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Technology and the Forex market: two pees in a pot

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Android & Apple Aps

Technology has advanced greatly in the last few years and has managed to enter each and every market. There are all sorts of applications and software designed to ease up your work and help you complete tasks that would otherwise take a long time and of course lots of effort. The world of Forex is certainly known to most users, being regarded as a source of profit. When trading correctly, Forex will turn out to a stable source of income. Forex brokers are highly sought after and now that technology has stepped in, these have gained an even greater popularity. One of the demonstrations that technology has blended it rather nicely in this trading world is the Forex matching engine. Here are a few aspects worth knowing about this tool, one that has helped brokers a great deal.



One of the biggest advantages of working with a matching engine is that you are provided with speed. As long as the tool is adequately built, the broker is provided with a fast method to identify algorithms and to conduct transactions. For instance, a trustworthy matching engine will be able to conduct up to 50,000 transactions per second. It is simple to assume that once a greater speed is involved, a greater amount of transactions will be completed, which actually means that you will be awarded with a list of happy clients, in this case brokers.




The world of Forex, although known to the large public, is frequented by skeptical traders that do not fully understand its workings. For this reason, whatever the activity might be, it must be transparent, leaving no room to interpretations. Otherwise things could easily complicated themselves and brokers might end up losing much of their credibility. This is why all tools used should offer exact data. This is the case of a professionally made matching engine. When built and used correctly, this tool offers transparency.


Lowering costs


Brokers are faced with certain expanses and they often search for all kinds of solutions that could lower their costs. For this reason, the use of a matching engine is only a logical step, as this will allow them to minimize STP costs. At the same time, this tool will limit their trading loses as well. Brokers have their loses to face up to, so a tool that could diminish them is wisely regarded as beneficial. Correctly implemented, this tool could offer brokers the possibility to gain a large profit amount and get their business running.


Technology and Forex mix rather well, with one condition. If a brokerage firm is indeed set to use tools and software in order to ease their work and maximize profit, then its main preoccupation should be locating a trustworthy provider that can offer you professionalism.  Since the dedicated market is rich in options, offering a diverse range of options, you might have to conduct a proper search considering certain aspects, thus making sure that you have indeed found what you were looking for.