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Hyperloop Dream May Become a Reality

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept might become a reality in 2015. A prototype is planned to be released in as little as 18 months, but some are skeptical about this project. A new company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc emerged from the shadows, led by Marco Villa from SpaceX and executive Patricia Galloway. The company is seeking funding on JumpStartFund, where it published the timeline for the Hyperloop prototype.

Hyperloop is a project you’d expect from an “Iron Man” comic that sounds too good to be true. The former director of mission operations at SpaceX joined the team who will transform Hyperloop into reality. Since August, a handful of talented individuals led by him received permission from Musk to start working on the project. Patricia Galloway is joining Villa on the mission to transform the high-speed travel train into reality. Even if the rail line will take longer, Villa stated that he is optimistic regarding any technical issues and that the team will solve any problem that comes along.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk believes the Hyperloop will be able to transport passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in only 35 minutes due to its giant vacuum tubes and air-bearing suspension system. The project is divided into four sections, named System, Capsule, Tube and Manufacturing and testing. The subsonic air travel machine will provide a shorter travelling time than commercial airplanes. If the technology can be developed at the costs Musk estimated, $6 billion, it will make travel cheaper than with any other mode of transportation.

The Hyperloop system is designed to use a partial vacuum that reduces aerodynamic drag and allows high speed travel on low power. Musk wants the machine to rely only on solar energy. The Hyperloop transportation system will be twice as fast as the fastest train in the world, zipping at almost 700 mph. The  Maglev Train in Shangai has a top speed of 311 mph and an operating speed of 268 mph, making the same trip in one hour and 20 minutes. However, Musk believes that bullet trains are too expensive. Innovations like these can completely change our lives and the way the world moves, so even if they won’t occur too soon, it’s good to know about them and be mentally prepared. More on systems like the Hyperloop you can find on websites like http://www.ageofinnovation.org, which also bring you reviews for gadgets, apps and other mobile news.

Even if Hyperloop transportation could be another nail in the coffin of rural America, many are thrilled by the prospect of a Jetsonian transportation machine. However, the timeline set for the development of a prototype is short, and either the Hyperloop will be limited or the person who established this timeline is wrong. Let’s hope that Villa and Galloway already have millions in funding and some handshake agreements to build the prototype at rare facilities that can accommodate such vehicle.