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Is it actually cheaper to buy online?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

While in the past people used to be a little sceptical when it came to purchasing online, nowadays most of the shopping is done on the Internet due to the fact that online markets provide customers with basically anything they need. Buying online means purchasing anything from cheap basketball jerseys UK to having groceries delivered right to your home. A matter of discussion at present is the issue of whether ordering from virtual stores is more advantageous than dealing face-to-face. Are we really being tricked by online stores?

Set-up costs

The Internet is cheaper than buying from stores due to the fact that it implies a minimum of investment. Many regular stores charge a lot of money on clothes or other items in order to be able to pay the rent. Maintenance costs are also a factor that contributes to the high price in retail stores, not to mention that the staffs has to be paid as well. While many may think that this does not concern them, it is imperative to know that all these expenses are included in the price. Online retailers benefit greatly from the lack of a physical store owing to the fat that they are able to meet the expectations of customers with less operational expenses and as a result the products merchandised are more affordable. Although there are certain costs to setting up an online store, the money that retailers are able to save will have a direct result on the customer.

Relation with distributor and promotions

Online retailers can afford to sell at cheap prices due to the fact that they communicate directly with the distributors that will send the items to your home. Regular shops have work with intermediaries and handle inventories, so it takes some time and effort to bring in merchandise, while online retailers practically skip all these procedures. In addition to this, online stores often liquidate products that usually are expensive. This happens because companies store merchandise in personal warehouses and they do not lose any profit by keeping them unsold. In the end, they will sell them at bargain costs. Not to mention the fact that shipping is generally free of cost. Online outlets constantly offer promotions in the form of discounts and seasonal sales.


Given the fact that the internet is a free market, the competition is struggling to attract customers and as a result they tend to lower the prices. At present, shoppers have the possibility of comparing prices online and getting the best deal. It is not necessary anymore to check every price tag and be ashamed that you cannot afford a particular item. What is more, many sites gather together more than one service or product on a page. Navigation is certainly easier by clicking and viewing dozens of products without having to decide on anything. In order to build strong relationships with customers, many online retailers send weekly newsletters to advertise their products.

In conclusion, it is clear that online retail is the dominating trend of the technological era. Shopping online is definitely cheaper for the customer, not to mention that dealers can make huge profits while at the same time catering to the needs of customers. Even though in the past there was a lot of speculation regarding the legitimacy of online trading, there is no need to worry now. It is highly expected that in the future this trend will continue to dominate the market and that many owners will decide to put their businesses online.