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Screen printing vs. heat press – who is the winner?   

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

In the past, people would use time-consuming techniques in order to print books and newspapers. However, the techniques have changed to the point that the newer methods are not only faster, but also more efficient. With the development of new technologies, people have found out that garments can be printed with success. If you are in the business of printing and graphic arts, then you can make substantial profits as long as you have the right equipment. Besides screen printing Mississauga, some people use the heat presser instead. There are both pros and cons to both of techniques and the decision between either of them depends on your preference.

The basics of screen printing and heat pressing

Screen-printing (silk screening) is similar to lithography and you need three components to create the print: the screen, which is actually a copy of the image, ink and squeegee. While the screen is placed on the item, the squeegee is used to cover the surface with ink. The ink passes through the screen and it thus forms the image. On the other hand, heat press makes use of heat to transfer the ink to the surface. The transfer is similar to using the iron. Commercial pressers are very efficient and they the image that they produce last for a long time.

Screen-printing pros and cons

The advantages of this technique is the versatility. It is the easiest way of creating original prints that is made accessible to the average person. The materials are not hard to find and the ink can be applied to various items such as jerseys, shirts and other garments, as well as hats and bottles. Taking into consideration that the equipment is not expensive, it can be the best solution if you are at the beginning of the business. Nevertheless, screen-printing is a difficult task because the preparation of a t-shirt implies many stages. You have to prepare the screen, burn films, apply the ink and even perform a test before the actual application. Besides the setup time that takes very long, the imprint takes just as longer.

Heat pressing pros and cons

Heat pressers are good for making investments because the ink does not fall out of place, which is especially important if you are handling invitations or canvas bags. Generally, graphic printing businesses can purchase the necessary equipment at bargain prices and the investment can rapidly turn into profit. The reason is that printed items are highly demanded on the market and the machinery is capable of handling large volumes very quickly. Another advantage of heat pressers is that they are easy to manipulate, so that you do not have to have any prior experience. The heat press can be used for various materials such as satin and cotton without fearing that they will get destroyed in the process.

To conclude, the main difference between silk screening and heat pressing is the quality. While the first allows you to realize bolder designs, the second offers the possibility to produce more detailed graphics. The choice is up to you and while there is no clear winner, either one of them is suitable for opening a profitable business.