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The Best Smartphones of 2013

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Gadgets

The world of smartphones is changing fast, with new improved hardware, refreshed handsets, slashed prices arriving almost every month. If you are looking for the best smartphone you can buy, this list will help you make up your mind. Our top smartphones are ranked according to the latest news and reviews. So take a look at these new tech news and find out what smartphone to buy next.

HTC One is a great device that balances size with practicality: even if you can play, you don’t get the feeling that you are holding something too big. The 4.7-inch display has a Full HD resolution that flatters the Android. This is one of the best visuals you can find on an existing smartphone. Although it may not be the most powerful device, HTC One performs daily tasks with ease. If you are after out-and-out power, it may be best to looks at other models. HTC One was awarded Best Smartphone 2013, so it is worthy of your consideration.

Apple iPhone 5S
Although the design of the iPhone hasn’t changed much over the years, the iPhone 5S compensates in internal modification and a new OS. The 5S is a refined and matured phone, very intuitive and at the same time reliable. Supported by App Store, this phone won’t keep you waiting for software updates. The slick and fast phone has great battery life and a new camera with a better flash unit and a fingerprint scanner. The display is one of the smallest around, but at least the price will be the only thing affecting your pocket.

Motorola Moto G
The Motorola Moto G was unexpected, providing great performance at a reasonable price. The value for money is not the only quality of the Moto. Its design is great, the display is incredible and it doesn’t let down in power. Even if it will be outperformed by many other devices, those will cost you twice as much. If you are looking for an affordable smartphone for daily use, the Motorola Moto G is the best choice.

Although LG hasn’t had the smoothest run in the world of smartphones, the new LG G2 is proof that things are going to change. The 5.2-inch display paired with a compact body and lots of power enhances the Android experience. This enormously powerful phone has an LCD screen with great detail and accurate colors. The audio system will blow your mind with some decent headphones. These new tech news show how improved the smartphone is, and how many more options it come to offer compared to older models. All the features are carefully selected, so the phone provides what competitors are missing.

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