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SEO trends for 2016

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Internet

SEO is a field that is constantly evolving and those who want to have successful websites should always stay ahead of the trends and try to create user and Google-friendly websites. When you take your time to research the latest SEO trends, you can always expect to enjoy excellent results and have your website ranked on the first Google results page in no time! These are the main trends that most marketing consultants have noticed for 2016:

Social media content – more important than ever

According to the latest studies, people have actually started to use their social media account when looking for services and products and this is why all businesses that still not have a prominent presence on the most popular platforms should take action right away. In addition, by uploading regular posts that include links to their website, they can actually increase the number of daily visitors, which would in turn increase their ranking.

Mobile optimisation is crucial

These days mobile optimisation is just as important as having a well-designed website. Since users can connect through their phones to any website and access a lot of information from their phones, having an app or a responsive website is more important than ever. The last thing you want is losing visitors because your website did not load properly on their phone. You can even invest in an app, if you have the type of business where it would be suitable. Unlike websites that are primarily designed for computers, an app will be created from the very beginning by having the mobile experience in mind and thus making everything easier for users.

Local SEO is not something to overlook

While investing in local SEO is something that many specialists have known to be beneficial for a long time, this year local SEO is a must, as this is how an excellent client base can be created. This is why you should discuss with your marketing consultants and ask them to introduce location specific keywords into your content, because they are more important than ever.

Videos are still a great way to engage your audience

There is nothing like a small video to engage your users and it is certainly preferable than to ask them to read 500 words of content. Everyone prefers to watch a 3 minute video rather than going through some text that they will not remember anyway. Videos are particularly useful for mobile apps, because writing can be more difficult to read on a smartphone, not to mention that most users have their headphones with them anyway, so watching a video will really not be a problem.


All in all, these are the main trends that you should know about SEO and you should keep in mind. When you collaborate with a team of marketing consultants, they should be able to offer you the advice you need and optimise your website and mobile app perfectly. There are many SEO experts available out there, so be sure to do your research properly.