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Online slot machine facts you will surely want to know

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The number of people playing online slots in the UK has increased considerably over the years. It’s only normal to want to know why this game has gained such popularity. The explanation is simple, actually. Individuals play online slots because it’s easy to play, not to mention to win. Online slots have the trait of a good casino game, so they will continue to be popular. Until recently, nobody took online slot machines seriously. People were more interested in the income made from blackjack. Considering that virtual slot machines are dominating the industry, it’s worth learning a little more about them. These are the facts you’ll definitely want to know.        

Slot machines make up 90% of online casino’s revenues          

The amount of money that an online casino makes each month is pretty high. Undoubtedly, the amount varies from website to website. What’s interesting to note is that UK online slots bring about 90% of the revenue. Before gaming became a normal part of the Internet, slot machines were a divertissement for women. And the elderly. The reason for this is that they have fancy visuals. So, what has changed? Time, as well as technology, has caught up with the game, making it more appealing to players. Online slot machines offer players the freedom they desperately need. Let’s not forget about the betting options. You don’t need to do further research to understand why the machines make up most of an online casino’s profit.

Some online slot machines require skill

As mentioned earlier, it’s not difficult to play with 3 or more reels. Yet, you do need some skill, especially if you’re playing a game like Fluffy Favourites. Online casinos and gaming operators have incorporated skill into the gambling machines, which means that you need to practice hard. Most Internet players in the UK don’t have the necessary skills and the only thing that they expect from the game is entertainment. If you’re not like these people, then you have your mind set on winning. If so, you should improve your chances of winning. Playing will teach you how to improve your skills and strategies. So, create an account and have fun.

Online slot machines are just like land-based ones

As a casino player, you’ve probably wondered what difference is there between online and land-based slot machines. Surprisingly, there are no major distinctions. What’s worth mentioning is that online slot machines offer quality sound and feel. Other than that, both variants use a random number generator. Web-based gambling machines are all about animation, while offline ones are all about the sound, despite the fact that it isn’t high-quality. Whether you play slots online or offline, be sure that you have many games to choose from. Diversity isn’t something that you need to worry about. Just luck.

You’d be tempted to think that online slot machines are simple. From what you’ve seen above, they are anything but that. The next time you play Fluffy Favourites or White Wizard, keep in mind these things.


Expert tips on Pay Per Click fraud prevention

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Imagine the following scenario: you have worked hard on planning a Pay Per Click campaign that you decided to spend no more than $400 on it, but in return, you get a $90,000 bill from Google AdWords. What went wrong, you may wonder. The answer is quite simple – you have fallen victim of click fraudsters.  Specialists in online marketing, as it is the case of https://websitepromoter.co.uk/ have understood how important it is for their clients to invest in a security system that prevents click frauds. Below in this article you will find a few pro tips on preventing click fraud.

Opt for different bid prices

It’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of being a click fraud victim, but there are some techniques that will help you diminish these risks and one of them implies to set various bid prices for the content-targeted websites. You can limit the amount you initially intended to pay per click in order to reduce financial risks by limiting the exposure and placement of ads on “all” websites that seem relevant to your chosen keywords.

Closely watch your competitors

Another method implies monitoring the companies that compete with your selected keywords in the search engines. Believe it or not, your competitors can actually be the potential source of your click frauds. Invest in a system that provides click tracking reports in order to know the exact number of clicks on your promoted ads that appear to be coming from your competitors, as well as from other popular sources of fraud.

Track your own advertising campaigns

You can’t control your own PPC advertising campaigns if you don’t know what’s happening with them and don’t monitor them. Know that there are two useful tools available on AdWords – Account Performance and Campaign Performance. These ones will help you keep an eye on the percentage and number of clicks that Google has initially categorized as being invalid.

Choose the countries you want to advertise in

You should know that in some countries people are employed simply to click on advertisements on the Internet. It is essential you do detailed research and be aware of which countries have such practices in order to avoid running ads there, because there are high chances you are sabotaged this way.

Choose high value sites for running your ads

It is best that you avoid those sites that are of lower quality, because according to experts, those sites are nothing but hotbeds of click frauds. You can set up to run your ads only on sites that you specify, so make sure you take advantage of this option with your PPC campaigns.

