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MusicPromoToday on Fan Engagement the Right Way: Taylor Swift V. Justin Bieber

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

These days, the most successful businesses are the ones based on movements rather than companies, because movements are the ones that inspire and engage the public. Being in the music industry is very much like running your own business and the way you engage your fans will ultimately make the difference in your music video marketing campaign. MusicPromoToday presents two completely different fan engagement approaches from Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber:

Taylor Swift treats her fans as more than just demographics while Justin Bieber imposes photo rules

On the one hand, Taylor Swift has realized that the way she treats her fans will influence her future success. By now, everybody knows about the ‘Swiftmas’ campaign that she organized last year, where she and her team took their time to get to know 32 lucky fans and she personally purchased and delivered them Christmas gifts. This is the type of thing that shows how committed she is to knowing her fans on a personal level and thanking them for their support. These details are often seen in the way she personally responds to many of the messages left by her fans on social media, from the handwritten notes that she often leaves to her fans and other personal and emotional details that show she sees her fans as more than just consumers.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber has just offered his fans some guidelines for taking pictures with him during his concerts. The artist is not always willing to take a picture with his fans and has often stated that the way in which he is approached will influence his decision on whether or not he will accept to have his photo taken. While some may think that certain demands are understandable from a person with such a high level of fame, his fans are still often disappointed and his popularity continues to drop.

Unlike Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift does not restrict access to her brand

Considering that in the past two years, US album sales have plummeted by a staggering 20%, the fact that Taylor’s latest album 1989 continues to be at the top of sales is a sure sign that she is doing something right. She has built her entire career and brand around doing personal things for her fans. Either by engaging with them on various social networks or by offering them the freedom to create their own content about her, all these acts have enabled her to sell out every show within 15 minutes for many years to come and to ensure that she has taken her music video promotion to an entirely new level. She has even admitted to doing various silly things to allow her fans to make funny GIFs on her actions, along with many other similar tactics to make her fan truly love her.

Contrasting with her approach, Justin Bieber’s decision to essentially charge his fans $2000 for a selfie devastated many of his followers who actually used the singer’s own lyrics against him in order to show their disappointment. Of course, the $2000 will buy you more than just a selfie, as it also includes a concert ticket and a backstage tour. Still, many people have questioned his decision and tweeted using the hashtag #justiceforbrokeliebers in the hopes that he will lower his concert prices.

At MusicPromoToday we value innovation in business marketing and fan engagement and we consider Taylor Swift to be a true model in today’s music industry. Her direct involvement in creating a personal connection with her fans and her continuous social media presence make her an incredible business savvy artist who continues to be a leader in the pop market.