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Is Samsung S4 Catching Fire?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Since its release this spring, approximately 20 million units of Samsung’s new phone have been sold. With so many users, it’s normal that some develop faults. However, the company’s extensive testing ensures that the device poses no threat. Recently, Richard Wygand (Ghostlyrich) reported that he woke up next to his device which had caught fire.

Such incidents are few and occur when a charger or battery are bought on the black market and do not pass the manufacturer’s tests. Even Apple users reported problems with the devices. Apparently, a woman in China was electrocuted when using a third-party iPhone charger. Unlike Samsung, Apple did not choose to pursue means of silencing displeased customers, but instead offered to replace any third-party USB power adapter with an Apple adapter for only $10. The company stated stat customer safety is a top priority and that is why they are offering a takeback program.

Samsung adopted another strategy and moved to suppress YouTube evidence that the Samsung S4 can catch fire. Richard Wygand posted two videos on YouTube that received thousands of views. In the videos, Wygand states that Samsung demanded proof that the new S4 was defective before they replace it, but they didn’t expect him to share the evidence with the world. In the video, he shows a few close-ups of the melted charging port and expresses his concern about the battery that is very close to the charred area. If the battery bad exploded, a much worse fire could have resulted.

After posting the video, Richard Wygand received a settlement proposal from the company and the promise of a new phone. However, there were several conditions. Wygand claims that the Samsung asked him to delete the video and not to upload any similar materials, thus waiving his right to bring a legal complaint. But they never anticipated that Ghostlyrich would post a second video, showing his subscribers the action taken to hide a safety concern. The second video has almost half a million views, viewers who now know that Samsung won’t provide the services enumerated in the warranty certificate unless you sign some more documents.

Lately, more stories about Samsung S4 phones catching fires have emerged. Another Samsung Galaxy S4 owner has reported on Reddit that his 9 month old S4 caught fire after he left it in the charger and that it was covered in some we substance caused by the leaking battery. Another S4 owner, Manolo Rodriguez claims that his S4 started burning in his pocket and then exploded, causing burns on his lips, fingers and chest. Rodriguez filed a lawsuit against Samsung, hoping that something will change. He told that the company needs to recall the S4 for further testing to discover what is causing this problem.

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