There are software programs that keep you safe and secure

Last but not least, another great method to prevent click fraud is to invest in a security program that fights against fraudsters. These systems provide you with click reports on a regular basis and help you monitor your campaigns accordingly. Make sure you select the best one on the market to obtain the desired results and to keep your PPC advertising campaigns away from fraud.


Using hypnosis – a way of making a business successful

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There are a lot of persons who complain about the fact that it’s very difficult nowadays to manage a successful business and this is the reason why the level of stress can become truly alarming. But experts from this domain claim that there is a solution and it is represented by using hypnosis methods. Even if you believe that it sounds strange, hypnosis or hypnotherapy can influence your life and career more than you think. Moreover, it would definitely make you become a person who is able to successfully control his or hers body language and emotions.

What do you need to know in order to control better hypnotherapy?

Firstly, you should study a little the influence of hypnotherapy when it comes to the business domain. For example, you can read the book of Marshall Sylver who is a famous hypnotist who started his career in Michigan.

Secondly, try to put in practice everything you read, but don’t expect miraculous results immediately. You should notice that your methods would become better if you exercise them more.

Thirdly, you should know that you can apply the hypnotic methods not only offline, but also online. Try to promote your business, by using some tips and tricks which involve a well-organized online activity. More information about this subject you can find when you do your research. But we have to tell you that, for example, social media websites, such as Facebook or Instagram, can have a more hypnotic effect than you think.

The role of hypnosis when it comes to your business

If you ask yourself how hypnosis helps you and your business, try to apply the methods that you learn when it comes to negotiating a project or a contract. For example, if you have a business meeting with your partners, try to look them deeply in the eyes when you want to make your point of view known. Give them arguments and don’t forget to combine words with body language. Keep a straight position, in order to prove the others that you are a very confident person.

On the other hand, if your employees feel stressed out, try to ask them to take some hypnotherapy sessions in order to help them control their emotions. Despite other things, hypnosis is a good way of relaxing their body and soul, so maybe one session each week can have a positive effect in order to make them feel more comfortable during the working program. If you want, you can ask for a hypnotist to offer them some sessions inside the company headquarter.


Ecommerce design and development trends you should follow

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Customers are more open than ever towards online shopping thanks its speed and convenience, which implies, on the one hand, more opportunities and exposure for your businesses, but, on the other hand, increased competition and the need to stand out. In the same way that a land-based store needs to have an attractive décor, an online store needs to offer a pleasant user experience and an eye-catchy, intuitive design. To achieve these, you need state of the art ecommerce development services and a willingness to innovate. Today, simply having an online store is no longer impressive. To attract as many clients as possible, you have to pay attention to ecommerce design and development trends and keep up with the standards.

Large, animated backgrounds as a form of storytelling

People love storytelling and, in e-commerce, it’s an excellent way of showcasing your products and brand vision in a different, more relatable way. Old computers didn’t allow much animation, but today, when most people access online stores from high-end devices, you can incorporate large, animated backgrounds in your site as a creative form of presentation. Apart from the fact that animations look great and catchy, they have a stronger emotional impact on the user.

Material design with hidden menus

Material design took smartphones by storm in 2014 and it’s slowly building its way towards desktop computers. If you have an online store, changing its design to a material one will make it look more elegant and modern, while at the same time streamlining the user experience. Material design is clean, simple, intuitive – exactly what users need when shopping. To avoid clutter and better showcase product, switch to hidden menus (especially on mobile, where the display is smaller).

Dynamic product search

Dynamic product search isn’t necessary if you only have a couple of products in your online store, but if you have a large inventory with plenty of categories and subcategories, introducing it will help clients search for their desired products in an easier way. Unlike traditional product search, dynamic search loads products on the page as the user types the search keywords, so they don’t have to hit enter and wait for the page to load after each individual search.

Motion animation for products

Motion animation can be used to display products from various angles, so that the buyer can have a 360 view. This feature is particularly useful in stores that sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys and furniture, because it shows clients exactly what they are buying and reduces the incidence of returns.

Responsive design

Last, but not least, responsive design is a trend that you should follow without question. As smartphones are getting bigger, more and more people prefer shopping on the go and place orders on their mobiles. Having a responsive design allows them to browse through your products easily, without having to zoom in, and makes the overall shopping experience more enjoyable.

