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How to sell your iPhone fast

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

If you have decided that it is time to make a change in the phone department and you are prepared to buy something new, you probably want to find a buyer for your old phone as well. Nobody likes having around a bunch of old phones in a desk drawer and the need to sell your previous phone becomes even bigger, especially since you could use that money to cover some of the expenses of your new phone. For instance, if you want to sell iPhone 5 16 GB online, you can receive a fair price in exchange, provided that you sell it to the right buyer. This is how you can sell a phone fast and still obtain a good price for it:

Choose a recycling company

These phone recycling companies will buy virtually any type of phone and pair a fair price in exchange. If you do not want to wait for someone to call you, scan through different calls and meet with various strangers, this is certainly the fastest way you can sell your iPhone 5 online. These companies will take your phone and deliver you a check as soon as they have finished assessing it. Of course, before sending your phone to them, you can request a quote and only complete the transaction if you are happy with the price they are willing to offer you.


Make a catchy add

In case you have decided to stick with the traditional method and just post a classified ad online, you should make sure your article is catchy. Be sure to include the state of your phone and other details specifications that you might consider necessary, but if you want to sell your phone fast, you will need to stand out from the crowd and the only way to do so is though a catchy ad. Look for examples online and you can even draw inspiration from ads of other products and simple the text to your own needs.


Be honest with your description

Whether you place an ad or you choose a recycling company, if you make your phone sound better than it actually is, you will only waste time because nobody will buy it after being disappointed. Even though it may have a few flaws that will make its price go down a bit, if you cannot afford to wait to find a buyer, honesty is always the best recipe for success.