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PSD to WordPress software fails at all points!

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

The rise in the popularity of WordPress over the last couple of years is a well known and acclaimed event in the IT world. When it comes to web design and management, this platform has proven to bring invaluable benefits to the table and shortly became one of the leading websites to visit by developers from all over the world. WordPress is easy to use, accessible, efficient, it allows fast management over texts, videos and images, as well as makes the web design process incredibly stress free. This is precisely why the reputation and large fame of this solution was so quick to cover the globe. However, if you already have a website design and want to build a page using it, you must convert that design to WordPress and there are two major ways to accomplish this: by using available software and, most importantly, by searching for a specialized company which offers PSDtoWordPress convertor solutions. Here is a brief debate meant to prove why resorting to software fails at all points and why searching for professional assistance is more recommendable nowadays.

If you want to convert PSD to WordPress theme, you should probably know that even if you have some knowledge in the field, the results will never be as good as when you collaborate with the experts. You simply have much more to benefit this way then if you were to do the task on your own for instance. Why is that? It’s easy! The software used for PSD to WordPress conversions is extremely bad and it is known to fail more than once. Making a great website for clients to see and become attracted by is extremely important for any modern day entrepreneur which is precisely why the number of web developers and specialized companies doing these conversions to WordPress has increased so much in the last couple of years. Seeing that the software and automated systems designed to make these conversions were not rendering a high quality of results, nor were they able to make customizations at every single point and implement complex procedures such as responsive web design or mobile platform adaptability, the duty fell on the shoulders of the dedicated firms in the field to make the transition from a certain web design to a final WP page in a smooth and fast manner.


The fact that PSD to WordPress software fails at all points is no longer a secret nowadays, unfortunately. The need that companies have to create stunning, eye-catching and engaging platforms has grown tremendously given the fact that many of their clients or targeted audience members browse the web first in search for answers and only then turn to the traditional markets and physical vendors. But why does the specialized software fail? Shouldn’t it be perfect for entrepreneurs and marketing teams to bring their desired website concept to life? The answer is no. There are many problems with the use of these software solutions and everyone who has tried it was struck by at least a couple of them in the process. The truth is that you need much more than a vision, creativity or an eye for design in order to make a truly outstanding web platform. As much as these software promise, as little they actually deliver. The main problem with them is functionality and the ability to adapt to today’s myriad of devices and operating systems. The Internet is no longer accessible just from your PC or laptop, with just one or two popular operating systems like in the past. Now, we have mobile browsing, tablets, net-books, notebooks, smart-phones, even smart TVs connected online. There is no need to state that a software does not have the technical capacity nor the finesse to develop a platform so versatile and responsive in design that it suits all of today’s Internet connected gadgets. The human specialists, on the other hand, bring an extensive amount of expertise and knowledge in the field of coding, having worked in HTML, PHP, JavaScript or CSS and being familiar with the obstacles of mobile browsing and responsive design creation.


It is precisely because of these high performances and great results that the developers and their companies have overcome the market, making the conversion software firms a thing of the past. Indeed, investing in a PSD to WP conversion service is the best plan a manager can make in this day and age. After all, how many businessmen and women are familiar with code? And how many of them have enough experience making websites in order to make their very own project the best of their career? The answer is few and this is why entrepreneurs are better off outsourcing this task rather than trying senselessly to tackle it on their own.