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Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing accounting software

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Tech


Whether you own a small or a large business, you agree to the fact that proper accounting is crucial. Know that there are two different ways in which you can do accounting – manually and computerized. In today’s world, everything happens at high speed and people are always on the rush, which is why experts in the field strongly recommend going for the second type – computerized accounting. MYOB Premium Plus is one of the best accounting software you can select. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages on using computerized accounting.

Advantage – They save you money

One of the greatest benefits that computerized software comes with is that they help you save a great deal of money. Whether you own a small or medium-sized company for instance, going for an accounting program can be the best financial choice to make. There are many off-the-shelf programs that you can buy for a very reasonable price, so do your research on the Internet and look for the software that best fits your needs and budget. If you are looking for the program to contain some specific features, you can opt for a bespoke one, yet keep in mind that you may have to pay a little extra money for it.

Advantage – They make things easier for you

The reason why so many people buy accounting programs is that it makes their work a lot easier and effortlessly. These computerized systems are designed to offer instant reports on profit and loss, stock evaluation, payroll and sales analysis, customer accounts and so on and everything happens in real time. Worth mentioning is also the fact that you will only have to input transactions once. It is quite easy to handle this system and with some training, everyone within your company can do this.

Advantage – They save you time

Another great advantage accounting software comes with is that besides helping you save money, it saves you a great deal of time too. These systems allow faster data entry compared to manual accounting for instance. Furthermore, important documents such as payroll, purchase orders or invoices will be printed a lot quicker and more accurate. These systems are extremely efficient and easy to use and many who have already tried them agree on this aspect. You can improve inventory control, as well as payment collection and cash flow with the aid of these systems.

Disadvantage – Unable to use them without owning a computer

The greatest disadvantage that comes with these computerized accounting systems is that they cannot be used unless you own a computer. This means that whenever there is a power outage, you will not be able to use the computer and the software implicitly. What is more, there is the risk of data loss through various viruses or failure, not to mention about the risk of hackers to steal your data.

All in all, computerized accounting systems are of great help for everyone, yet in order to benefit from the best results, it is essential to select the best one on the market and to have a professional and powerful anti-virus installed on the computer.


Online recruitment agencies – finding job opportunities for you

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Tech

Sometimes graduating a care assistant school is not enough to get a job and you just could not understand why some of your colleagues are already employed and you are not even called for an interview. You should know that nowadays many of the applicants are using the help of a recruitment agency when they apply for one of the care assistant jobs, because it is an effective way of finding an open position. You might think that you do not need the help of a recruiting agency because you can look for jobs by your own, and you can apply for the positions you want. But you should know that a recruiting agency does not offer you only these services, you will also benefit from consultation and useful advices. Here are the main reasons why you should consider collaborating with this type of company.

They know who and when hires

You might think that all the employers will list their open positions online and in newspapers. Well, the fact is that the majority of them prefer to hire a recruitment company to handle the process for them. Therefore, recruiting agencies have access to a larger number of open positions than you do, because they are collaborating with exclusive companies and individuals. Hospitals prefer to hire with the help of this type of companies because they save time and money in this way. They will not have to interview all the applicants for an open position, so they can focus on their work. When the recruitment agency considers that it found suitable candidates, it will inform the hospital, and the HR will talk only with these ones.

Recruitment agencies know what you should answer

In case this is your first job, then you might not know what an interview implies and even if you would be a great doctor, you might not get the job because you do not know how to act during an interview. A recruitment agency, usually collaborated with the company you apply for in the past, and knows what they are looking for, and how the interview will look like, so they will offers you recommendations on what you should focus on. It is very important to know what to wait for, because every company has a different interview style and format.

They offer you updates

When trying to get a job the most stressful part is waiting for an answer from the company you applied for. Sometimes candidates have the impression that the interview went so good they refuse other job offers in the hope that they will get a certain one. But when collaborating with a company you will be informed every step of the process and you will not have to experience this type of situations. In this way you will know exactly what the situation is with a certain position you have applied for, because agencies have the opportunity to follow up the state of your interview and inform you in time.