To make sure all the above design and development trends are incorporated seamlessly into your online store, get in touch with a professional company that specializes in e-commerce.


Is Modularity the Strongest Selling Point of Node.js?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

Legions of Node.js developers around the world swear by their JavaScript framework of choice citing things such as scalability, ease of use, agility, and performance as very good reasons for choosing it over any other alternatives. Curiously enough, it’s hard to get developers to commit to what the framework’s strongest selling point might be. Perhaps it is modularity.


If you are familiar with the world of Node.js development, you are probably familiar with the fact that PayPal dove into the world of Node.js in 2013 when it completely rewrote its account overview application using the open source framework. Prior to the rewrite, the application ran on Java.


Since PayPal’s glowing review of the rewrite, there has been plenty of criticism regarding their performance benchmarks. That debate remains up in the air. What cannot be denied is that two Node.js developers completed the rewrite in two months while a competing Java team of 20 were still not done in eight months. Switching to Node.js most definitely increased efficiency while saving both time and money.

Modular Design More Efficient


A great post from Venture Beat explains how the modular design of Node.js helped PayPal completely rewrite its most used application at breakneck speed without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. It starts with the knowledge that there is no place in Node.js development for older, monolithic code. The developers of two decades ago may have thought that monolithic applications were the best way to build for stability and performance, but that is no longer the case.


Software development today is about service-oriented architectures that can deal with complex structures and operations more efficiently and with more shared code. Therefore, the Node.js developer builds large and complex projects by focusing on creating one module at a time. Each module serves a particular function within the greater framework as it contributes to the whole. But more importantly, individual modules can be shared among multiple applications being worked on by multiple teams – even across several platforms.


One can easily see the benefit of this modular structure by stepping back and taking inventory of all of the web applications that make up the PayPal site. Rather than each development team having to build a monolithic application from the ground up, they can start by assessing existing modules that might be shareable. Where there is nothing available, a new module can be created to fill the gap. That new module can be added to the inventory and possibly shared later on.


A Friendlier Ecosystem


After discussing the modular design of Node.js, the Venture Beat piece goes on to briefly address the ecosystem created by Node.js development. That ecosystem is one that is somewhat open-ended across all levels of software development. In other words, the Node.js developer does not exist in a cocoon where his/her work is isolated from what’s being done at other levels.


The Node.js ecosystem is one in which developers at various levels and layers collaborate in open space. This promotes faster and more robust development that benefits everyone within a given ecosystem. The result is a self-propagating ecosystem that grows and expands naturally, making the entire thing stronger with every new contribution.


One might be able to argue that Node.js does not offer performance improvements over Java significant enough to do a complete rewrite of complicated web applications. But it cannot be denied that the framework’s modular design is more efficient and creates a better ecosystem for future development. For the typical Node.js developer, choosing a framework for new projects is a no-brainer.



Why you should consider online back up solutions

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The world has certainly changed a lot from what most of you thought of it. Today, there are all kinds of solutions and services that aim at making things easier, faster and more secure for you. Even though you might find it difficult to get accustomed with the change, once you find the courage to follow the steps and embrace the future, you will see that advantages come and they do so in a large number. Take online back up solutions for instance. These are incredibly helpful both for the regular individual but for companies and corporations as well. If you are thinking of taking your database online, then perhaps a few reasons to say yes to this service might make the decision simpler. So, here are three reasons for which you should definitely embrace the solution.

Security comes first

Lately, there have been plenty of discussions with regards to information security. Most companies worry that their database could be a target to several individuals, who would make all efforts to get inside it and steal or erase relevant pieces of information. It is not just a fear, but a real possibility, as it has happened to some important participants in the market, proving that it can be done, that it is possible. Saving your information, all your files online, using top software, you could have a greater control over them and your database would remain intact. Online back up services offer you security and if you are worried about information thefts then you should definitely invest in a solution of this kind, a trustworthy and professional one.

Being prepared

It is not just risks associated to less honest people that worry entrepreneurs, but natural disasters as well. The weather has changed considerably and disastrous phenomena like floods or tornadoes seem to happen more and more often. In case your city should be the next target, you need stay prepared. Having online back up your files will keep your company’s database intact in case of a natural disaster and you could pick up everything just from where you left off.

