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Radical innovations in the field of magnetic bearings

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

Innovations are present all around us and appear in each an every field or area of activity. They provide the drive force which leads industries forward and allows them to expand their activities, broaden their horizons and set newer, larger goals with every single day that passes. Sometimes these innovations are mere improvements of the current technologies, but every once and a while they are incredibly radical and can totally change all about a particular sector of activity. A perfect example in this situation can be the active magnetic bearing systems with their unique, state of the art magnetic bearing design. There are plenty of advantages which magnetic bearing devices brought to a large number of fields including industrial areas, pumps, motors, generators for all sorts of uses and so on. However, recent times have unveiled a totally new and astounding application of these systems which reaches as far as the medical realm and helps cure thousands of persons every single year. The perks of these systems are many as active bearings have an extremely low level of friction and they never suffer from wear, which is why they are ideal in harsh environments and where special conditions are needed.

Commonly used by power consumption and power measurement companies to determine the home use in terms of watt-hour meters, active magnetic bearings represent far more than that. They can also be great components in high precision tools and equipment pieces as they support instruments in a vacuum. AMB controllers now integrate all the components which are absolutely vital to monitor magnetic bearing systems, thus improving the overall system and enhancing its capabilities. Apart from these, other innovative applications done in the field of magnetic bearing systems have covered the electrical power generation area of activity, the natural gas and petroleum sectors, as well as the machine tool operation industries. But none of these are as important and life-changing as the newly found use in medical areas, such as artificial hearts where magnetic suspension is used and has an important part of the ventricular assistance devices. Without a doubt, these changes and newly found uses are incredible and their applications will continue to stun and amaze us every single time a new development is created and a new branch or sector of activity is altered forever.


To conclude, there are radical innovations all around us but one of the most striking examples of such a unique and groundbreaking development can be seen in the field of active magnetic bearing technologies and controller systems. Generally used in all sorts of field and areas of activity, such as Zippe-type centrifuge technologies, turbo molecular pumps and uranium enrichment, active bearings are as important as they can be for many industries but nowhere is their presence more interesting than in the medical realm, thanks to the latest innovations in artificial heart technologies. To find out more about these systems and understand their full applications, please go to the official websites of providers and manufacturers in the field.