Where to buy a 3D printer?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Tech

The world is filled with all kinds of devices and gadgets meant to make your life more pleasant and more fun. One of the instruments that are highly popular at the moment is the 3D printer. This can serve several purposes and some of them are actually quite fun. You can decorate various items with them, items that can be offered as gifts or kept for your own personal pleasure. If you have heard and maybe even tested this gadget, then you know just how fun it can be, which is why you will find the following details to be interesting and helpful. Have you ever asked yourself where to buy a 3D printer? If you have, then here are the two options, together with their ups and downs.

The traditional market: old fashioned, but still effective


The traditional market needs no introduction really. Before the explosion of the Internet, the traditional market was really everything you had. Whatever it was that you were looking for could be easily found in specialized, dedicated land based stores. Today, some have disappeared, but you still have a lot to choose from. The 3D printer is definitely on the gadgets you will find on the traditional market with great ease and this is mostly because it is highly popular. Store owners have high hopes that this gadget is an easy sale and investing in a few models is a wise choice of action. Of course they are not entirely right. The investment is undoubtedly wise, the problem is cost. Clients might be scared off by the prices these gadgets are sold at. Of course, entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. They have expenses and they are also looking to make profit. So the high prices are understandable, up to a certain point of course.


The online market: already an old friend


Surely you cannot be told anything new about this market at the moment. You have already been through several online shopping sessions, so you are pretty familiar with the online space. 3D printers are highly appreciated by the public, who is in a constant search for that item that is highly professional and comes at a low price. Anyone will tell you that if you are looking for low prices, then nothing can defeat the online market. When it comes to quality, however, the Internet might not always be your best friend. Still, with a bit of guidance from former clients and proper, thorough research, you might just identify that online platform that is indeed reliable. This way, by choosing the platform adequately, you will find both low prices and high quality. Also, the online world brings forward another great advantage, this time for beginners. You could easily find out what type of 3D printer is suitable for your needs. So if you are thinking that the traditional market has the human factor that can assist you in choosing the right device, know that the online market can provide you with the same service. It is true that help comes in a different form, but it is still help.



Designing better and faster thanks to rapid prototyping

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Tech

The adage “A picture speaks a thousand words” perfectly captures what rapid prototyping is all about. A working model allows you to describe thousands of words worth of design and development specifications that specify how a system should look and ultimately behave. Rapid prototyping can be broadly defined as the process of creating a product and validating it with a broader term of users, investors and designers. This rapid and iterative process generates early feedback and often in the process, so that you will be able to improve the final design and reduce the need for changes during development. If you want to bring your product into the world, you should outsource your prototyping. In this sense, you should visit ontariogasket.com.

The process of rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a complex process that involves multiple stages. The prototype generally starts very small, with a few full-size key areas and it grows in depth over multiple iterations. The user’s description of the solution are transformed into full-size models, engaging user experience standards and best practices. After the working model is shared with the users, the modifications are applied and the working model is evaluated whether it meets their needs and expectations. After the review phase, the prototype is refined based on the areas that need to be brought to perfection. The rapidness of the process is largely determined by the scope of the project.

Scoping the prototype

Prototypes are not necessarily created to evolve into fully-functioning solutions, but rather to help users visualize the product and craft user experience. Keeping this in mind, you should decide before beginning the work what needs to be prototyped. Additionally, you should consider how much you want to prototype, which means that you should focus your attention solely on key functionality. The point of rapid prototyping is to showcase how something will work in later stages which means that you should keep in mind only 20% of the functionality.

Advantages of rapid prototyping

Besides easy visualization, rapid prototyping opens numerous opportunities for innovation. Designers are able to create models incorporating complex shapes and surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to reproduce. By eliminating the time needed to produce molds and patterns, you actually reduce the time between initial design and analysis. The time saving will help your organization bring new products to the market a lot faster, so you can gain massive advantage over the competition.