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When games turn into wasted money

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

The world of games today is utterly different than what it was ten, fifteen or twenty years ago and kids, teenagers and even adults are mesmerized by the virtual beauty of online games, whether social platform ones or online battle arenas. It’s not just that people spend way too much time in front of their PCs, laptops or tablets playing these games, but for some time now, more and more individuals have started to spend money on them. Whether it’s purchasing boosters for Candy Crush or looking to buy LoL accounts to advance through the battle fields of League of Legends, gamers of all ages are more than willing to spend real money on virtual games. What’s more, even if that fact wasn’t silly in itself, oftentimes all that money goes to waste, especially when it comes to buying game extras and features from outside platforms and channels.

In-game purchases are, granted, quite safe, but they don’t always provide gamers with everything they need or want, which is why many resort to outside help, such as purchasing boosters and features from other platforms or, for certain games, even from other players. A very popular trend, for instance, is to buy LoL accounts, or better said unranked League of Legends accounts from various providers, for this multiplayer online battle arena game. These other players and some of the platform are not reliable though, and the money gamers pay for these boosters, accounts, extras or whatever they’re called, end up being just wasted money. And the amounts are never insignificant. A League of Legends account, for example, can reach the sum of $1000. To that extent, the pleasure of playing a game, of progressing through its levels and obtain certain benefits actually turns into this crazy quest for the best or most affordable extras or game help.


If you want your game, whatever your preferences may be, not to turn into wasted money and all you need is a little extra help to reach certain levels faster, then the least you could do is make sure the money you are willing to put down will not be thrown in the wind. Do your due diligence and research the market well, before paying God knows how many dollars to buy LoL accounts or other game boosters. From the plethora of platforms and websites that have specialized in this field, having acknowledged the great market demand, you should be able to identify and select the reliable ones, if you take the time to do a proper research. Since these games are so popular, there are plenty of forums and blogs that dedicate a good deal of space to such discussions, so that gamers can have options and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.