Easy to use

Solutions of this kind might seem to belong to the future, but they could not be simpler to use. Because entrepreneurs might worry that their staff could misplace some of the files, it is important to set them at ease. With a strong online and trustworthy solution everything is simple. The program is easy to use and you needn’t worry about anything. No files will be misplaced, as these solutions have automatic back up and will do the work for you.

As good as everything might sound, online back up solutions should be chosen appropriately. You need to go through all options, compare them, looking at all details and only after, decide. As long as you are collaborating with a trustworthy and dedicated partner, you should be able to enjoy a great deal of advantage and understand exactly why people in such a large number choose this solution and integrate it in their companies.



SEO trends for 2016

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SEO is a field that is constantly evolving and those who want to have successful websites should always stay ahead of the trends and try to create user and Google-friendly websites. When you take your time to research the latest SEO trends, you can always expect to enjoy excellent results and have your website ranked on the first Google results page in no time! These are the main trends that most marketing consultants have noticed for 2016:

Social media content – more important than ever

According to the latest studies, people have actually started to use their social media account when looking for services and products and this is why all businesses that still not have a prominent presence on the most popular platforms should take action right away. In addition, by uploading regular posts that include links to their website, they can actually increase the number of daily visitors, which would in turn increase their ranking.

Mobile optimisation is crucial

These days mobile optimisation is just as important as having a well-designed website. Since users can connect through their phones to any website and access a lot of information from their phones, having an app or a responsive website is more important than ever. The last thing you want is losing visitors because your website did not load properly on their phone. You can even invest in an app, if you have the type of business where it would be suitable. Unlike websites that are primarily designed for computers, an app will be created from the very beginning by having the mobile experience in mind and thus making everything easier for users.

Local SEO is not something to overlook

While investing in local SEO is something that many specialists have known to be beneficial for a long time, this year local SEO is a must, as this is how an excellent client base can be created. This is why you should discuss with your marketing consultants and ask them to introduce location specific keywords into your content, because they are more important than ever.

Videos are still a great way to engage your audience

There is nothing like a small video to engage your users and it is certainly preferable than to ask them to read 500 words of content. Everyone prefers to watch a 3 minute video rather than going through some text that they will not remember anyway. Videos are particularly useful for mobile apps, because writing can be more difficult to read on a smartphone, not to mention that most users have their headphones with them anyway, so watching a video will really not be a problem.


All in all, these are the main trends that you should know about SEO and you should keep in mind. When you collaborate with a team of marketing consultants, they should be able to offer you the advice you need and optimise your website and mobile app perfectly. There are many SEO experts available out there, so be sure to do your research properly.


Ways in which salon software will help your business grow

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If the salon software you are currently using does not have certain key elements, then you will be missing out on important revenue. Priceless business management software should be powerful, intelligent and it should provide you the necessary tools to grow your business. Good software should also make your day a lot easier with features that can do the work for you. In addition to online salon booking, a good hair salon application should help you stay organized, impress clients deliver better service thanks to client history records.

Appointment booking – straightforward and fast

Salon software makes booking appointments quick and easy. If you do not want to lose an appointment yet again due to the fact that you are not able to find the next open availability for a requested time, then you should be using online booking software. The management software can be seamlessly integrated within your business and, what is more, you will be able to schedule appointments with just a couple of clicks. The touch responsive hair salon app allows you to search through your appointments by client name and filter by completed, upcoming or current. With state of the art software, clients do not even have to check their schedule for upcoming appointments since the application automatically sends appointment confirmations and reminders. These reminders will dramatically reduce missed appointments that cost you money

Provide exceptional customer experience

A hairstylist is not only a person who cuts hair. Your role is to make your clients very, very happy. Part of your job is to connect with the client and vive off them. You should act as a “people person” and enjoy chatting with your customers. So what can you discuss? Well, the salon app will help you find topics of discussion. You can make an account about what the client’s interests are, what they enjoy talking about, so the next time these answers will be at your fingertips. Listening is a natural part of the business of a hairdresser and you will eb expected to know things about your clients.

Maintain contact with clients with email marketing

If you want to keep in touch with your clients without having to make a considerable effort, then you will enjoy using software. With the information that you can gather with the salon application, such as mailing, occupation, address, etc., you can deliver personalized communications to your clients throughout the year. You can easily keep your clients engaged by creating email marketing campaigns and thus make sure that they will gladly recommend your business to their friends and acquaintances.

