080p display is beautiful, offering vide angles and vivid colors. The whites don’t seem discolored and the reds and blues are rich, making viewing photos and videos quite enjoyable. However, having such a big display can be a joy and a torment. Even if editing photos, viewing YouTube videos and playing mobile games is fun, users might have a hard time fitting the One Max in their pockets.

The HTC One Max features a 3,300mAh battery that holds up great. After we played Candy Crush, Assassin’s Creed Pirates and Netflix for hours there was still enough power to perform more tasks. This is surprising, considering the large display. When watching videos over 4G LTE the battery life is a little less impressive, but it is still excellent for a large device.

The HTC One Max features BoomSound speakers, and even without the addition of Beats Audio the sound quality is very good. While previous models were too loud, the Max is perfect, with the right level off bass and treble. If there is one thing we could take from the HTC One and One Max is the incredible BoomSound. Walking around with music playing is a blast, so congratulations HTC! Of course, if you want to listen to music even louder, the HTC One Max connects to any levitating Bluetooth speaker perfectly, so you can take your music listening experience to the next level! You will surely enjoy this phone if you are passionate about music and you want to listen to your favorite songs with no interruptions. Levitating speakers will actually allow you to accept phone calls as well, so you don’t have to disconnect and reconnect the device every time someone calls you!

When it comes to comparing mobile phone cameras most people focus solely on the pixels. However, after some extensive research on we discovered that there is a lot more to a mobile’s camera than just pixels. Furthermore, in order to see if a tech investment is worth its money, you must also compare it with similar products. Technically the One Max features only a 4MP sensor, but the combination of the UltraPixel camera and HTC’s Sense software makes the photo taking experience great. Galaxy Note 3′s and LG G2’s optics are better, but the HTC still captures some decent photos. The shutter button responds quickly, so you don’t have to worry about missing any moments. The focusing software is similar to what we saw on the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.
Priced at $599.99 off contract, the phone seems to add some extra value along with the XXL display and large battery. Even if HTC missed out some important points, the One Max is a device that you’ll enjoy using.


Apple Granted Patent for 3D Goggles

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Apple has been a leading brand in the gadget industry for a few years now. According to the latest gadget news, the beloved brand is planning to deliver a lot of innovative products in the years to come. USPTO granted Apple patent for a head-mounted display on December 10. The new 3D glasses will allow users to watch videos and other personal media anywhere and anytime. Even if the Oculus Rift has become very popular among gamers because of its amazing 3D tech, it seems like Apple has been thinking about a similar product since 2008.

The new wearable 3D display will be perfect for gaming, due to the fact that each screen can be lined up with the eye and even adjusted for corrected vision. This head mounted display will make it possible to view media and play games on a bigger screen than the one on mobile devices. The goggles are also designed for those who want find portable devices limiting, as they cannot replicate the viewing experience on a monitor or TV. This way they will be able to offer a similar viewing experience on a portable device, and have the advantage of privacy.

According to the patent, the goggle system may include a lens, a mid-frame, an outer cover and optical components for generating the media display. The system may resemble motorcycle or ski goggles, and to enhance comfort, Apple may include breathable components, including foam. The goggles may also have data processing circuitry operative that adjust left and right images. Users will be able to connect them to an iPod via cable or Wi-Fi and the goggle system would be able to identify its owner by tracking voice, fingerprints and eyeballs. Eyesight corrections will be done manually or the system will automatically detect the correction and adjust accordingly.

This isn’t the brand’s first wearable related patent. Only last year, Apple won a patent for a head-mounted display that users can wear without getting motion sick. Even if the patents are filed a few years back, the company states that they have recently started to get interested in wearable displays. Some rumors point more towards an Apple watch. Nevertheless, the evidence points out that Apple has been fascinated with the wearable devices for quite a few years. With so much fuss about the Oculus Rift and Google Glass, we are curious to see how the company will enter the market.

Weather Apple aims to compete with Google or Oculus Rift remains to be seen. However, the company now has intellectual property clearance to launch such products. If they do, the Apple goggles must deliver something more than its competitors. The latest gadget news show that both both Oculus Rift and Google Glass were very well received by the customers. In order to enter the market of wearable gadgets, Apple must bring some highly innovative technology to the table. For example, the Oculus Rift 3D headset is known for both gaming applications and NASA’s interest in using it. We are looking forward to see the company’s new technology.


The Best Smartphones of 2013

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The world of smartphones is changing fast, with new improved hardware, refreshed handsets, slashed prices arriving almost every month. If you are looking for the best smartphone you can buy, this list will help you make up your mind. Our top smartphones are ranked according to the latest news and reviews. So take a look at these new tech news and find out what smartphone to buy next.

HTC One is a great device that balances size with practicality: even if you can play, you don’t get the feeling that you are holding something too big. The 4.7-inch display has a Full HD resolution that flatters the Android. This is one of the best visuals you can find on an existing smartphone. Although it may not be the most powerful device, HTC One performs daily tasks with ease. If you are after out-and-out power, it may be best to looks at other models. HTC One was awarded Best Smartphone 2013, so it is worthy of your consideration.

Apple iPhone 5S
Although the design of the iPhone hasn’t changed much over the years, the iPhone 5S compensates in internal modification and a new OS. The 5S is a refined and matured phone, very intuitive and at the same time reliable. Supported by App Store, this phone won’t keep you waiting for software updates. The slick and fast phone has great battery life and a new camera with a better flash unit and a fingerprint scanner. The display is one of the smallest around, but at least the price will be the only thing affecting your pocket.

Motorola Moto G
The Motorola Moto G was unexpected, providing great performance at a reasonable price. The value for money is not the only quality of the Moto. Its design is great, the display is incredible and it doesn’t let down in power. Even if it will be outperformed by many other devices, those will cost you twice as much. If you are looking for an affordable smartphone for daily use, the Motorola Moto G is the best choice.

Although LG hasn’t had the smoothest run in the world of smartphones, the new LG G2 is proof that things are going to change. The 5.2-inch display paired with a compact body and lots of power enhances the Android experience. This enormously powerful phone has an LCD screen with great detail and accurate colors. The audio system will blow your mind with some decent headphones. These new tech news show how improved the smartphone is, and how many more options it come to offer compared to older models. All the features are carefully selected, so the phone provides what competitors are missing.