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Why is anime free of charge?

Written by Mike Roberts. Posted in Computers

The popularity of anime has skyrocketed in the past few years and fans all over the world can watch their favorite anime series free of charge online by accessing a specialized website. In the past, anime fans that were not from Japan had to struggle to get their hands on a show, not to mention that they would have to wait even a couple of years after the show was released for it to appear on CD or DVD in their country. Moreover, the price for an entire series exceeded the budget you would normally invest in anime. Compared to the past, anime fans today are very lucky, because they can find their favorite series steamed online free of charge. With a simple search on the Internet, you can access the show you wish to watch in a matter of second. Not only will you find free anime shows to watch, but you will also have plenty of options and alternatives to choose from. There are numerous free anime providers operating online, so fans can get even get picky when they choose. Many people are curious as to why this type of service exists considering the fact that in the past people would pay an impressive amount of money on an anime series, so this type of business could be quite profitable. The answer is simple: free anime websites take advantage of their popularity and make profit from ads.

This system that is only possible thanks to the advent of the Internet and the rising popularity of anime is advantageous for all the parties involved, including the producers of the anime. Website owners strive to offer high quality anime eventually in HD and make the users’ experience as pleasant as possible to ensure their traffic will increase and subsequently their revenue form ads. Advertisers invest in marketing in order to increase the popularity of their products and services and anime fans have the opportunity to watch anime online in high definition free of charge with the only requirement that they have an Internet connection. It’s a win-win situation for everyone that is only possible because users have patience to wait three seconds to watch an ad before seeing the newest episode of their anime series.


While the apparition of ad blockers threatens to damage this type of system, many users deactivate their ad blockers for their favorite anime providers to ensure they will be able to take advantage of free anime for a long time. As long as all the parties involved get something in return, this type of business will always thrive. Anime fans should however choose their providers carefully, because there are certain websites that offer free anime shows in HD without putting you through the ordeal of buffering every five seconds. There are plenty of options you could choose from, so you can get picky, if you want. All in all, the fact that anime fans all over the world can watch their favorite show free of charge the same day they are aired in Japan is amazing.