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Responsive web design – a vital feature for any website

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

Before smartphones became so popular, back when people only used traditional computers to access the internet, all businesses needed was a simple website, one that could offer users all the information they need. These days on the other hand, with clients using a wide variety of devices to access the internet, having a website that cannot adapt to the size and demands of various devices is extremely important. But first, it is worth explaining exactly what responsive web design is and how it helps a website. The responsive feature of a site allows it to adapt to the size of the screen it is opened with. Some of your clients might open your website from a laptop while others might use their phones or tablets. Regardless of their choice, your website should be able to adapt, which is why web design companies in Montreal always recommend their clients to always opt for responsiveness.

The main thing managers need to remember is that when a person opens their website from a mobile device, the features that are not unnecessary will not be displayed on a smaller screen. The menu will probably be structured in a different manner and there will be other differences. Many people ask themselves is this is worth it, but everyone who has ever accessed a website with the responsive feature from their mobile phone knows how uncomfortable it can be to find something. Web design companies in Montreal recommend this feature for any website because it offers a better user experience and it motivates people to return to a certain website. In fact, studies have shown that once a person has purchased something successfully from a website, they are much more likely to return to that same website.


Another benefit of responsive sites is that there are easier to manage and they enable their owners to implement a SEO campaign more successfully. Running different SEO campaigns for separate desktop and mobile sites is expensive and the chances of success are considerably lower. However, when you use all forces on one product, you are bound to obtain a much better result. In addition, websites have to deal with various trends just like any other thing and those who have a responsive website will enjoy a longer life span before having to change it in any way.


One thing is for sure, responsive web design is a feature that any company owner looking to have a website should implement. While there may be some voices who say that it is not always necessary, even though a responsive web design will take a little longer to implement, it will be worth it in the end. When users have a great experience on your website, they are more likely to return or recommend your website to their friends. Since so many people these days use their phones to access websites, they expect to find certain features and when they don’t, they immediately abandon those websites. This is why so many sites have a high bounce rate and why they struggle gaining more traffic.