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Levitating speaker – a gadget that will take you aback

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Since the Bluetooth speaker marketplace is becoming more and more crowded, designers are thinking about new ways in which they can gain advantage over the competition. It seems that they have found a design to attract millions of customers: levitating Bluetooth speakers. A Bluetooth levitating audio system is an ingenious invention that lets you enjoy audio in a cool manner. It is not difficult to see that that the floating Bluetooth speaker is incredibly versatile. The goal of this article is to highlight the main features of the floating sound system.

It defies gravity

While everyone has a Bluetooth speaker hanging around, it is a guarantee that not everyone will have such an impressive one. The levitating audio ball is basically suspended above an electromagnetic base. The gadget is similar to the Maglev train in the sense that uses magnetic levitation in order to create lift. The device actually has an independent levitator component that controls the process. Once the ball is placed in the middle of the base it will, rotate and even spin. However, you should make sure not to push the audio device horizontally because it will inevitably crash.

It is portable

The great thing about the Bluetooth levitating speaker is that you can take it wherever you want to since it is portable. The gadget is lightweight and it operates on batteries, which means that if you are going with your friends to a place where there is no electricity, the device will come in handy. The fact is that the floating audio system was especially designed to allow music to be enjoyed by everyone. So, why not make use of this system when you are trying to impress your guests or that someone special with a romantic date?

True stereo sound effect

A floating Bluetooth speaker will deliver you a true stereo sound experience under your roof. Taking into consideration that a regular model uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you will be able to pair it with your smart phone or computer and listen to your favorite songs for hours at an end. The fact that the audio device ball levitates increases the sound quality because there are no nearby objects to emit the sounds that it absorbs. Equally important is that the audio performance is not decreased by the battery life.

Microphone incorporated

One interesting features of this innovative device is the built-in microphone. Basically the microphone can serve as a speaker phone, so that you will be able to conduct conversations. Therefore, you should think about buying one for your work office as well. Another option that you have is to use the microphone for a party. After all, a MC will be expected to be creative.

The bottom line is that a levitating sound system is a breakthrough technology. The fully functional levitating device produces sound that is not similar to other audio systems. On the contrary, it is better and this is why this speaker should be at the top of any must-have list.