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Instructions on how to use your Fitbit tracker properly

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets


Purchasing a Fitbit Tracker is a wise decision because it will help you stay motivated and embrace a healthier lifestyle. However, you have to become familiar with the options on the market in order to decide which one suits your needs best, depending on your workouts and what type of sport you practice. One thing is for sure, this device has a multitude of features and apps designed to not only count your steps and estimate the calories lost but also to count the number of stairs, the surface covered when running, cycling or hiking, track the heart race and more. After the workout is complete, you have the possibility to introduce or change the details of a specific workout and engage in other activity immediately without losing accuracy regarding the data. Moreover, it allows you to observe what sport burns the most calories and what activity is the most beneficial for your body. Thanks to the apps included, you analyze and discover information concerning the quality of your sleep and your diet.

Charge it properly

Undoubtedly, this device is extremely useful for your active life but in order to benefit from its advanced technology, you have to become familiar with the instructions. To ensure its functionality, you first have to charge your tracker using a Fitbit alta cable, which you can plug into almost any type of device, from an USB wall charger to a laptop. Pay attention if the tracker vibrates and the battery icon appears on its display because this will indicate that you created the perfect connection, which will ensure its charging. Thus, you can use the tracker during any type of activity. Just look occasionally at the dashboard in order to know when the battery level significantly drops and you need to recharge it.

Track your Fitbit tracker  

You probably did not take into consideration that you can lose your tracker at some point or someone else could steal it. However, this unpleasant scenario is very possible if we take into account that people always lose small objects like watches or wallets and stealing occurs often in today society. Fortunately, you have the possibility to find your tracker if you follow certain basic instructions. The tracker synchronizes with your other devices including phone and computer so by checking the dashboard you can discover if you lost it in an area from your proximity. Another option is to use a Bluetooth locator app, which may offer satisfying results.

Security and settings

If you own a Fitbit tracker, you have to create an account and secure it with a password. If you feel at any given moment that your security is threatened, you have the option to reset or change the password in question by completing a few simple steps. In addition, you have the ability of using more Fitbit trackers with the same account if you decide to purchase different types for different activities and workouts. The Fitbit dashboard or apps allow you to manage the settings and receive information on your tracker from your phone.