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New Games That Will Rock 2014

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Android & Apple Aps

Even if 2013 was an exciting year for gaming, next year the next generation console will be launched. There is much promise for 2014 when it comes to games also. This preview guide will present the best titles you need to watch. Here are the most anticipated games that will rock 2014:

Next year, Titanfall will not be available only for Xbox One, but for Xbox 360 and PC/Windows. This game is the first from Respawn Entertainment which is formed by ex-Infinity Ward bigwigs. It is a refreshing note after the Call of Duty franchise, and while war is still part of the plot, the online game has a science fiction mold, as it features gun action and giant exoskeleton mechs. Titanfall will be released on 14 March 2014.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is one of the games associated with the new era of gaming. The game will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. After it was delayed, Watch Dogs was announced for spring 2014 because Ubisoft wanted to add some polishing touches. However, it is worth the extra wait as it getting acclamation since its first unveiling. Those who are not familiar with it must know that the character, Aiden Pearce is able to manipulate electronics with his mind. Imagine all the gameplay possibilities.

InFamous: Second Son
InFamous: Second Son was not available for the launch of PS4, but you can get your hands on it in March 2014. The third part in the famous trilogy is also the first on PS4. Hero Cole MacGrath has been replaced by a younger character, Delsin Rowe. Rowe has many new abilities, so the game promises to be a flagship title for the console.

DriveClub is different than other driving games, as it focuses more on the social part. Pocket-lint played a demo race during public showing in June at E3, but from that it seems like it will be more than a simple multiplayer racing. Players were given challenges by real players who scored highly. Moreover, you can see the faces of those driving the cars, so you know who you’re competing against. There are other games of the kind however, so if you want something to play until this one gets released, try http://www.journalofnetworks.org and you’ll find good reviews for games of all types, from computer, to console or mobile.

Starting with September 2014, Destiny will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Even if the game was expected to be released in spring, Bungie announced that instead it will be a massive title for September. A bet version will become available in summer 2014 for those who want to try it out first. The developer plans on adding new worlds and planets. Moreover, you will be able to play as a co-operative space opera with friends. This is one of the most ambitious console game ever made, and we expect it to have jaw-dropping graphics.

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