Intelligent inventory management

When you are the owner of a hair salon, you should be able to organize, maintain and analyze your inventory. But would it not be great if you had a business management system that could help you? Fortunately for you, a business app lets you keep track of inventory, namely you can view your stock level and filter by stocked, reorder, low or discontinued. Based on the inventory indicators, you will know what products to order.


Reasons you should use a property management software

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As a landlord, managing a property can be rather difficult and time-consuming. If you have been looking for ways to simplify your work and add more value to your property, then perhaps you should consider using a property management software, which has become a popular option for many landlords. If you opt for a specialist management software, you will manage to get more work done in a shorter period of time, which can only come as a huge plus. You can easily find the software you require just by searching online on websites such as www.mus.co.uk. Here are a few reasons why you should think about using this type of software.

Easy to use

If you make your choice wisely, you will discover that using this type of software is extremely easy and efficient. By using a management software, you will be able to run your business properly, without any stress or inconveniences. Avoid using a complex program, and opt for a software that is easy to use.

Organisation is key

When it comes to property management, you will need to be properly organized and always keep everything under control. As a manager, you need to take care of many details, including rent reviews, notices or repairs, which in time can become overwhelming. With the help for the right software, you will be able to organise your leases, plans or licenses fast and efficient. You will gain more control over your routines, you will have the transaction history always updated and you will ensure yourself of the best practice.


The main reason why so many landlords choose to use a property management software is lack of time. With so many spreadsheets, arrears collections and rent demands to take care of, it can be rather difficult to optimise your time efficiently. If you have faced problems with time management, then perhaps it is time to use a software that can allow you to get more work done in a professional manner. Your every day job will be automated, and you will save a lot of time, which can only be an advantage for your business.

Cost savings

Because managing the property can be done more efficiently and time-effective through a property management software, you will have the opportunity to save money and improve business. You will give more value to your property and if you will not need hire a specialized manager to help you out. Overall, there are only pros to using a software that is designed to simplify your job. From rent demands to letters to tenants, a software can take care of every detail necessary for the smooth-going of your business.

As you can see, using a property management software can prove to be extremely useful and time-effective. If you have faced difficulties with managing your property, then opt for this great solution and you can significantly increase the productivity of your work. Start looking online and see which your options are. Choose wisely and the benefits will soon follow.


Reasons companies use web scraping software

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Business managers are always looking for a way to grow their companies, and because today everyone is turning online, the majority of them are trying web scraping. If they create a database for their firm, they will have the opportunity to manage it more easily, and have access to the information they need in a faster way. The only thing they have to do is to hire a company to help them design the suitable web scraping software, because every type of business needs to use a customized product.

What companies can use web scraping

Web scraping is used in a variety of domains, but some of them have more benefits than others. For example, companies that practice online shipping use it very often, because they have to provide their customers information about their services, products and terms of service. Other type of companies that use this type of software are the stores that offer their products online, they have to be able to provide details about their branches, products and procedure, and their clients have to know how they can reach them.

What the process of web scrapping involves

There are many procedures that can be used during the process of web scrapping, but some companies use a common one. The first step involved in this procedure is that the client offers the scrapping company the information that has to be scrapped. The following one implies the seeking for the web pages that contain the needed information, and the service provider focuses on selecting a suitable software that will extract the information asked by the client. After doing this the information is extracted from many sites which contain it, and the collected data is gathered and arranged in a systematic way.

Reasons to use web scraping

Many successful companies use web scraping, because it is an important aspect in the development of their business. One of the main reason this procedure is used, is that it helps the client to save its time. An experienced company does the whole work, and the client only benefits from the results. In addition, he can be sure that the information he receives is a reliable one, and it is also comprehensive, because it is collected from multiple websites. The harvesting service provider customizes this procedure for every company; to be sure, that the information it delivers will help the client achieve his goals. The companies that use a web scrapping software will benefit from a greater coverage because the information will reach more possible clients, from many regions. The main result of investing in such a software is that the sales of the company will definitely grow. The software designed for a certain company will extract exactly the data it is programmed to do. The client will find easy to use it because the provider will offer its client a version that is user friendly. But the biggest advantage of this software is that it eliminates the hassle of extracting manual the required data from web pages, and this allows employees to focus on their work.