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Adidas miCoach For WP8 Review

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

(Windows Phone 8) with Adidas heart rate monitor review
Adidas miCoach with Adidas heart rate monitor for Windows Phone 8 was tested on a Nokia Lumia 620 at the time it was in beta. However, the heart rate monitor was ready to go. After a 6 km run with miCoach, we found out some interesting things about this device.

Modern technology always comes up with new gadgets that are suitable for any type of person as well as for various tasks. If you like to be up to date with the latest gadgets, the best thing to do is check a tech news website on a regular basis. We are very fond of the http://www.hcmdigital.net, as it features a lot of great gadget reviews. Furthermore, this website does not feature just gadgets but also the latest apps. Adidas miCoach is but one of the many fitness apps that can help you achieve your goals. Adidas miCoach app works on Windows Phone 8, but the heart rate monitor only works on some smartphones, including Lumia 520, 620, and 720. Unlike other similar apps, the goal of the Adidas miCoach isn’t just to hit the road, as there is no Go button. This means that you can’t simply track and record your usual route, a feature that may come as a shock to some people expecting an easy start. Instead, the app aims to train you so you can be a faster runner or a thinner runner.

The app
In order to obtain the miCoach app, you must go to the Adidas miCoach website and register. There you will have the opportunity to test the water with some sample sessions. From the online account, you can enter relevant information about details, such as running shoes you are going to wear, and set up a training plan (you can’t do this with the app). Users can choose from dozens of plans that start with an assessment workout designed to calibrate the app. After you select a program, it will sync with the app.

The assessment run is 12 minutes long and the app asks you to walk and then run at maximum speed. The Adidas miCoach tracks your progress with GPS data and the strapped on heart monitor connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (exclusive to Nokia), so it knows your boundaries. Most of the training involves you running between certain thresholds. Users are given visual and audible feedback so they know when to speed up and slow down.

Adidas miCoach has many unique features, including the Nokia Music integration that allows users to listen music and even choose the athlete voice pack. And who wouldn’t want Jess Ennis to praise their progress? All miCoach features are highly customizable on the WP8 than on other platforms. However, these clever features come at the cost of battery life, so tracking every step for 30 will be quite demanding for Lumia’s battery.


  • Support for Windows 8;
  • Audible and visual feedback;
  • Gives users purpose;
  • Success in its goals;
  • Useful if you are training for a big race;


  • Cluttered interface;
  • The heart rate monitor is compatible with only a few Nokia phones.